Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 36)


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Swara’s Point of view

Swara was taken by Raghu to an isolated place. She was feared and hoped somebody not even somebody her Sanskar will come and take her from this devil. ” Y did u hit him who r u what want ?” she cried and screamed. ” Dont shout I hate to hear ur voice u took my Sanskar from me. U made dance to ur tunes with this innocent face na see what I do ” Roopa shouted and took chemical to throw on Swara. Swara feared If she do anything means our child no I have to keep this child. ” I am pregnant plz dont do anything” she said. Raghu and are shocked.

Raghu thought for a while and whispered some thing in Roopa’s ear. Both smirked. Before Swara could do anything she fainted due to choloroform. When she woke up she saw herself present in a hospital. Raghu comes there and greets her. ” As I am a Doctor my heart doesnt let me to kill u so now u r caged in this hospital till ur delivery U will be taken care of and dont act smart this is restricted part so none could be seen here better u stay as I say ” said Raghu in a tonned voice. For noe her heart and mind told only one thing this is the sign of ur Love dont lose it. She accepted his condition. After few months Swara’s delivered a cute little sweet heart girl. When she came to conscious she saw Raghu holding the baby. ” Its a baby girl and hands over the baby to Swara “. Tears roll down her eyes. Her invoice told Shona ur ji won he got his Rajkumari but dont worry he will meet her and trust God. She kissed the baby.

Swara wipes her tears. Its been three years Sanskarji I know you will be trying to find but If it is so long means when ur rajkumari ask me where is my papa what I will tell her plz come to me and goes to sleep.
In the morning
Sun rises with new fresh who knows the broken heart can be joined once again. Sanskar got ready in his suit hoping about Swara. Suddenly Ragini stroms into the room. ” Sanskar………. Sanskar Akira got Roopa she is in the mall come fast ” she said in one breathe. Sanskar who cant think anything got his car keys and drove to the mall like a mad.

In the mall
Jaggu and Akira tied Roopa to their car bannet waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar came there and got down from the car. His eyes can tell how much angry, rage, frustration, depression he had kept for these long years. Roopa is feared to see him thus and started shivering. ” Plz Sanskar I dont know anything Plz leave ” she said in pleading voice. Sanskar slapped her repeatedly that her that face would have rolled down. You blo*dy f**k ur enemity is with me only if u wanted revenge u would have killed who the hell gave u the right to touch her I f dont tell me seriously I will forget that I am a human. Roopa is shell shocked to see him and hear his words. ” Sorry Sanskar I am really Sorry” she said with pain. ” Throw ur Sorry in the dustbin dont u ever test my patience or……” he said it like old arrogant Sanskar. ” I will tell u she is in Mumbai working in a music thats all I know ” she said. ” Which school ” asked Akira. ” Mary Music School ” said Roopa. ” Go from here before I could do anything ” said Sanskar. Akira unroped her and She left like a wind.

“Jaggu book one ticket for Mumbai” Sanskar said with faith. ” Are u sure U want go alone” Jaggu said in confused state. Sanskar nods and he left to pack his bags. He went Maheswari House packed his bag and took blessing from Dp and Ap and catched his flight.
In Mumbai

” Meera mere baby get up na today is ur favorite activity na get up” said Swara while waking Meera. ” Shonamaa where is jilebi ” asked Meera. Achaa then I will eat all the fruit jilebi in one hand. Meera woke up and says Shonamaa no and ran to kitchen. Swara says Meera u r becoming naughty. Because I am with Shonamaa. Swara resembles Sansakr telling the same. Meera got ready and left her in the play school. At the same time Sanskar landed in Mumbai. His car is waiting for him. He took the car keys and got inside. He got the navigation for the Music School and started driving it goes towards Meera’s school.

Meera who is waiting for the teacher saw a car coming fast towards her and fall apart. She took a Stone and throws it on the car and it hits the window. ( It is as same as the first meeting of Swasan). Obviously Sanskar got down and saw his window glass broken first he thought its Swara but saw our litttle Meera.

He came towards her and she stands like a statue like Swara did. Hey little did u broke the glass asked Sanskar in calmed and arrogant tone. Yes I am y did u drove like that it is dangerous to drive like this said Meera and rubbed her nose. Sanskar resembled Swara telling the same and doing the same mannerism. Sanskar smiled and asked what is ur name Cutie. Meera she said and kissed on his cheek. She left as her teacher came. After long time Sanskar felt an unexpressed happiness in him and smiled thinking about Meera. He got into his car and drove to the Music School.

Precap: Swasan reunion and Sanskar Meera father daughter masti.

Credit to: Rini

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