Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 6)


In the medical college All the students gather in the seminar hall. Prof explain the internal part of the human body with a real human body. Ragini sees Laksh sleeping and she signs Anisha. Anisha throws a paper on the Prof. He turns and sees Laksh sleeping. Prof wakes him up but Laksh says Maa give 5 more mintues. All laugh. Laksh frnd Joshwakes him up. Laksh sees Prof and stands up. Prof ask him to come and he follows. Prof ask him to take tge knife, operate the lungs and take it out. Laksh says Sir plz sir U didnt had my lunch. Prof shouts and operated it. After the seminar Laksh runs to restroom. Ragini and her gang sees this and laughs whole heartly. Laksh comes out Josh and Ankit gives him food. Laksh says guys plz when I see food I only get blood smell. Josh says Lucky that Ragini and her gang only made this drama. They hear Ragini laughing and she says Swathi someone told that there is no one brave like Lucky now see this idiot. Laksh fumes but Ankit calms him. Ragini and her gang leaves.

In Garodia house
Ragini enters thinking about Laksh and laughs. Dida enters and ask Rago what happened baby ? Ragini tells her everything and both laughs. Sumi comes there and ask Ragini to go to Shona she is waiting for u only and Ragini leaves.

In Swaragini room
Ragini comes and hugs Swara. Ragini ask how was ur day Darling? Swara tells her everything. Ragini says dont worry baby u should face like this everyday so now I will make my princess get ready. Swara gets ready in black gown with white stone works on the neck and the sleeve. Ragini sets her hair by a puff in the front and let the hair free at the end with some curls. Swaragini comes down. Dadi sees Swara and says my Shona looks so beautiful and keeps a black dot. Swaragini leaves to the college.

In the college
Ragini drops her and says sing well and dont be afraid. And she leaves. Akira comes to Swara and says Swara u look so beautiful I think all boys will fall for u. Swara says u alwaya in this mood come lets go inside. Suddenly Swara sees Sanskar who is wearing a white and black coat suit getting down the car she broke. Sanskar also sees her and gets stunned seeing her beauty. He thinks From where this moon came from and stolen my heartbeat and walks towards her. Swara leaves with Akira. Sanskar search for her hears a sweet voice and goes towards the stage. He sees Swara singing Bula Dena song by closing her eyes. She opens her eyes and sees Sanskar and says Sorry through her song. Sanskar understands it and nods his head. She finishes her song and all claps for her. She gets down and sorrounds her. She gets afraid but Akira holds her hand and leaves with her.

Akira says Swara u r awesome what a voice u have yaar. Swara says I am hungry lets go and eat something. And they leave. Sanskar comes to food counter and sees Swara laughing. He comes to her. Swara sees him and hides behind Akira. Sanskar says I want to speak to her. Swara says dont tell him my name. Akira says Oh u want to speak to Swara and signs Sanskar. Sanskar says Swara I want to talk to u. Swara comes out and ask what do u want to say by not look at him. Sanskar says I know u only broke my car glass. Swara says I am sorry for that. Sanskar says I want to say that u sung so well. Swara says thank u. Sanskar says shall we be friends. Swara looks at Akira and says I will ask my sis and tell u. She leaves with Akira. Sanskar smiles at her innocent act.

In Maheswari house
Sanskar comes to house and goes to his room. He sees Laksh siting sadly.
Sanskar: Lucky wat happened
Laksh tells him everything. Sanskar starts laughing.
Laksh: I didnt see u like this before did u see anybody special Bhai.
Sanskar thinks about Swara and says noting like that Lucky.
Laksh: than there is something and tickles him.
On the otherside Swara tells Ragini about Sanskar. Ragini hits Swara’s head.
Ragini: arre pagglu I told u na u have to face it and dont tell I will ask my sis Ok.
Swara: jiji what about that Sanskar….
Ragini: hey bhagwan watch his activities for 1 hour then accept his friendship Now sleep and they doze off.

Precap: Swara accepting Sanskar friendship and Ragini slaps Laksh.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Rags kitna care karthe hein usko behen ko lekar

  2. Superb
    Raglak fight was very funny ?

  3. Hahahahaha.! God.! Swara is so damn cute ^_^ and I can totally imagine Sanskar’s reaction when she said “I’ll ask my sis” 😀

    1. Thanks abhi

  4. swara too much innocent yaar.. raglak fights also nice

  5. loved it… loved swaragini characters so much…

  6. Awesome yar loved it

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