Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 31)

Hello everyone thanks for overwhelming comments and ur constant support. Todays update will be short one because I dont get any ideas so bear with this one episode next one will be long one and here we go

The episode starts with Swasan sleeping and covered with blanket. Sanskar got up and sees Swara sleeping.
Sanskar: Shona like ur name ur the golden angel who came to fill my like with presence and u look so cute when ur sleeping. He kisses her forehead and goes to get ready. After sometime Swara woke up and says Oh God its already late why Sanskarji wake me up. Sanskar comes there wearing formals.
Sanskar: Good Morning Darling.
Swara: y u didn’t wake me up.
Sanskar: because u look so cute.
Swara: Sansakr ji u will not change. She goes to get ready and Sanskar gets a call and goes out.
In the garden Laksh and Ragini are sleeping on the bench placing their head on each other. Ragini gets up and says its already late Maa will search for me. She wakes up Laksh and says Lucky we have to go for shopping so plz wake up. Laksh with irritation says Rago give me five minutes. Ragini says Ok I will go u come after ur sweet sleep and she leaves.
In the car Akira is wearing Jaggu coat and slept placing her head on his chest. She woke up and remembers last night incident (don’t think too much nothing happened between them). She removes his coat and drapes her dupatta. Jaggu wakes up and sees Akira.
Jaggu: Akira I am really sorry for whatever happened yesterday.

Akira: Jaggu its ok Its my fault also so don’t think about it.
Jaggu: Thanks Akira for understanding me.
Akira: plz stop buttering me and leave me in my house. And they leave.
In an isolated place
A man sees Laksh photos with Ragini and burns Ragin’s photo. He says Laksh Maheswari u played with my families pride now I am going to play with ur life I will take ur life far away from u and fulfil my revenge this is Raghu Prasad’s promise.

Precap: Sanskar meeting a girl secretly.

Credit to: Rini


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