Karan Wahi – James
Those eyes of his. Man! They are captivating me. I cursed my heart for wishing to see his eyes. Those chocolaty orbs of his are making me mad. I felt like I am being intoxicated. It seemed like those eyes penetrated my mind and read my thoughts. I felt weak before him and I hated myself for that. Time stood still for me. The surroundings around me started to fade away as I continued to look him. Few strands of his hair were covering his head. The heat of his gaze created waves inside my heart. How I wished to remain like this? But I don’t know why. What’s happening to me? Why is it happening to me? I just can’t answer these questions arising in my mind.
“Are u boarding the bus or are u going to see him like that? These youngsters!” The conductor’s words voice made me realise the surroundings around me. Gosh! When did the bus come? The conductor’s voice brought me back to reality. Mr. Mystery immediately jerked and straightened me. He gave me a sceptical look indicating if I am ok? Why can’t he speak? This mystery man has attitude. Duh! “Arrogant Mr. Mystery!!” I muttered under my breath. I wanted to thank him, but I couldn’t. I just nodded my head. I wanted to say thanks to him, but I couldn’t. I don’t know why am I at a loss of words. I could speak nothing in front of him. He looked behind me. I looked at him confused. He pointed his finger towards the direction behind me. I turned and found that the conductor was glaring at me. I glared at him back for spoiling that lovely moment of mine. Lovely moment? Gosh! What’s happening to me? Why am I uttering all sort of nonsense? He left from there as I started to move towards the bus. This time, he went by walk. I looked at the direction where he was going as soon as I entered the bus. I peeped from the window to see whether he is turning back, but in vain. The bus started to move. I peeped out again and again. But, he didn’t look back. I don’t know why I felt disappointed when he didn’t turn back. What’s wrong with me? His every move, every action is making me amused. The curiosity in my mind has doubled after seeing him so close. I have to know about him at any cost. But whom shall I ask? May be mom. No. Then she will tell to those 2 idiots and they 3 will make fun of me. I would have asked matty, but he is out of town and I can’t wait for that much time. Then whom shall I ask? And ho! Finally, I know whom I should ask. I will know about him for sure. So, Mr. Arrogant mystery man, be ready!!

“Ssss!! Ssss!!” A quaint sound reached my ears. It was Sunday and we were at the church. After the prayers, I sneaked out from there and went to the mango grove nearby. It is my favourite hangout spot. I looked all around to find from where the noise was coming. But I could not find it. “Sss!” The same sound came again. I was puzzled. Suddenly, a stick fell on my head making me scream. I looked up. “Jammy! You idiot!! Why did u throw that? What are u doing up there?” I yelled. He climbed down the tree, where he was hiding. “Sshhh!! Don’t scream like that. They would come.” He whispered. “Who would come?” I asked him, being confused. “I will tell u later. First, let’s go from here.” He dragged me from there.
“What happened?” I asked him. We were in my home. “As usual” he replied casually. “What did u do this time?” I asked him. “I helped a girl run away from her marriage” he told me. “What?! You made a girl run away!” I shouted. “Yeah. Now can I buy u loudspeakers?” He asked me. “Huh?” “Why would u do that?” I asked him. “So that u can tell the whole town that I had helped a girl run away and her family is in search of me and I am at Dr. Mathews house.” he yelled with sarcasm. “Ha ha.. Very funny!” I yelled back as I poured the jug of water on him. “Gini!!” he screamed. Jammy @ James. My cousin. The cousin, I am close to. I have a lot of cousins. But he is very close to me and we are best friends and partners in crime than cousins. “He is a complete rogue and a useless loafer!” Well. This is what the society calls him. He is very popular in the town for helping the lovers to get married. He is a spoilt brat but good at heart( not really ). Not to forget that he is shrewd. He has completed his under graduation. When anyone asks him about his job, he says that he doesn’t want to be a slave of someone. He has been saying the same dialogue for years. He had started a new venture of his, but that didn’t help either. His mom complains that he helps all the boys in the town to get married, but he isn’t married. He also wants to ( He is a total flirt and imagines himself as a Romeo ). But the thing is, the girls aren’t interested. Bechara! “How dare u?” he yelled at me. I laughed hard at his look. Before I could laugh more, I found myself wet. “JAMMY!!” I shouted at the top of my voice. “Tit for Tat!!” He smirked at me devilishly.
“Jammy, I want to ask u something” I asked him. He was devouring the pasta made by mom. Why all the people close to me are foodies? “Tell me” he told me. “Well, do u know that man, who made all the baddies run away 3 days back at the bus stop?” I asked him. He is the right person to be asked. Because, he knows all the events that are happening around. Moreover, he loafs all around every day. “Those who flirted with swati?” he asked me. I nodded eagerly. The shade of his face changed. “Tell me fast, Jammy!!” I screamed. “Are u sure that u want to know about him?” He asked me. This increased my curiosity more. I nodded my head vigorously. He looked at me blankly. “What’s his name?” I asked him. “Shiv” he replied uninterested. Shiv. I uttered that name innumerable times in my mind. “Tell me about him” I asked him. “He is a baddie. He is a complete rogue” he told me. “Look, who’s telling that?” I mocked him. “A baddie? But he doesn’t look like one” I said to him. “Looks are deceptive” he told me. “Moreover, he is my biggest enemy! I can’t tell u more.” He told me angrily as he left the room. Oh no! The only hope of mine too crashed. Now, how will I find about him?

“Do u know shiv?” I asked anu. I hesitated initially, but the curiosity to know about him made me ask her. “SHIV??!”Sasha shrieked. “Do u know about him??!!” I asked her delightedly. “What are u asking gini?? Sasha knows about all the boys in the town. And Shiv, I know him very well!” Sasha said flaunting her knowledge about boys in the town. “It’s ok that u know him. But does he know u?” Anu asked her. I laughed hard. “Shut up!!” she yelled. We both laughed even harder. “Gini, do u want to know about him or not?” she asked me, annoyed. “Yaar, tell me” I said to her. “Then, u must fulfill my condition” she told me as she smirked at me. Duh! She and her conditions. “Ok, I will not call your boyfriend Mr. Coward. Ab toh batao na!” I told her. “Ok. I will tell u now.” she said smiling. “If rahul is Mr. Handsome of the town, then Shiv is the most eligible bachelor of the town. The interesting part is that he hates girls. But the girls love him. That’s the reason he doesn’t have a backseat in his bike.” she told me. Hates girls? Really? Already I am amused by this Mr. Mystery and sasha’s words have doubled my amusement. So, that’s the mystery behind his weird bike. But don’t he need a backseat to take his mom at least? Stupid mystery man! This man is an enigma. “But, Jammy told me that Shiv is a baddie” I asked her. “Baddie?? He is such a gentleman. Though he hates girls, he always helps them” Sasha told me. “And Jammy would have told like that because of his enemity with him.” she added. “Ha, I wanted to ask u about that too.” “I will tell u” Sasha told me. “Because of Shiv’s love” “Love?” I yelled in shock. The above word stopped my heart beat. But, she told me that he hates girls. Oh god! But I don’t know why my heart aches when she told that Shiv loves someone. Now, my heart is slowly accepting that there’s something in him that attracts me to him. “Won’t u guys get tired of gossiping always?” Anu told us in a complaining tone. “Won’t u get tired of eating always?” I and Sasha yelled in the same tone together. “Whatever!” she replied as she resumed her work of eating the dosa. “Yes. Shiv’s love.” “But, u said that he hated girls?” I told in an annoyed tone. “Why are u worried about his status gini?” anu asked me. I glared at her. “OK! U guys continue” Anu told us. “Yeah. But this girl was his first love.” She told me. “Who’s that girl?” I asked her as curiosity seeped through my mind.
“Well, u know her.”
“Tell me soon!!”
Guys, deesh here. Thank u so much for your support guys. Sorry for the late epi. Was down with viral fever. Hope this chappy isn’t boring. Keep supporting guys. Thanks for reading. Loads of love to u all.

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  1. Sindhura

    Awesome take care

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much sindhu di. I am little better now. Take care di. ?

  2. Deeshu r u okay now ..? Y can’t u take care of itself Buddy. Please take rest and medicine on I am not gonna irritate u with my health tips. Now about story it was awesome. Wow karan wahi…[email protected] is really mystery. No back seat….that’s tooooo much.even jammy is a foodie lol..gini even I am also foodie he he…when u r gonna introduce my gym boy…I am eagerly waiting for his who is this Jessie ????last but not least take care of ur health deeshu

    1. Deesh

      Hey shwethu. I am recovering buddy. Not at all. I am so happy to see ur concern for me. Yes shiv is a mystery. He he.. Even I am a foodie ? and about gym boy, just wait for one more epi. Shot 5 will have his entry. Jessie is gini’s cousin dear. Thanks a lot dear buddy. Take care..?

  3. Jazzy

    omg deesh take care yaar and this chappy was super and a girl jessie whos she??? have u introduced her previously if soo i dont remember now and maybe she double crossed both of them hehehehh

    1. Deesh

      Oho James bond!! How did u miss jessie?? She is gini’s cousin. About shiv and Jessie u will know in next chappy. I am little fine now James bond. Take care.. Thanks a lot!! ?

    2. Deesh

      James bond !! Ha ha ????? I am laughing like mad now. No jammy sally siso is not suitable for jessie role. We will make her play some interesting role ??. And yeah u are famous now. And u are playing an important role in this ff now ??

      1. Jazzy

        i m ok with any role lekin negative mat bnana plzzz ok and sally too will get a role wahhh sally hifii

    3. Deesh

      Jazzy don’t worry yaar. I will not make jammy negative yaar.

      1. Jazzy

        ohhhh thank u phir toh sab chalega and happy new year in advance partner

  4. Berdilla

    now u alright na don’t stress yourself dear take care Its awesome dear deeshu chellam

    1. Deesh

      Sweety ipo enaku konja paravaala… Iniku dha veetuku vandhen… Nethu hospital a irundhen.. Thanks a lot sweety. Unga raglak ff epo post panuveenga?? I am waiting ?

      1. Berdilla

        raglak ff day after tomorrow dear udamba nalla pathuko dear 1st unnoda health mukiyam ok va adhukaparam tha indha ff ok ethana nala hospital ila irundha vela velaiku olunga sapadu sapidu ok dont stress yourself health konja nalla anadhu kapuram ff eludhuna podhum ok deeshu

    2. Deesh

      Wow apdiya sweety. Ok sweety. 2 naala irundhen. Ok my sweety sisso. Love u so much ??

      1. Berdilla

        Ok dear take care of yourself dear deeshu chellam love you too sissy

  5. Sally_blr

    I’m laughing like a maniac. Gosh. I will consider Jessie as Jagga Jasoos. Urf Jazzy only. That was master stroke. I’m just waiting for her reaction. He he he he. Jammy’s character is funny. Ha ha ha. It was damn funny deeshu. And what happened to you sweetie. Don’t take stress da. Just relax OK. Get well soon bacha

    1. Sally_blr

      How did I missed it. It is Gini’s cousin. Gosh she got married na. Oh bechara shiv had a heart break recently. But why did that stupid Jessie missed Shiv? Good for her. Because of her Gini got her Shiv. Wow.

      1. Jazzy

        what me as jessie ??????? sally how much we think similar i was thinking to say ur name hehehehe as jessie if it was unknown

    2. Deesh

      Sisso, u are so damn hilarious!! I am laughing like mad now. Oh god!! How can u say my partner jazzy is jessie?? Very bad. Actually I planned jazzy to be jammy ?? (sorry partner) I am better now sisso. Being a foodie, it is too hard to control eating everything. Actually spicy food does not suit me but I had it and hence fever, food poisoning. But I am ok now. Thank u so much sissy. And ha, how did u miss jessie?? But u found it soon and I am so happy. Yes ginu is lucky. About shiv’s soup boy story u will see it in next chappy. Love u sisso ??

      1. Jazzy

        omg me as jammy i m sooo famous nowadays har koi mujhe apne ff me rakhta ha ?????

    3. Deesh

      Sorry sisso, actually in 8 th line, it should be only food poisoning. Fever joined its company soon.

  6. Tis story line is luking similar like om santhi oshana movie

    1. Deesh

      Yes it is inspired by that sanchami. Thanks a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Asw

    Nice keep going

    1. Deesh

      Thank u asw. Keep supporting ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Awesome episode and GET WELL SOON. Please take care urself

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much ammu. Am ok now. Thanks a lot. Am so happy to see ur concern. ?

  9. So much mystery about Mr. Mystry man loved it

    1. Deesh

      Thanks ankita. Glad that u liked it. ?

  10. amazinggggggggg

    1. Deesh

      Thank u Malu ?

  11. amazinggggggggg part

  12. amazing part.

  13. Raglakholic

    Awesome update
    Loved it
    Nd conversation between gini nd Sasha is highlight
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Nd how is your health now????

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear friend. Glad that u liked Sasha and gini scenes. I will try to post next chappy asap. I am little better now. Thanks again. ?

      1. Raglakholic

        U r welcome
        Take care well
        By d way I’m harshitha
        U can call me harshu

    2. Deesh

      Hi harshu. Your name is nice ?

  14. Superb

    1. Deesh

      Thanks lovely ?

  15. jessie may be ragini’s cousin

    1. Deesh

      U r right settu. Thanks yaar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Asra

    deeshu sweety kalakida po….semmmma dear….omg namish name shiv superbbb dear….shiv oda lover gini oda cousin na…apa shiv recent love failure guy ya….yei jessi u r very unlucky….ne oru handsome smart most important oru gentle man na venam nu solidu….oru uncle’a marriage panika poraya….very bad….but our gini s going to lucky….jammy s soo cute and funny…loved gini jammy scenes….sasha anu gini scenes also supper dear…..loved it alot….deeshu Fever’a Unaku…hospital ponaya….Ipayum fever iruka….Udamba pathuko dear…medicine olunga sapdu….tkcr dear….

    1. Deesh

      thank u so much asru sisso. Ungaluku namish name pudichruka!! Na happy. Yes..nama shiv oru soup boy :p Jessie paavam, avaluku kuduthu vakkala.. ha ha.. Jessie pathi neenga sonnadhu super… sema funny… lol… glad that u liked gini-jammy and gini-sasha-anu scenes sisso. ipo enaku konja paravala siso. 2 naala hospital dha irundhen.. iniku dha discharge aagi veetuku vandhen siso. Thank u so much!! love u loads sisso!!

  17. are u fine now..??….YIPPIE……….!!!!…..another amazing update yaar…….loved it…..i don’t know about gini but i am so curious about mr. mystery’s story….loved jammy n gini scenes ….3 idiots ahh…what should i tell about them ..they are awesome …three different kind of species ..hahaha.;-)…will be witing for nextupdate and DON’T U DARE TO NEGLECT YOUR HEALTH (warning)….take care….love u….:-)

    1. Deesh

      thanks a lottt naimi!! how are u yaar? Don’t scold me like this yaar * poor me * for Mr. Mystery’s story, u have to wait little yaar. I am little ok now naimi. Got discharged from hospital today. yes they 3 are different species lol.. :p will post the next part asap. Thanks a lot! love u loads!!

  18. Ragz_teju

    wow it’s simply amazing…ragini is curious to know about shiv then what about shiv??
    very intresting you always bound me to your ff dear…loved it to the core…

    1. Deesh

      My dearest ragz, am so happy that u like my ff. About shiv…. It is suspense ??. Thanks a lot. ???

  19. Fairy

    Hey my sweeetypie..frst of all plz plz rake rest n take a good care of urself yaaaar!!!
    Update ws fabulous..n reallly very very amaznggggg!!!loved it soooo much!!!!its gettng reallly reallly interestnggggg!!!dis is really a unique story line…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety ๐Ÿ˜‰ love u soo nxt part sooon…n plzzz take care of urself…get wellll soooon my cutypie ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Deesh

      Hey cutie pie!! How are u?? I will dear fairy. I am little better now. Am so glad that it is interesting. Love u more ???. Thanks a lotttt ??

  20. Hemalattha

    Awesome update.Loved it

    1. Deesh

      Thanks hemalatha… Glad that u liked it. ?

  21. Hey deesh eppo health eppadi irukku….R u ok…. Health ah pathuko dr…Atha mukkiyam…. Take care…I hope u r fine now

    1. Deesh

      Vk ipo konja paravala dear siso. Nethu hospital LA irundhen… Came home today. Romba thanks vk. Ungaloda concern paakum podhu enaku santhoshama iruku siso. Thanks ?? take care…

  22. Rafeee

    wow wow wow no wrds to say dear… sema super da… enachu healthk … nalla rest edu… take care da

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so so so much rafee siso. Konja food poisoning and fever rafee. Ipo konja paravala. Thanks a lot. Am so glad that u liked it. ??

  23. At first a really veryyyyyyyyyy big sorry from my side for being late…Actually I am very busy in my studies…

    Coming to the episode…Well it’s amazing fabulous… I think Shiv is Laksh don’t know just thinking…And what I will tell?? Totally outstanding…And this episode is not boring anymore…And don’t ask sorry my sorry queen for late update…You was ill so that’s why you couldn’t update it…So no need to say sorry…And sorry for short comment actually I am quite busy…And take care of yourself…Stay blessed…

    1. Deesh

      Choti sorry queen, I understand. So no probs riyu. U concentrate on ur studies first. Yes shiv is laksh. I am ok now. Thank u so much riyu. ?

  24. Sreevijayan

    Fabulous update dr..

    1. Deesh

      Thank u sree… ?

  25. Hey Deesh how r u now??? N y u ate spicy fud which aren’t suits u???? Don’t eat nything which doesn’t suits u my dr..N at first takr kr of urself then ryt ff OK..N about the ep then it was awsm yr..Nothing 2 say..U plzz take kr ou urself..Now I m vry worried bout u..N can I ask u 1 question?? Can I chat vth u in email???

    1. Deesh

      Shru.. Relax dear. I know shru I shouldn’t, but it happened ? I am better now buddy. Don’t worry dear. Yes we can chat in e-mail. Take care. ??

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