Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 29)


Hi everyone I didnt introudced the actors who play the characters Akira and Jignesh . Akira mehra is played by Amaya of tere sheher mein and Jignesh Maheswari is played by chiraag of Matsh.

In the medical college
Since it is the last day of college all are having gala time. Ragini sighs Laksh to tell. Their gang see this and ask them what you want to tell. Laksh says guys that…… Josh says what tell us fast. Laksh says me and Ragini are going to get married. All are shocked and shouts what. Swathi says are you serious. Ragini nods and they say Oh…………. Ankit ask when did thid happen. And Raglak tell them whatever happened. Anisha says Rago u didn’t even called us for ur darling’s marriage. Ragini says its all happened in a hurry like in the films. Josh says so u sisters r going to live in the same house. Laksh says Ok guys today is our engagement so u all have to come. They say before that we want treat and all gone to restaurant.

In the house
Swara ask Jaggu to tie the flower on the ceiling. Jaggu ask Shona hold the ladder tightly. That time Akira comes and hugs Swara from back. Jaggu loses the balance and falls on Akira. They have eyelock Un viligalil vilundha song plays. Swara helps them to get up and Akira says so sorry Mr…. Jaggu says Jignesh Maheswari. Akira says Oh ur Jaggu right nice to meet. Swara says Jaggu she is Akira my best friend. Jaggu says nice to meet u to beauty. Akira says don’t flirt to much Ok and Shona tell me what to do. Swara says Ok Jaggu and u go to jewelry shop and buy the rings. And they leave. Swara gets a parcel. She reads a card which says to my beautiful wife. She goes to her room and opens the parcel. It has a small shot dress. Swara says what is this its like a peti coat I will keep it aside and ask ji when he comes.

In the jewelry shop
Akira keeps on selecting the rings and Jaggu keeps on looking at her.
Akira: Jaggu stop staring me at help me. Jaggu selects a ring with a flower crystal on it.
Jaggu: it will be good for the engagement.
Akira: are wow u have good fashion sense.
Jaggu: that is Jaggu the kin of fashion.
Akira: oh hello don’t fly high I have good fashion sense.
Jaggu: first stop blabbering and buy the ring.
They get into the car. Akira says ok lets have bet in the engagement who look more gorgeous have to ask the other whatever they have. Jaggu says challenge accepted.

In the evening
Sanskar comes to room and hugs Swara from back and says how was ur day darling. Swara says because of u all were teasing me ji. Sanskar takes her hand and she closes her eyes in pain.
Sanskar: u told me it is not paining.
Swara: nothing happen to me it will heal soon. He kisses her hand and says see it gone now.
Swara: ji the door is opened first u go change.
Sanskar: then give me my gift.
Swara: what gift ji I don’t have anything.
Sanskar: ok then I will take from u and grabs her waist.
Swara: ji leave me but he comes closer and chew her lips. Her hands are on his shoulder and his hands are playing on her back. Suddenly they hear u a sound and sees Raglak are in a turned position.

Laksh: bhai before romancing close the door
Sanskar: y u always have wrong timing.
Ragini: Sanskar today is our engagement u have lot of time to spend with ur wife for now plz send Shona with me.
Sanskar leaves Swara and she goes with Ragini. That time Jaggu enters and says bro, Lucky in this function I should be the most handsome guy and u both should help. Saskar says Ok Jaggu but what happened tell me. Jaggu says ur friend Akira thinks that she only have good fashion sense I have to show her who is JIgnesh Maheswari. Lucky gives him a black V-cut shirt and red velvet coat with black pant. Sanskar does his hair style. Jaggu now looks like a perfect handsome guy.

In Swara room
Swara makes Ragini ready in golden skirt and blouse with blue velvet dupatta. Akira comes there and does Ragini’s hairdo by making cross cut in the front and let some curls in the front. Swara says Akira what happened u look angry. Akira says that ur BIL Jaggu na he thinks he is the king of fashion. Ragini says Oh then we have to make Akira more gorgeous so that Jaggu keeps on looking at her. Akira says but I am already got ready she was wearing a pink and yellow anarkali. Swara laughs and says this dress me and jiji decided to wear same dress but different colour. Ragini says Shona I have bought another set for safety u get it for her. Swara makes Akira ready same as Ragini but green colour dupatta. Ragini makes a bun in the front and a fish braid and let it in the front.

Swara says now u look the queen of fashion. Akira says but Swara u r not ready yet. She says in five minutes. Ragini (in teasing tone) says or I should send Sanskar to help u. Swara says jiji I will also get a chance to tease u. Swara gets ready in violet colour dupatta and same as Rago and Akira. She puts some make up on her neck. Ragini says Swara don’t try so much to hide the mark ur face glow will show it. Swara hugs her and says jiji. Ragini says Shona its great feeling that every girl experience in her life u should not hide it and removes the makeup. Ragini says Shona u r married u have some responsibilities be matured and take decision on ur own. Swara says jiji thank u coming into my life even I am not… Ragini says Shut up Shona how many times should I tell u now come and she does her hair do.

In guest room Sanskar is wearing white and black coat and Laksh wearing golden sherwani. Laksh says guys are wearing suit and see me I am wearing this heavy dress. Sanskar says u have to wear this till marriage just adjust for today I will ask designer to make light weight dress and they all go down. Jaggu is very eager to see Akira. Swara brings Ragini down and makes her stand beside Laksh. Swara says jiju don’t look at my jiji like this she will become red as rose. And both blushes. Sanskar says stop teasing Lucky BTW way where is Akira Shona I have to meet her. Swara calls Akira and comes downstairs smiling with proud all guys who are present are stunned to see such a beauty. Jaggu is awestuck seeing her and opens his mouth. Akira walks past him and closes his mouth. She comes to the couple. Sanskar says Sorry Akira.

Akira says its ok Senior but if I see Shona crying I will not leave and first u both go and Jaggu is standing like statue and laughs. Lucky says I think Jaggu is defeated she beauty becareful all boys will be flirting with u if I was there I will protect u but we brothers are stuck between these crazy sisters. Ragini says Achaa then u go and flirt and I will marry someone and leaves. Swara says jiju u r stupid go and make jiji fine and pushes him. Jaggu comes to them. Akira says so Mr. Jignesh do u accept ur defeat. Jaggu says with pleasure and bows down. And all four laughs. An old lady comes and thinks Akira and Jignesh as couples. She says u both look made for eachother and blesses them with lots of children. Both feels awkward and embrassed. Sanskar says Dadi they are not bride and groom and sends to Dp and Ap. Jaggu whispers don’t come near me or I will lose my control and pats her cheek. Swara sees this and smiles.


Credit to: Rini

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