Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 9)


In the college

Swara cries and Sanskar hugs her. Sanskar says tell me Swara what bothers u. He wipes her tears. Swara says ji I am not the Swara whom u think I lost my happiness in my Schooldays. Fb shows Swara being the biggest prankster and Swaragini rocks the school. Swara laughs loud even not thinking about the surroundings. She calls all the students by nick names only. One day Swara’s best friend Jignesh comes to her she calls him Jaggu. Jignesh says Swara I love u so much. Swara says really then I love u too as a friend. Jignesh says Swara I am talking seriously. Swara understands the situation and says Jaggu I know its all a infactuation u should think about urself Jaggu. He says No Swara If I don’t get u I will leave my life. Swara says Jaggu stop joking. He says do u think I am joking now see what I am going to do and rans to school terrace and Swara runs after pleding to stop. Ragini sees Swara and ask her what happened and she tell about Jaggu. Suddenly they hear Jaggu shouting and both goes to terrace.

Swaragini sees Jignesh standing at the tip. He turns and says Swara u thought that I am joking now see what I am going to do and he jumps off. Swara shouts and faints. Doc checks Swara and says she is under trauma u have get her out of this anyhow Fb ends. Swara says my happiness got died on that day itself then Dadi used sing bhajan for me and I learnt singing from her till now my jiji use to cheer me up but that incident come infront of me whenever I meet a guy I see jignesh in him that’s y don’t speak to anybody looking at their face. Sanskar says look at me Swara. She looks at him with tearful eyes. He says from now on u should cry for anything and this is my promise. She again hugs him and he pats her head.

In Garodia house

Sanskar drops Swara in her house and says don’t tell anything to ur family. She nods and leaves. When she enters, Swara sees Ragini coming down with a luggage. Swara ask jiji where r u going. Ragini says hey dumbo don’t u know I am going for medical camp. Swara feels sad. Ragini sees this and says come with me and they leave to their room. Swara tells everything what happened and what she told Sanskar. On the other side Sanskar also tells this to Annapurna. Annapurna says Sanskar as a girl it is tough to get out from that memory but I tell u one thing take her to place where it all happened. Sanskar says Mom you are always great and hugs her. Annapurna ask Sanskar I did not see u like this if she is so close to u. Sanskar says I don’t know Mom but whenever I see her I just think that she should be happy.

Annapurna smiles and thinks for the first time Sanskar speaks about a girl I should get her details. And coming back to Swaragini, Ragini ask Shona did u saw Jignesh in Sanskar. Swara thinks and says no jiji. Ragini gets happy and says give me his number. Swara says jiji Akira only have it. Ragini says ok get it from Akira and come down I will be waiting for u and leaves. Downstairs Ragini tells everything Shekar, Sumi, Dadi and Dida. Sumi gets happy and says Lord heard my prayers. Ragini says I will talk Sanskar and give him instruction. They see Swara and acts normal. Swara gives her Sanky number and Ragini leaves.

In the bus

Ragini dials Sanskar number and Laksh sees her tensed. He thinks for what purpose this attitude is being tensed he signs Ankit and he keeps his phone on and on the otherside Laksh hearing.
Phone conversation
Ragini: hello is this Sanskar Maheswari.
Sanskar : Yes and who is this
Ragini: I am Swara sis Ragini
Sanskar: oh Hi Swara had told a lot about u
Ragini: Sanskar thanks for what u did today for Swara
Sanskar : its Ok I am also her friend so what purpose u called
Ragini: Yeah Swara told that she doent see Jignesh in u me and my family all believe that u can only retrieve her from that shock and for another 7 days I will be out of station so…
Sanskar: I can understand I also talked to my Mom and I will take care of Swara.
Ragini : thank u so much Sanskar.
Sanskar: its ok Ragini and cuts the call.
Laksh also cuts the call and thinks so my Bhai is speaking about this Attitudes sister so I have to speak to Mom Ragini in the camp I am going to play ur tantrums and smirks.

Precap: Someone pushes Laksh off the cliff guess who is that……

Credit to: Rini

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