Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 7)


In the morning Swaragini gets ready for their college. Swara wears light pink patiyala and dupatta with sky blue kurti. Ragini wears light green leggin and cream top leaves for college. Ragini drops Swara in her colege.

Swara: jiji should I accept his proposal
Ragini: today I am not going to give u any suggestion u have decide. Hear what ur heart says and do it now I will leave and she leaves.

Swara goes to her class and Akira comes their and says so wat ur sis says about Mr. Handsome. Swara ask who is that. Akira says arre baba that Sanskar only that time Sanskar enters and smiles at Swara. Swara thinks for sometime and smiles at him. Sanskar thinks that first time she smile at me then when wil speak at me God only knows and goes to his bench.

In the interval
Swara and Akira goes to canteen. Sanskar comes there and ask Swara so wat ur sis told about me. Swara without seeing him says I just told that to escape from u. Sanskar ask y r I going to eat u. Swara says No… No. Sanskar says then y u r not looking at me. Akira says Sanskar leave her she so shy type in the morning she told that she accepted ur friendship Swara give ur hand. Swara looks at her and Akira signs her. Swasan shake their hands. Akira says so now u r our gang member. Sanskar ask Akira when will ur mouth will shut. Swara says ji she will always blabber and the bell rang.

In the medical college
Laksh says guys today we have parctical class I will put dry ice in her solution. Josh ask then smoke will come Prof will scold her. Swathi hears this and ran to Ragini. Swathi tells everything to Ragini and Ani. Ragini says let him do what he for I will teach him lesson and they all go to the lab. Ragini gang watches Laksh. Laksh comes to Ragini and ask for Methyl orange and puts the dry ice in her solution. Ragini gives him and he leaves. They wait for smoke. Ankit ask Lucky wat happened. Laksh says I am also thinking and suddenly smoke came from his fask. Prof came and scolded Laksh and ask him to get out. He sees Ragini winking at Anisha and Swathi. Laksh thinks Ragini u messed with Laksh Maheswari now see wat I do with u.

In the evening
Ragini comes to her car and sees the tyre punctured. She sees Laksh standing beside her car and goes to him.
Ragini : Hello Mr wat do u think about urself
Laksh : Ha….. I think so many things
Ragini: y u punctured my car
Laksh: y u always point ur finger at me
Ragini: because u r the guilt
Laksh : wat proif u have
Ragini: see ur coat it has my tyre impression what problem u have with me
Laksh : I know u only did that drama yesterday so revenge and u u dont have any status also
Ragini: dont talk about status only human beings talk about status u r not even an animal
Laksh: what did u say u blo*dy b*t*h and Ragini slaps him hard.
Ragini: mind ur tongue Laksh u speak any bad word in ur life this slap will remaind u and she leaves. Laksh fumes.

Precap: Swasan in the dance room and Laksh locks Ragini in the classroom.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Oh god this raglak always fighting

  2. ff is good but make some cute scenes between raglak

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