Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 39)


Sanskar , Laksh and Meera are playing in the garden and all ladies are chit chating.
Sumi: Shona who took care of u when u were pregnant.
Ap: Ha Sumi look how lean she is.
Swara: Maa that Roopa tried to kill me and I told I am pregnant. That Raghu is a doctor so he took me to Mumbai and admitted me in his hospital. No one was around me a nurse will come give food and she will go thats it. When I felt pain I was scared to death that no one was around me I felt so lonely and then Meera came and filled all my loneliness she just like Sanskar ji so I didnt missed him.

Sumi and Ap hugged her. Ragini comes there and says so my darling wont hug me. Swara shouted jiji and hugged her tightly. Both of them cried. Sanra and Laksh came there and saw them. Ragini breaks the hug and asked where is my little darling. Meera comes to them and says Sweety chachi I am here by the way where is my gift. Ragini says Darling she is just like u and kisses Meera on her forehead.

Swara saw Ragini without sindoor and mangalsutar. She asked jiji what happened u look normal where is ur mangalsutar. Ragini eyed Laksh Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays.

All got worried hearing Swara’s question. Sanskar says Shina I will tell u later first we will go to eat I am hungry. They all saw Meera writing something. Laksh asked Meera what are writing. Meera says I am writing nicknames for everyone all of come and sit down and all sit in circle.
Ragini says Shona u gave her all ur habits. Sanskar says not only that Ragini whenever Shona what will she do. Ragini says will rub her nose. Sanskar says same to same. Swara says achaa Sanskar ji then what her anger just like u will throw all the things here and there and eating even now also u dont know how to eat properly.

Meera says shut up u both and finger on ur lips and Swasan did it. Meera says Dadi, Nani from yesterday I am seeing both r always fighting what punishment we will give. Laksh says Meeru let them sleep separately from u and u will sleep with me. Meera says great chachu and now I am going to announce names. All are eager to hear. Meera says Maa will be called Shona maa and papa will be called Angry papa. All laugh hearing it. Sanskar says enough Meera mere baby why did u kept that name. Meera says Dadi u know when I saw papa first time his face red like tom and laughs but papa I will change ur name. Next I will call chachu and chachi as Maa Papa. Raglak are tear eyed. Laksh says what did u called me. Meera says Papa and hugs him. All are tear eyed. Ragini says Ok Lets eat dinner already its late and she goes inside.

After Dinner
In Raglak Room
Ragini comes to the room with Meera and lays her down and makes her sleep. Laksh comes to the room and sees Ragini pating Meera. Ragini sees him and says Laksh I am staying here because of Meera and Shona so dont think anything other than that and gets up. Laksh drags and pins her to the wall.
Ragini: Laksh
Laksh: Now dont speak u have to listen to me I know it all happened because of me I have asked sorry also then why are u testing my patience.
Ragini: We are divorced Laksh so dont thing I love u anymore. She pushes him and sleeps beside Meera.
In Swasan room
Swara is standing near window and Sanskar hugs her from back.
Sanskar: So finally my darling is with me and kiss on her cheeks.
Swara : ji what happened between jiji and jiju they are behaving like strangers. Sanskar breaks the hug and makes her sit on the bed.
Sanskar: Darling u know na that Raghu kidnapped u because of Laksh and his mistake.
Swara: ha ji I know and its all that girls mistake and that Roopa I deal with u about her later now tell me.

Sanskar: Ragini got angry knowing that and scolded Laksh alot. We all tried to convince her even Laksh also asked forgiveness but u know about her anger na. We thought she will be alright but after 3 months she suddenly asked divorce from Laksh. We all tried to explain her but she was stubborn. Laksh also gave her divorce.
Swara: What ji are they both mad how can they and what were u doing that timing u didnt even stopped these things.
Sasnkar: I was a dead person Shona I was drinking all the time think about our moments and about Meera.

Swara hugged him and says I am here na I will make all things fine now lets go to sleep. Sanskar pulled her close and says do we need to sleep tonight darling. Swara blushes and both have an liplock. Sanskar took her to the bed and they both got intimate.

Precap: Mission Raglak starts.

Credit to: Rini

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