“JESSIE” My breath stopped for a second. For a second, I couldn’t understand anything. “GINI!” Sasha shook my shoulders. I realised my surroundings. “Huh” “What happened?” she asked me. I shook my head indicating nothing. “Then what happened??” Anu asked eagerly. “Gini, look! Someone said that why we were gossiping” Sasha told me. I couldn’t laugh at anu like before. Something pricked my heart. I could not digest the fact that Jessie was Mr. Mystery’s love. Ok, she was his first love. And Jessie is getting married to someone. But still, I could not bear that fact. Moreover, I felt pity on him. Bechara! How he would have felt when Jessie left him. I wanted to be a solace for him. How I wished to befriend Mr. Mystery on christmas, which is day after tomorrow. But now, nothing is gonna happen like that. Because, he hates girls and he would not befriend me or even talk to me. The ironical part is that how can I develop some attachment to a stranger, who I had met a week ago. Uff!! This is confusing me. Is this love?? Or attraction?? Or infatuation?? Jesus!! Do help me!!

“And do u know the reason behind Jammy and Shiv’s enemity??”Sasha’s voice made me realise my surroundings. I gave her a questioning look. She continued. “Shiv and Jammy were the best of friends during their college times. When Jammy came to know about Jessie and Shiv’s relationship, he broke all ties with Shiv. And it’s because…” ” Because, Jessie is Jammy’s TWIN” I interrupted her. Anu choked hearing that. “What?? Are they both twins??” she asked me. I and Sasha nodded in yes. Hmm, So this is the reason for Jammy’s bitter behaviour hearing Shiv’s name. This mystery man, Shiv, seems really interesting. But, I, Gini Mathews, will befriend him and make him change his cold behaviour towards girls for sure!!

“Do u know Shiv’s house??” I asked a passer-by. “Go straight and turn left. You’ll see a steep road. Proceed and ho, you’ll see a house painted white.” He told me. I mumbled a thanks and left from there. It was Christmas. I wanted to meet him and hence I made my way to his house. It was an eighth wonder that I wore a white salwar that day. I don’t know why I wore that, but I wanted to. Mom was on the verge of fainting in shock when she saw me in this attire today. It has been 2 days since I came to know about him. And I have been stalking him. I came to know that he visits Lord Shiva temple, which is on a steep hill every Sunday. He does farming too. He is a hot blooded youngster and is so patriotic. He is his mom’s laadla too. He lost his dad when he was 5. All the above information, I gathered in 2 days. These details impressed me more and more. And it made me determined to win his friendship at any cost. I walked as directed by the passer by. Finally, I found the steep road leading to his house. I looked at his house. It wasn’t too big nor too small. It was simple, yet attractive like Mr. Mystery. As I was about to move further, I felt a drop of water on my face. I looked above. The drops increased in number and I know it was rain. It was so astonishing that it rained in December. And it started raining heavily. I don’t know whether should I move towards his home or run back to my home, which is miles away. As I stood confused, Suddenly, I felt a shade covering me. I looked and found out that someone was holding an umbrella, which prevented my already drenched body to drench further. I looked at the owner of that umbrella. To my extreme shock and bewilderment, it was Mr. Mystery. I looked at his drenched, masculine body. The drops of water were making their way from his forehead to his face. “What are u doing here?” He asked me bluntly. His voice. Man! It is so deep. Though his tone was blunt, his voice created sudden rush of blood over my cheeks. I smiled like an idiot, hearing his voice. “I asked what are u doing here??” He asked me aggressively. “Woh, actually…” I fumbled. For the first time in my life, I fumbled like this. I hit my palm on my head, being embarrassed of my fumbling. Then I noticed that he smiled. Yes, he smiled. It was a small one. But that was enough to make my heart thump in joy. “Go to your home now. Right now!” He ordered me strictly hiding his smile. The smile on my face faded away, hearing his strict voice. I turned and was about to move from there. “Stop!” he yelled. “Here, take this and go home safely.” He told me as he handed me the umbrella. Umbrella? I expected that he would give his phone number and ask me to call him as I reached home. Well, I expected too much. “Thanks. And..” I fumbled again. “And?” he asked me. “And… Merry christmas!!” I yelled and ran from there. I failed to notice that a pair of chocolaty orbs were following me as I ran from there.
Guys, deesh here. Wishing u all a happy new year guys. This is the part 1 guys. Will post the part 2 of this chappy soon. Sorry sally sisso, I wanted to surprise u on new year and due to my health, I couldn’t. But I will reveal it soon. Hope u liked this chappy. Thanks for reading.

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