“Are you sure that this would work out?” I asked bumpy doubtfully. “I am damn sure that it would work. You don’t even know these types of ideas, which girls of your age do to woo their men.” He told me scornfully. I gave him a helpless look. Of course, how would a tomboy like me know about these kinds of wooing techniques? I just knew some of them which I had seen in few movies. And in the initial days, I used some of them too, which went futile. It didn’t have any effect on him. He didn’t even looked at me then. Uff. How crazy those was? Thinking those crazy things which I did for him in the past makes me feel embarrassed now. May be, I have become mature.

I still remember how I used to caress the horses in Rahul’s stable, which he is fond of and I am horrified of. Just for the sake of him. And I visited that old, scary house at the outskirts of the town once, because of that stupid Sasha who told me that Shiv liked that mysterious house and would come there often. To my horror, I just saw that abandoned haunted ( not really) mansion standing alone at dark nights, not my Shiv. Later, I came to know that Shiv dislikes those places exactly like me much to my joy, which was enough to make me dance then. But what’s the use of our likes being same? He should like me. I don’t know why I feel that I am going to lose this battle. If bumpy comes to know that I am thinking like these, then he would murder me for sure. Be confident, Gini! I told myself. “Goondi!!” Bumpy’s voice broke my trance. “Don’t worry. This plan will succeed for sure. And you have already proposed him. So I think you need not be nervous” He told me as he held my hand. “Bumpy, I fear that he would reject me. I cannot bear a rejection again, bumpy” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks unknowingly. “Goondi, relax. He didn’t reject you earlier. Why don’t you understand? It was only for your education and career. Can’t you realise that?” He asked me. He is right. “But still, my heart is not accepting that bumpy.” I told him painfully. “Everything will be fine. Be calm. No girl can wait for any man this long and you are doing that goondi. You know one thing, patience delivers you the sweetest moments to cherish. You have been patient till now.

Just a little more. Then, All is well!! Now cheer up!” He tried to cheer me. I smiled faintly. “Ok then, eat well, sleep well and trouble him well!” He told me as he bade good bye to me. We were at the railway station. The train was going to start. He got down and waved towards me. “Take care, Goondi!!” He said as he flashed his my confidence boost up wala smile. I waved him back. “And you, Propose her soon!!” I yelled. He looked at me sceptically. “Bumpy!” I screeched. “Ok, meri maa! I will!” He shouted back and the train started to take speed. This bumpy is awesome. He makes you smile when you can’t even imagine of smiling. Sally is lucky. Hope she accepts him. I know she will.

“Momma!!” I shrieked as I entered the home with Matty. “Gini!” Mom took me into a bear hug and kissed my forehead. Matty joined us. “So, Dr. Gini, when do you have the plans of marriage?”Mom asked, shocking me. “Marriage??” I yelled. “Sherley, just now she has returned and u want to chase her!” Matty told her. “Woh.. It’s just..” ” Sherley, we can talk about that later.” He told her much to my relief. Till now, I have not thought about this. And moreover, I am not ready for this now. How can I marry a stranger, when I love someone?

Gosh. I have to propose him on this Christmas for sure. Christmas is after 3 days. I looked at my room. It still remained the same. To be in your room gives you such a heavenly feeling that no one can never describe. Suddenly, my eyes caught the sight of that umbrella, which he gave me on that rainy day. That incident just made me smile unknowingly. I wanted to see him. Now. I changed my dress. Though I know that he wouldn’t have missed me, I missed him badly. I felt so excited to meet him. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Hmm, fine. My mystery man, here I am to see you!!

“Aunty, how are u?” I asked Shiv’s mom at his house. “Gini beta! I am fine. How are you? Heard that you are a doctor now. Congratulations beta. May u become successful in all your endeavours!” She hugged me as she said this. I smiled at her. She is such a sweet heart. Well. We know each other since I had come to their house for the first time. “Aunty, I have a surprise for you.” I said to her. She looked at me eagerly. “Aunty, do u remember that once you expressed your wish to publish your own book?” I asked her to which she nodded. “That wish is going to be fulfilled now!” I chirped happily. “Sach?” She asked being shocked. I nodded smilingly. “How come is this possible?” she asked me. “Aunty, my friend’s chachu is a well-known publisher. When I told him and gave him the sample you wrote, which you gave to me to read once. He was impressed and he agreed to publish this.”

As I told her, she hugged me tightly. “Thank you so much beta for fulfilling my wish” She said smiling through her tears. “Aunty, great works need to be encouraged and I am so happy for you. See, you are going to rock! And everyone will be behind you for your autograph!” I told her as I twirled her. She laughed at my antics. This was suggested by bumpy when I told him about Shiv’s family. I don’t know from where he gives such ideas. Though it was to impress Shiv, I felt immense happiness by seeing the million dollar smile on aunty’s face. Then, realization hit me. Where is Shiv? My eyes scanned the surroundings. But, Shiv was nowhere to be found. “Aunty, where is Shiv?” I asked her meekly. She told me that Shiv is at the view point. Immediately, I faked a phone call and went from there.
“Sneha, I want to say about something to you.” Hearing his voice after a long time made my heart flutter. But, wait! Whose name did he utter? Sneha? Who’s that? I listened to their conversation. “I know that before we could talk, our families have finalised our marriage…” That’s it for me. My heart sank hearing that. The worst fear of mine have become true. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I didn’t want to stay there for even a minute and I ran from that place. Why life is being so cruel with me? What did bumpy say? Fruits of patience?! I would never ever get that. Being patient was the worst mistake of mine. Now, I have lost him forever. FOREVER.

“Ssss! Ssss!” I opened my eyes as I heard this quaint sound. It was my maternal granny’s death anniversary and I had come to the church. I stood in front of her grave and was praying, when I heard this sound. It has been a week since I realised that he was no more mine and he is going to be someone else’s. It is hard for me to digest. But I am somehow trying to come out. Bumpy doesn’t want to let go this easily. But, I am not ready to face anything anymore. I looked around, but found none. I ignored it and I continued praying. I was about to light the candle, when someone lighted the candle before I could. I looked up to find who it was.

It was Jammy. Jammy and I have not been in much good terms after his confrontation about my feelings for Shiv. 2 weeks back, I met him accidently in Bangalore. Then our reconcilation happened. It’s good that we have reconciled. And our good old times are back again. He doesn’t know that Shiv is gonna get married. If he had, he would have slew him. “Jammy, u here?” I asked him as he rarely comes here. “Gini, I need your help.” He asked me with hesitation. “Don’t tell me that you need my help to help someone elope” I told him. “This time, not someone else’s. It is for ME.”

“Wah! Ek hi theer pe do nishaane!” Bumpy squealed over the phone. “Bumpy! Are u nuts? Stupid! Do you know how serious is this?” I yelled. “Stupid! Do you know opportunities knock only once!” He yelled back. “What are you trying to say?” I asked him angrily. “Only one thing. Just go for it!” He said. “Are you sure?” I asked him. “100% sure!!” He screamed. “I am nervous bumpy. How can I do this?” I asked him. “Come on, goondi! You were just like a sherni, who would eat everyone raw when you joined the college and now you are just timid like a rabbit!” he said mockingly. Now, this touched my ego. “Who’s timid? I am not a rabbit. Do you understand? I will do this for sure. Pakka! You wait and watch! Bada aaya hai, mujhe sherni bhulanewaala!” I yelled furiously and I ended the call. Gosh! What had I done? I had challenged him that I will do this. This bumpy!! Idiot! He tricked me again!! Aah!!

“Where is he?” She asked me. “Just a few yards away from here” I replied politely to her. She is Jammy’s dulhania. Never, I thought that there will be someone who’ll fall for this dumbo Jammy. She must be a simple, innocent girl. And, I am on my way to help them elope. It was 5 past 4 and It was pitch dark outside. As I neared the car, which Jammy messaged me, I saw another person standing with Jammy. To my shock, It was Shiv. I looked at him painfully. But he didn’t seem to notice me much. Why would he? I looked at Jammy and raised my eyebrow indicating’ when did this happen’ look. I was really shocked as Jammy and Shiv were arch rivals.

Jammy just flashed a jittery smile to me, which was enough to make me understand that he’s upto something. Jammy held his hand out to his dulhania and she held it. He helped her to sit in the car. She waved bye to me and I waved back. Before leaving, Jammy hugged Shiv and gave a parcel to Shiv and he told him to open that after his departure only. Shiv received it with suspicion clearly visible in his black orbs. Jammy too sat in the car and the car started to move. Shiv and I waved at them. Shiv opened the parcel and found a letter. He looked at me and started to read aloud.

To my dearest rival,

You are the best fool in this entire world. Do you know why? Because meri dulhania is teri would be dulhania, Sneha. Hence, I made you to come here. Well. Thanks for coming. Wishing you luck and happy love life ( at least, from here on) always.

With lots of love and hate,
Jammy @ James.

As he read this, he turned purple in horror and he yelled Jammy’s name aloud and ran behind the car, which sped away. He banged his car and threw the letter. I felt bad for him. Though Jammy sought my help for this and Bumpy compelled me to do this, I felt bad for being a reason for his love to be snatched. I know the pain of losing a love. I looked at him and he looked at me, when our eyes locked. His eyes penetrated deep into mine as if he could read my thoughts.

I felt my hidden pain arising and I just wanted to hug him tight and to burst into a huge cry. But, I couldn’t and I controlled myself. In my act of controlling my emotions, few tears made its way down my cheeks. As I was about to wipe them, his sturdy arm wiped them and I closed myself as I felt his touch on my bare skin for the first time. His hand cupped my face and his intense gaze was making me lose myself and exciting my senses. He suddenly drifted himself away from me and turned, his back facing me. May be, his pain is making him to behave like this. May be, I am mistaken of this closeness of his. May be.

Guys, deesh here. I know I am back early. Just to give you guys a surprise. Sorry guys, I could not reply to some of you and I will try to reply soon. Hope you liked this. Thank you so much guys.

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