Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 37)


Sanskar smiled at the innocent sound of little Meera but he dont know that she his Rajkumari whom he eagerly waiting to meet. He looked at his watch and gone towards his car, got into it and rashed it towards the Music School.
Swara who is playing the guitar felt something had happened to Meera and is restless. Oh God what is this why I feel she is not safe she thought to her self. Monal her friend asked her to go and meet

Meera and join in the lunch. Swara complied and rushed outside. Sanskar landed on the School and and rushed to the reception. Swara came there and collied with Sanskar. Sanskar saw her but her face is covered by her hair.
“Sorry mam” said Sanskar. Swara hearing the voice goes back to her past where Sanskar apologised to her. Tears fall down from her eyes. She looked up to face his dared eyes. Sanskar freezed to his life in this state. Swara rushed outside crying. Her inner voice told “Swara the day came here ur Sanskarji came to meet u go to him he needs u more over u need him”. Someone pated her shoulder.” Shona” he said with longing voice. She turned and slapped him hard. Humari Adhuri Kahani plays.Both cried seeing eachother.

“Why did u left me with these devils it took three years for u to find me if I am dead what will u do” she got hold of his collar and hollered at him. He closed her mouth and said “Dont u ever say that u dont have any right on you I only have it so dont u ever tell that”. She hugged him tightly and cried her heart out. He too reciprocate while the song plays. Both separate and he saw her normal. “Baby” he said with question. U won Sanskarji ur rajkumari is waiting for u she smiled aloud but it vanishes when she saw Raghu staring at them.
Sanskar saw her face changed and turns to see Raghu. His face turned into rage and cultched his fist. “Oh happy reunion then what about me Swara” said Raghu and comes towards them. Sanskar left his cool but Swara stopped him. “Raghu plz leave me I have told u we are not responsible for ur sis death” said Swara.” Oh so u r going to u r house look ur here because of me only or else” and a hard hand punched his face.” I am leaving u like this because u saved my Shona go to Roopa and dont u ever come near her and show ur face I will become a animal” said Sanskar and rushed with Swara to Meera ‘s School. Roopa called him and said “Raghu come to Kolkata and we will decide next”. Raghu left the place.

Meera’s School
Swasan came to the school and waited for Meera. “Darling when will she come I cant wait anymore” suddenly he heared a sweet voice calling “Shona Maa” he turned and saw the same girl came running towards Swara and hugged her. Meera saw Sanskar standing.” Meera u wanted to see ur papa na” and points towards Sanskar. “Sach Shonamaa” and ran towards Sanskar. Meera said ”Papa”. Sanskar who was eager to listen and see his rajkumari. Sanskar took her in his arm and kissed her. “Why u came here so late I was waiting for u so long” said Meera and turned her face.”Oh mere baby is angry on papa and he gave her a chocolate”. Meera smiled and kissed him again. Swara saw this and smiled and to herself “the only one thing felt guilt that this moment didnt happened but God u heared my prayers”.

Precap: Father Daughter Masti and Swara Grah pravesh.

Credit to: Rini

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