Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 35)

Sanskar says I am bad father that I couldn’t protect her and sees baby things in one cupboard. He takes a toy and says If it is a boy or a girl.

Next morning Swara wakes up and sees the room filled with toys. Sanskar comes and ask how is my surprise darling. Swara says you are the best hubby in the world. Sanskar says then u should me a gift na. Swara says it will come after few months and goes to get ready.
In the hall

Garodia’s have come and Ap and Sumi are preparing food for Swara. Swara and Sanskar come down. Sumi hugs Swara and says even now also I can believe that my small child is going to become Maa and kisses her forehead. Laksh comes and says Maa u should thank My brother only its all because of him only. Sanskar chases him and Swara blushes. Jaggu also comes there with Akira and they are engaged and she is working with Jaggu. Akira says I cant wait to see my friend so we came from London. Jaggu says Swara ate my head before coming here how did u managed her in the college. Akira fumes and says Uncle we cracked the London project also now I am going to home and leaves. Swara says Sumimaa I want to go out. Sumi says No Shona u should not go out in this condition. Swara makes a sad face and Sumi says Ok go but be careful. Sanskar says I am here na nothing will happen and they leave.
In the car
Swara is eating chocolates. Sanskar says Darling stop eating are else mere rajkumari will become fat. Swara says what I want a boy he will be so cute like u Sanskar ji. Sanskar says No I want girl suddenly there car stop. Sanskar get down and all the tyres punctured. He says how come all the tyres are punctured. Raghu hits Sanskar with a rod on his head. Swara screams Sanskar ji and gets down. Sanskar tries to fight but he Roopa hits him on the back and he falls down. Raghu picks Swara and she screams ji help me Sanskar falls unconscious.
In the hospital

Sanskar gets up shouts Shona Laksh and Ragini came inside. He doesn’t find Swara. Sanskar says Lucky where is Shona tell me where is she. Laksh says Bhai its all because of me wen I went to medical camp I flirted with a girl to irritate Ragini but that thought that I love her and I explained her everything but when we left the camp and commited sucide and died. She worte a letter to her Bhai Raghu that its all because of me. He wanted to kill Ragini and he tried but Swara came and that’s the mark. Sanskar says but Roopa. Ragini says Roopa got to know about this and followed him. Roopa wanted u to suffer and Raghu wanted me they got to know our main weakness is Swara so kidnapped her and taken her far from us.

PAST of SANSKAR Point of view ends. Precap: Swara’ Point of view.

Credit to: Rini


  1. Sneha garewal

    Wnt to know wht happened wid swara,pls post nexr ff pls
    Why are you not update ff since so long

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