Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 34)


In Meera’s house
Meera and Swara comes home. Meera says Shonamaa I want Fruit Jilebi. Swara remembers Sanskar also ask the same. Swara says meru first we will fresh up and eat Jilebi. In Kolkata Sanskar comes to a room and sees Swara’s pic and her things. He says I am bad guy Shona I couldn’t save u and cries. He imagines Swara and smiles but it last for seconds only. In Mumbai Swara sings Lullaby for Meera. She takes Sanskar pics and says its being three years Sanskarji I cried a lot and screamed for ur help but none came I am helpless ji but even u didn’t take any intiative to find me and remembers past.

Its after two months Raglak got married but didn’t consummated it because they want to become responsible. Its time to remove stitches for Swara. In the morning Swara wakes Sanskar up.
Swara: Sanskar ji get up its already 7 am.

Sansakar: So what Darling I am not in the mood to get up and drags her towards him.
Swara: achaa but u r ready to romance with me.
Sanskar: I am always ready for this and kiss her on the cheeks. They hear knock on the door.
Sanskar: who the hell is that. Laksh says Bhai its me Papa is calling u down so plz come down and leave Swara u have lots of time. He leaves. Swara laughs and pushes Sanskar into the bathroom. Swara comes down and meets Ragini in the kitchen. Ragini says what darling are u ready we have to go to hospital. Swara says yes jiji but general check up. Ragini says Shona don’t worry I am here na. All finish the breakfast Sanskar leaves to office in one car and Swara Ragini and Laksh in one car.

In the hospital Ragini removes the stitches and does some dressing. Swara says jiji is it important for check up. Ragini says shut up and come with me. Ragini does some check up and says Shona now u go to house and come in the evening. Shona complies and ask driver to go to temple. She prays God I don’t know but I feel some different in me now a days I don’t is it happiness or not but give strength. On the other side Raghu and Roopa does some plan to kidnap Swara. Raghu says If it works then our lives will good. Roopa says if know that Swara is main part their life before then we didn’t have wasted these months. Raghu says but the good thing is we became one na and kisses her. Roopa says first we have to concentrate on our mission then we will enjoy and hugs him.

In the hospital

Swara comes to hospital and waits outside Ragini’s cabin. Ragini calls her in.
Ragini: Darling don’t be afraid nurse bring Swara Maheswari reports. Nurse complies and brings the report and leaves. Ragini checks the reports and widen her eyes. Swara sees this and says jiji what happened tell me. Ragini comes and hugs her.
Ragini: Darling mere choti behan is going to become Maa. Tears roll down from Swara’s eyes.
Swara: jiji mein Maa and cries.
Ragini: Shona don’t cry it’s a time celebrate come lets go and they leave.

In Maheswari house

When they are about to enter Ragini says Shona first u tell it to Sanskar then u both tell family. Swara nods and leaves. Swara enters the room and sees it dark. She switch on the lights and sees the room is decorated beautifully. Sanskar hugs her from back.
Sanskar: Darling u r so beautiful today.
Swara: ji what do u think about baby.

Sanskar: oh they look so cute u know always go to a children home and I love to spend time with them.
Swara: but now u don’t want to go so far ji.
Sanskar: y Shona?
Swara: u will get one in ur hand in 8 months.
Sanskar: y should I wait 8 months……wait 8 months and looks at Swara. She blushes and turns. He turns her and ask sach.

Swara: sach ji u r going to become papa. Sanskar took her in his arm and twirls her. He shouts I am going to become papa.
All come up hearing his shout. AP says what happened Sanskar y u r shouting. Ragini says Maa that….. that. AP says tell it Ragini. Ragini says Shona is pregnant. AP says sach and hugs her. AP brings her down and feeds sweet.

Swara wipes her tears and says I have separated Sansakrji from his rajkumari I am feeling guilt. Sanskar says I am bad father that I couldn’t protect her and sees baby things in one cupboard.
Precap: Main reason of separation.

Credit to: Rini

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