Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 43)

Hello guys I hope u r waiting for Ragini’s feelings and to know about Laksh’s feeling here is the link si pyaar choti si dard episode 42/Ragini point of view

Ragini is sitting in the balcony and thinking about the past and cries. Swara comes to her and says jiji why u r suffering when u r not able to bear it. Then what should I do Shona when u r not here these three years are like hell for me after Jaggu incident all thought I was over possesive about u but I only know how much pain, woories I was carrying in my heart whenever u go out I was only thinking about u and ur safety after knowing Sanskar how he took care of you I was relieved that someone is there for u but after ur kidnap I literally a dead person Shona I dont even know what I am doing whenever I see Lucky I get ur last smiling face then only thought to divorce him I thought he will bring me back from that hell like life but he also wanted to divorce me then what is the point in arguing with him Shona and now he is acting like a stranger and cries hard. Swara hugs her and think oh God what is this they didnt speak with eachother but decided all the matters in a fraction of second then there is only one thing left to join jiju and jiji and smiles. Swara made Ragini to sleep and left from there. Laksh came to the room and saw Ragini sleeping and says u r pure hearted girl Ragini but I dont deserve to be a part of u and he sleeps in the couch.

In Swasan room
Swara enters the room and saw Sanskar standing near the window. He stands beside him and ask what are u going to do ji. I dont know Darling but I know one thing these two are the biggest fools in the world said Sanskar. I know they took all the decision in a second not thinking about the consequences and I have a idea Sanskar ji I thought u got it before me but u r a dumbo and laughs. Who is dumbo me or u asked Sanskar. You are dumbo ji and runs from there. Sanskar chases her and both falls on the bed. Sanskar is on Swara and both laugh. So Darling what is the idea asked Sanskar. Jaggu and Akira’s marriage said Swara. Oh good idea but I have a better idea and smirks. Swara hits him and the lights get off.
In the morning

Swara does the puja and gives prasad to everyone. Akira with her family comes to MH. Swara makes sit and says Maa Papa I wanted to do Jaggu and Akira marriage next week because after so many years I am here why dont we celebrate it with their marriage. You are right Swara I was also thinking about it what do u say Sanjay (Akira’s dad) asked Dp. Sanjay says we also dont have any objection and we will proceed it. Ap comes their with Shagun for Akira and gives it. Sanskar, Ragini, Laksh and Jaggu comes. Ap says Jaggu next week is ur weeding I hope u wont fly in the flight on ur wedding and all laugh. Sanskar wisphered something to Dp. Laksh Ragini u two are going to handle this wedding because this is the last marriage of this house so I hope u two will make it grand. Before Laksh speaks Ragini said ji Papa me and Laksh will make the arragments u dont take tension Maa I will go to hospital and make arrangements and will come quickly because this is my one only devar’s marriage. All smile while Laksh is hell shocked seeing her. Sanskar pinched him. Aaaaa bhai why did u pinched me said Laksh. Because u r not in the earth but somewhereelse. Ha bhai is this Ragini or any other bhoot infront of me said Laksh. Wait jiju u will get more surpurises from my Sweety jiji.

She is not Sweety jiji but Atom bomb jiji and leaves from there.

Precap: Raglak long drive

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