Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 5)


In the college Ragini drops Swara. Ragini hugs her and says now u have to face the world without me so dont cry. Ragini says if anybody trouble u break his vehicle and run Ok. And leaves. Sanskar comes fast in his brand new Fiat and passes Swara. She falls apart. She sees a stone near her abd thinks about Ragini’s words and throw the stone. It hits his window glass. Swara runs from there smiling. Sanskar comes out and sees it.

Sanskar: My brand new car Oh……… No…..
He sees a guy and ask him dou who did this. That guy says a girl wearing pink salwar thrown the stone. Sanskar says I will not leave that girl leaves to his class.
Swara enters the ECE class. She sits in the first bench. A girl comes to her introduce herself.
Akira: Hi I am Akira and u

Swara: I am Swara
Akira: Swara its a cool name and shall we be friends.
Swara: ofcourse and they talk for sometime. Just then Sanskar enters and sees Swara wearing the dress. Akira says Swara look at him what a man. Swara says u r like my sis she also want to flirt and turns to Sanskar and sees him staring her hard. Swara gets scared holds Akira. Sanskar about to talk to her and Prof comes he sits in the thitd bench. Prof welcome all the freshers and he introduce Sanskar.

Prof: Students he is Sanskar he finished his B.Sc and M.Sc courses so in age he is 5 years ahead u and u have to make him feel comfortable and tonight there will be freshers party who and all want to participate give ur names thats all today and all ur regular class will start tomorrow and he leaves. Sanskar comes to Swara. Swara sees him staring. Akira says Swara I think he wants to talk to u. Sanskar about to talk but Swara leaves with Akira on the other side.
In the Medical college

Its a interval Ragini with her gang Swathi, Anisha enjoying coffee.
Swathi: Ragini wat happened y u r so restless.
Ragini: today Swara’s first day college.
Anisha: so wat Ragini one day she have to na
Ragini: I know any but she is a child still she also walked under my shadow I am feared nothing should happen to her.

Laksh (on the other side says) : see guys rockstar of the college is crying for silly reasons. Ragini gets angry but Swathi calms her and says we will play with him in the seminar and the gang leaves.
In Garodia house
Swara comes to the house and Dadi. She ask how was ur day. Swara says it was so nice and tonight we have freshers party I am going to sing in it. Sumi says my beta is always sing well I will tell Ragini and she will make u ready.

Precap: Sanskar hearing Swara singing and she apologise to him through her song

Credit to: Rini

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