Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 42)


Laksh point of veiw

Laksh is standing in the garden seeing the beautiful flowers thinking who he made flower crown for Ragini to calm her anger and a tear falls down. Sanskar comes there and says Lucky our tears are precious so dont waste it. Laksh smiles and says Bhai these are coming out after so many days because after so many days I am happy Bhai. And shows him a the scethesscope Ragini gave him. Bhai am I that much bad so that nobody can forgive said Laksh smiling at his fate. No Lucky its not like u think you have to think from Ragini’s side what and all she have gone through in these three years because before me u know Rags more than me Laksh. Swara is the first baby for Ragini she pampared her so much after Jaggu’s incident Ragini became possesive about Swara. Lucky after so many years I am telling u the truth that I didnt married Swara because I love her I wanted to take revenge for what she did with Jaggu says Sanskar.

Laksh turns in shock and saw Sanskar. Ha Laksh whatever Idid with Swara no one cant bear it I tortured her did u remember urs and Ragini date fixing day that day only I came to know about the whole truth of Jaggu and his prank. She didnt even uttered a word but her eyes was killing me with questions . Her slience killed me within. Then only I found that I love her. I thought she will tell all the things about me but she didnt told anything then only I asked her whether she love me or not. And then u know all what happened. But u know Sanskar her Love for me changed everything. Thats called trust Lucky. Even now also Shona would have hated me for not getting her out that hell like world but she came to know all my sorrow’s seeing my eyes. Lucky love can change everything u should also try to gain her trust not by hatred but by love Lucky I think u know what Iam trying to say and leaves from there. Laksh sees Ragini standing in the balcony with Swara.

Precap: Ragini point of veiw

Credit to: Rini

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