Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 44) Last Episode

Swara is working in the kitchen alone. Sanskar sees this and hugs her from then back. Ji what are u doing leave me said Swara shyly. Swara how many I told u to call me Sanskar I am fed up now u should call me by my name then only I will leave u said Sanskar.
Swara: Ji how can I Ok Sans……
Sanskar: what Sans……….
Swara: Sanskar and turned and buried her face in his chest.
Sanskar: Uff Shona it took three years for u to call my name Btw u look cute while blushing and hugged her.

Swara: did u finished the work for the marriage preparation.
Sanskar: Yeah Shona I have informed all and once Ragini message me then we should leave and Sanskar gets her message and they leave.
In the mall
Raglak have finished the shopping and sitted inside the car.
Ragini: Lucky can u….
Laksh: what did u say
Ragini: Lucky that is ur name na
Laksh thinks God she is in her old avatar I think but he is interrupted by Ragini.
Ragini : Arre Lucky take Left
Laksh: but we should take right na

Ragini: shut up and do as I say and he takes left.
Ragini turned on the radio Janam Janam song plays and both remembers their past. Ragini asked him to stop and applies brake. Its farm house where all started.
Ragini goes from there and Laksh keeps on searching and gets a clue in his car.
Lucky come to the royal carpet where u will get ur lost thing.
Laksh sees a red carpet leading somewhere and follows it.
It goes towards the garden and he sees beautiful decoration which he made for the first offical date with Ragini. A small girl comes and he gives him a suit and white lilies. It has a note which says wear this and come to me further more and u will forget the whole world. He wears the bridal suit and follows the carpet and he see Ragini waiting for him in bridal attire. He was stunned by her approach. She keeps a flower crown on his head and got on her knees.

Ragini: So Mr. Laksh Maheswari will u accept Miss. Ragini Garodia with all her anger and flaws and will make her ur childs mother and love her and make her urs for this life.
Laksh had rears in his eyes and got on his knee and said I Laksh Maheswari will marry this pagal and hugged her. Both cried in eachother embrace. All the family members came and said come ur marriage time going to end come fast. Laksh asked who made all this arrangement.
Paa I only made arrangements said Meera with cute smile and laughed. Raglak gone to the mandap setted in the garden and took saath pheres. Laksh filled her maang with sindoor and torns the mangalsutar arond her neck. Swasan who are standing there smiles remembering their marriage.
2 years leap.
Now Swara and Ragini are 8 months pregnant. And their godh barai is going on.
Laksh comes to Sanskar who is smiling looking at Swara.

Bhai these 8 months how was trailer asked Laksh. Lucky It is not trailer its like a horror movie for me Shona always woke me up in the mid night and asked for so many things but Lucky how did u managed asked Sanskar. Bhai I am Doc don’t forget that I know these things will happen so IF preplanned everything that’s it. Akira came there and says hey jijus don’t these my friends ok and Suddenly they screamingh sound goes to hall.
Beta Swaragini got labour pain call the doctors immediately said Ap and Sumi. Maa don’t worry take them to the near by room I will arrange everything said Laksh and informed doctors.
After few hours
Sanslak and all members heard the baby sound who were in tension. A doctor came out from Swara and said
Doc: Mr. Maheswari congrats its a twins. Two baby girls.

Sanskar was out of the world and hugged Laksh.
Meera: Angry papa I got two sis and hugged him.
Laksh and Jaggu: Bhai double dhamakka and smiles.
From Ragini room doc came and said
Doc: Dr. Laksh congrats its a twins a boy and a girl. Laksh shouted and hugged Ap.
Laksh: maa I became papa and ran to the room. All laughed at his behaviour. And Sanskar gone to see Swara.
Sanskar entered and saw two little babies in the nurse hand. Swara saw him and smiled with tears. Nurse gave one to Swara and Sanskar and left.
Sanskar: thank u Shona for giving me this beautiful gift again and kissed her forehead. See I only won this time also I have three princess and I will make them get all the happiness in the world.
Swara: Ji till when I met u I thought I am an orphan I dont have anything but u came in my life filled it with colours made me feel special in ur embrace and made above all by making me mother of ur Children hugged him. Meera came and hugged both of them. And all members came to see her.

Laksh came running and saw two babies and took them in his arms and saw Ragini and goes to her.
Laksh: thank u Ragini for making a father and kissed her forehead. You fought with me day and night and see we both won mere rajkumari and rajkumar.
Ragini took the girl : Mere Rajkumari see ur dad is teasing dont talk to him and the baby smiled.
Laksh: See her she know that it is the biggest comedy of the year and laughs and she too joined him and all members came to see her.

Next day
Baby naming ceremony
Dp and Shekar asked Swasan Raglak to put the babies in the crib and they do. So what is the name of children. Raglak says it is the decision of our cute Princess Meera and Meera comes to name them.
She comes to Swasan twins and says : My firt sis will be Sujitha and next will be my Maa name Ragini and kissed the babies. Next she goes to Raglak twins : My sweet little sis will be My Shona maa name Swara and my sweet little brother will be Raghav and kissed them. All are in tears. Swasna and Raglak hugged Meera and says our Princess is the best and all had great moments.
Swaragini and Sanslak announcement.
Sanskar: Hello readers I know u all will be sad that we r going to leave from this story.
Swara: but don’t worry we will be in ur heart forever our journey started from a small accident from which I got my life my Sanskar.

Laksh : our journey started by a competition which in turn gave me pain but
Ragini: but after that it started our journey again from where we left.
Swasan : We had lot of pain in our journey
Raglak : We had lot of love in our journey
All in union : it is our journey called
………………………CHOTI SI PYAAR CHOTI SI DARD…………………………..

Hello guy in life we meet so many persons we thougt they are just part of our vision but they crossed our life for a reason which we don’t know but we will believe after we lose them. In Swaragini life also if they thought Sanslak as their vision then their would be………. meant for nothing so we should think some persons who are close to us for what purpose they are with us if u know it then ur life will be awesome with this I am signing off from my evergreen story CHOTI SI PYAAR CHOTI SI DARD. PLZ comment the best and favorite part u like in this story and I am going to close this story with happy tears…….
Yours Loving and Humble ………

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