Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 40)


Next Morning
In Swasan Room
Swara is in the arms of Sanskar and both are sleeping peacefully. Meera knocks the door for long time but noone respond so she opens the door with duplicate key and gets in. She saw both of them sleeping and throws water on them. And both got up.
Meera: Angry Papa how long will u both sleep.
Sanskar : Baby I will not leave u and he started chasing her. Meera got out and she hides behind Laksh.
Meera : Papa help me .
Laksh : Bhai what are doing with my beti.
Sanskar: Lucky u move she became very naughty.
Laksh : Bhai catch us If u can and he took Meera and ran from there. They came down. Laksh and Meera parted ways and started irritating Sanskar.
All laugh seeing them. Swara comes down and says if ur game is over Sanskarji we have to go to school for Meera’s admittion. Sanslak shouts What. Ragini also came down.
Laksh : Bhabhi see Meera she is too little to go to school.
Sanskar: Ha Darling look at her, Baby tell ur Shona Maa.
Ragini : Sanskar, Laksh y u both r reacting for this small thing.
Laksh : Is this small thing look all r not like u who was born with books.
Ragini : Oh me then what about u, did u born with play station.
Laksh : u, u, u
Ragini : Yeah its me only what will u do.
Meera (shouts) : Both of u stop and statue. And Raglak stand still.
Meera : I thought Angry papa and Shona Maa only fighting but Papa, Maa u also started whenever I see all are fighting today I am not going to talk with anyone I will talk when u come together with smiling face and release u.
Meera runs to Swasan room and locks the door. Ap, Swasan tries hard to convince her but all went vain. Raglak looks at eachother and goes towards the room.

Laksh: Meera my princess open the door see Maa is also with me.
Meera: No Papa I wont open the door.
Ragini: Meeru open na u will obey ur Maa na. They all hear the click sound and opens the door. They are shocked to see the room. All the clothes are thrown here and there and all books thrown. They does not find her.
Ragini look down the bed and saw her sitting with her teddy. She signed Laksh and he came.
Ragini : Meeru see me and papa are not fighting come out na.
Meera: then u both shake hand. Ragini hestatingly does. Laksh gets her out.
Swara: Meeru what is this u made this room a mess Maa for this purpose only I told to join her in the school. If u all show this much care she will become naughty.
Ragini: Darling Laksh is right only let her enjoy we will admit her in the school next year. For now Meeru is coming with me we will roam the whole city.
Swara: But jiji
Ragini: Iam saying thats it.
Meera: Maa lets us take Papa also.
Ragini: Laksh u also come with us. Laksh is surprised to hear this and accepts it. All goes from there. Swasan silently hand shakes and smiles seeing eachother. Fb shows When Meera thrown water on Swasan Sanskar takes her in the lap and says Baby u r looking cute today. Meera says Yes Angry papa what should I do that u r buttering me like this. Sanskar looks at her and asked how do u know. Swara says ji because she is ur daughter u will also butter everyone like this na and Swamee laughs. Sanskar asked Meera that ur Sweety Maa and Lucky Papa are always fighting na we have to make them one so should do something they should be together. Meera says Angry papa leave it to me and BTW I want some bribe to do this work. Sanskar says I will give u later and Meera hits him on the cheek and runs from there FB ends. Swasan looks at the room and laughs.
Sanskar: OMG my Baby is much more than me I use to throw things which irritates me but see what she did.
Swara: ji then think about me how I managed her in Mumbai.
Sanskar: So Shona come lets clean the room and they cleans the room.Sanskar gets ready to go to office and kisses Swara and left.

Precap: Laksh rescuing Ragini and Meera.

Credit to: Rini

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