Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 8)


In Garodia house
Ragini comes angrily and throws her books on the sofa. Dida looks at her and asked what did that idiot do today. Ragini says Dida how did u know anyways and tells her everything. Dida says achaa tomorrow while going to college come and meet me. Ragini says Ok Dida where is my darling. Dida says first stop asking about her she will come now go and fresh up.

In the college
Akira, Swasan came out of the college. Akira ask Swara how will u go. Swara says by Auto. Akira says u in Auto wait I will arrange for u. Sanskar sees them and says Sanky this is nice chance if u miss it u wont know about her whereabouts. He drives his car near them. Swara sees him and kept quiet. Sanskar says Akira come I will drop u and signs her. Akira got on his car. Swara stands there and thinks. Akira says Swara come its already late. Swara then got on the back seat. Sanskar drives with little disappointment. Akira sees that and says in her heart Oh this super is liking this dumbo I have to make some plan and Swara directs him to her house. Swara gets down before her house and says Thanks ji for this help. Sanskar says who is this ji. Swara smiles and leaves. Sanskar drives with Akira in little confusion. Ragini was waiting Swara in the hall. Swara comes and hugs her by shoulder. Swara says jiji how was ur day. Ragini says it was horrible and how about urs. Swara says jiji I gave name for dance competition from tomorrow I will little late. Ragini says Its ok darling how did u come today. Swara says that Sanskar na he only droped me and jiji he is 5 years elder than us. Ragini says then he will be oldy type. Swara says No jiji he is like a dream boy of every girl and he is just like Amir khan. Ragini ssys oh my darling sis praising a boy then he must be special and teases her. Swara says u and Akira are always teasing me but u kniw na after that incident…..tears roll down her cheek. Ragini says hey dumbo come lets eat.

In Maheswari house
Sanskar comes home thinking about Swara’s word. Ap sees him and ask Sanskar why u r tensed ? He ask Mom wat is ji means. Ap says who told u about this. He makes her sit and says Mom I have two frndz Swara and Akira u know na. She says S beta so wat. He says that Swara na she is also calling me ji ji ji what does it mean. She smiles and says it is giving respect to elders and…… He says and u will know it when u marry and she leaves.

In the morning
Swara got ready early and let the house. In the college all r gathered in the auditorium for selection. Sanskar and Swara arrives. Swara sees Sanskar and says ji u like to dance. Sanskar says first stop calling me ji am I looking like old people. Swara smiles and judes call her. Sanskar says all the best. Swara goes to the stage and dances sensually on Dhoom majare song from Dhoom 3. Sanskar sees her performance and thinks OMG this girl is incredible I thought she is so shy but she is so hot Sanky be careful. Next Sanskar comes to the stage and dances on Palat song. Swasan waits for their results. After few hours judges announce Swasan are selected for the competition. Swara in excitement hugs Sanskar. She realized and ran from there smiling. Sanskar also smiles.
Ragini gets ready to go to college. She meets Dida. Dida gives her peper spray and a spare phone. Ragini says Dida I already have a phone then y this one. Dida says hey pagglu today that boy will do something u keep this in ur shoes it will help u. Ragini then leaves.

In the medical college
Ragini says today we have so many assignments that to have to submit on infront of them. Ani ask wat r u thinking Ragini. She hey I left purse in the classroom I will get it and she leaves.
In the classroom Ragini enters and searches her purse that time Laksh locks the door outside and he leaves. Ragini gets her purse and tries to open the door and shouts for help. Laksh laughs and says Ms. Ragini u r finished. Ragini thinks about Dida and took the phone from her shoes and calls Ani. Ani picks the call.

Ani: Hello
Ragini: Hello Ani
Ani: Rago where r u
Ragini: Ani I am locked inside the classroom first go to office get a spare key and come
Ani : ok we r coming.
After sometime
Ani comes and opens the door. Ragini hugs her and cries. Swathi says I know who did this I will not leave him. Ragini stops her and says we r here to study not to fight God will punish him for his ego and one more thing he should not know anything give promise. Swathi and Ani gives her promise.

In the college
Swara says Akira me and Sanskar have to dance as a couple. Sanskar comes from behind and says so u take my name when I am not here. Swara gets shocked and turns. She says jjjjjjiiiii. He says again ji wat is this suddenly they hear a guy shouting and all goes. That guys standing on the top of the building. He says Suman I love u so much but u r not accepting my love u know that u mean to be my world so I am going die in front of u. Swara sees this and she resembles something. She gets hyper attack and runs from there. Akira and Sanskar runs behind her. Swara runs some where Sanskar catches her.

Sanskar: Swara look at me
Swara: leave me I want to die leave me and hits him. Sanskar shakes her hard and she faints. He takes her to the indoor hospital. Doc checks her nd says she got stress attack seeing something. Sanskar ask now how she Doc. Doc says she is fine she will.get conscious in sometime and she leaves. Akira sits beside her. Swara wakes up. Sanskar comes and sees her. Akira leaves from there.

Sanskar: What happened Swara y behaved like that what bothers u. She doesnt speak anything.
Sanskar: I think u did not accepted me as ur frnd and he start to leave and Swara holds his and cries hard. Sanskar hugs her.

Precap: Raglak sweet nokjhok in the camp and Swara’s past

Credit to: Rini

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