Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 30)


Jaggu (whispers to Akira): don’t come near me or I will lose my control. Akira turns with her wide eyes and pats her face. Swara sees this and smiles. On the other side Laksh is trying hard to please Ragini but she doesn’t pay heed to him. Laksh kissed Ragini on her cheeks and said sorry. Ragini atlast forgive him and they come to Akira and Jaggu. Akira and Jaggu takes the stage.
Akira: Attention Plz

Jaggu: we welcome you all for the engagement of beautiful couple Laksh and Ragini. Ap and Sumi brings them u to the stage and makes them sit on the chair.
Akira: Now its time for dance. Akira and Jaggu dance on Dilli Walli Girlfriend song. Next Swara and Sanskar dance on Bole chudiyan song. Someone in waiter dress sees Ragini holding Laksh hand and enjoying the performance. He closes his fist in anger. Performance ends and all clap.
Swara: its time for ring exchange. Akira and Uttara brings the ring. Laksh tries to put the rig but Ragini keeps on moving the hand. Swara says jiju u have to bribe us then only u can get my jiji.

Laksh whispers something to Sanskar and He says Shona ur bribe is with me now happy. Ragini then gives her hand and Laksh makes her wear and so does Ragini. Ap says come its time for dinner and all leave. Sanskar says darling come I will show u the gift and takes her from there. Laksh sighs Jaggu. Jaggu says Akira come u won the bet na we will go out. Akira says Ok but I want more ice cream. Jaggu says pakka and leaves with her. Ragini who is watching her ring suddenly feels she is flying in a safe hand. Ragini says Lucky what r u doing leave me. Laksh says u r my would be and I have full rights and takes her to garden.

In Swara room
Swara: ji I want to ask u what is this and shows the box.
Sanskar: I thought u didn’t get it tell me how is it did u like it.
Swara: this one (and shows it. It is a night dress which is upto knee) this dress we will be prefect when our child is 10 years old Sanskar ji.
Sanskar: ur also my baby na Shona I bought it specially for u darling.
Swara: Sanskarji now a days u r becoming naughty and messes his hair and laughs.
Sanskar: now go and change it, don’t worry Shona no one will know it. Swara complies and goes to change.

In the garden
Laksh brings Ragini and makes her sit on the bench and ties her eyes. Ragini says Lucky what r u doing. Laksh says u trust me naa Rago. Ragini nods. He brings her to back of the house and opens her eyes. She sees a big screen in front of her and looks at Laksh. He plays a video which shows their first meeting, their, dance, kiss, fight, medical camp incident, truth and dare game, their reunion, family time, and finally a pic with their children. Ragini cries happily seeing this and hugs Laksh. Ragini says Laksh this is the best gift I have that none have given me but I want two sons. Laksh says no I want two daughters who look so cute. Ragini says achaa then u will see the trouble as a father and they both talk for long time. That waiter takes some pics of Raglak and hurts his hand in the thorn.

In the ice cream parlor
Jaggu sees Akira eating ice cream like a kid. Akira says don’t look at me like this else God will punish me. Jaggu says u r unbelievable I thought u r talkative girl but u r so hot in this lehenga. Akira says oh really then u also look handsome. They come out of parlor. Jaggu ask how did u got to know me. Akira says its simple I got to know about Sanskar then I searched in the net and facebook that’s it. Jaggu says oh secret agent u have some ice cream on ur cheek. Akira clears and ask is it gone. But she rubbed her whole face with ice cream. Jaggu starts laughing and shows her the mirror. Akira says u Jaggu I will not leave u and chases him and both run on the road.

In Swara room
Sanskar is wearing blue t-shirt and grey tracks and Swara comes wearing the one piece and hides behind the curtains. Sanskar comes inside the curtain. Swara turns to other side and closes her face. Sanskar turns her and opens her hands. Swara being shy hugs Sanskar and he too reciprocate it. It start to rain and Swara goes balcony and enjoys the rain. Sanskar keeps smiling seeing her happy. In the garden Ragini and Laksh goes under a tree and enjoys the rain. In the garden Laksh drags Ragini both starts to dance and he slowly removes her jewelries. On the road Akira and Jaggu gets tired and goes towards the car as they are half drenched in the rain.

In the room Sanskar hugs Swara from back and places his chin on her shoulder and kisses her neck and ears. He turns her and grabs her hips tightly that she can feel the pain but it’s a sweet pain and he brings her close to him that moon light also cannot go between them. He kisses hard on her lips and they kiss passionately. His hands even more tightens the grip and she groans in pain but his lips doesn’t let her shout. And her hands searching for the place to get relief.

In the garden Laksh removes all her jewels and kisses all the place the her jewels took it from him. Ragini tries to go but grabs her hand and kisses her neck , back and cheeks. And finally their lips meet which was a sweet one that relish their lovable reunion.

In the car Jaggu keeps looking at Akira while she dries her hair. She notice the surrounding is changing into intimacy. She waves to Jaggu and open the door but Jaggu locks it. He holds her hand and brings her closer to him. She tries to resist but his grip cant allow her. He cares her hair and she can feel his touch and closes her eyes. He slowly opens her knot and cups her face. They come closer and one minute pass between them and slowly they kiss each other and it goes on with full force. The screen spilts the kiss of the three couples.

Precap: New villan face is revealed……..

Credit to: Rini

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