Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 41)


In Mall
Ragini and Meera are roaming here and there while Laksh is tired running behind them holding heavy bags. They gave him rest for some time. Laksh says Guys y u r buying these stuffs even though u have all these things. Ragini says Hello Laksh its all necessary things only how long will u wear one dress. Meera says Maa I am so hungry. Seeing her face Laksh took her and asked Ragini to follow him with bags. She took all the bags and cursed him which is hearable for him and Meera but she didnt showed it.

Ragini cursing Laksh ” How mean he is being a man not helping me but asking me to follow him with bags Oh God these bags are really heavy and she made a puppy face. Laksh turned back and saw her. He thought how cute she is looking If I could I would carried her like Meera but what to do God u r driving me crazy behind her. The trio reach the food court. Laksh asked So my princess what will u have. Meera says noodles. Ragini says Me too. Laksh says Ok then I will buy and he leaves. Ragini and Meera have gone to buy ice cream. Suddenly the fire alarm buzzed and all ran from there. Laksh came and saw Meera and Ragini missing. He saw Meera in corner crying. He took her out and calmed her. Laksh asked her Meera where is Maa. Meera said she gone inside the ice cream shop. Laksh ran towards the mall and searched Ragini. He saw her holding bag and is near to fire. He got hold of her and draged her outside. Before she could speak he slapped her hard. Ragini see him tear eyed.

Laksh: what do u think of urself u were so near to the fire If anything could have happened to u what will I ……… He saw her holding the bag.

Laksh: Is this important for u than ur life and throws the bag. He saw a sethescope which he want to buy for long time lieing on the ground. Ragini took the sethescope and cleaned it.
Ragini: Laksh I know u care for me and I also know that u wanted to buy this since from college I want to gift this to u but all of a sudden these and all…… and yeah it is important for me because it is for someone close to my heart. She gives that to him and got into the car.
There was a cold silence in the car. Kadhala Kadhala song plays in the FM and for hindi Banjara song plays. And both had an eyelock remembering their past. They reach the mansion and all worried for them. Ragini goes to the room without speaking and Laksh goes to the Garden. Swasan sees this and asked Meera to sleep with Ap and left see their respective siblings.

Precap: Laksh and Ragini point of view

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Wow…..awesome……..update the next episode fast yaar……this episode is very short……..try to update the episode every day……….please please please update fast…..eagerly waiting…..

  2. vinuthna reddy

    Hello rini ur update is superb yaar but please update daily

  3. Very nice

  4. nice…..raglak loves each other so much

  5. No swasan scene why dear nd plz bring some twist for swasan nd want to see swasan scene in next episode nd sanra troubling shona

  6. Wow raglak scenes were awesome mind-blowing

  7. nice 1

  8. Oho so cute

  9. nice.. raglak caring each other

  10. vinuthna reddy

    Rini i am a silent reader of ur ff i used to read from first episode that much addicted to ur ff but I am sad because u r not updating daily already six days over u didn’t update next episode sorry if i hurt you but i love ur ff yaar

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