Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 28)


In the evening
All are preparing for Raglak enagement. Swara is instructing the decorator and talks to the catering. Sumi sees Swara working and says Purna even now I cant believe that Shona has grown up and she is married now she is working for her jiji’s marriage. Ap says Sumi I know Sanskar and Swara has some age difference but Swara is matured enough to manage Sanskar. Sumi says but Purna if Swara is worried about something she will not tell anyone but will sleep under the bed. Ap and Sumi laughs. Swara comes and says where is jiji, Maa what are doing we have so many works go and prepare for dinner. Sumi gets Laksh message to send Bhabhi upstairs Bhai is waiting for her. Sumi says Shona I have kept masala’s in the terrace room u go and get it. Swara goes to terrace and says y the lights r off. She switch on the lights and sees the terrace is fully decorated with white flower and in the middle her and Sanskar’s photo which kept in her diary is framed in heart shape. From back Sanskar comes and Swara turns. She says ji u got my cupboard. He keeps his finger on her lips and says Shona I came to know all the things ur fear and concern for ur family. He bend on his knee and says Swara I am really sorry for what I did with but will u be mine throughout my life and become my love. Swara cries and bend down. She says when u returned my happiness I have already become urs. He wipes her tears and says I love Shona. Swara hugs him and says I love u too Sanskarji. She gets up and says ji lets go we have so many works and walks past him. Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him.
Swara: Ji what are u doing leave me.
Sanskar (comes closer to her): Shona there is no one in the house its only U and ME. Swara opens her eyes wide.

In the Guest House
Laksh and Ragini serves the family dinner. Viplav and Dhaani comes there and says that they will leave. Dp ask them to stay till the marriage. Dhaani says we have to meet our family but will come to meet u all for sure. Laksh whispers to Viplav to say ur love before reaching Banaras. Viplav says I will try Laksh but before me u should know about Ragini. And Vidhaani leaves. Sumi says its good we left them in the house as the preparation starts they will be stressed. After dinner all goes their room. Laksh grabs Ragini in the kitchen. Ragini says Lucky what are u doing leave me. Laksh says Rago u didn’t told me u like moon and stars. Ragini says u didn’t asked me Lucky. Laksh says Ok lets go for long drive and we will spend this time to about eachother. Raglak goes out for long drive.

In the terrace
Sanskar kisses her cheek and neck. She tightens her grip on his shoulder and hugs him. Sanskar gives her a saree and ask her to wear it. Swara comes wearing a beautiful sky blue saree with navy blue stone works on it. Sanskar comes towards her and walk backwards. He holds her waist but pushes him and run around the terrace. Suddenly she trips and Sanskar hold her but both lost their balance on falls on the bed. Both started laughing. Swara gets up and Sanskar holds her pallu. Swara says leave me ji. Sanskar opens the knot and kisses her bare back. Swara breathes heavily. He turns her towards him and kisses her eyes and cheeks. Finally their lips meet and they kiss passionately and he lies Swara on the bed without breaking the kiss and it last for hours. They separate and breathes heavily. A tear escape from her eyes. Sanskar says Shona and she interrupts him. She says these are the tears of happiness and hugs him. He drapes the blanket over them and………………… ( you all know)

In the car
Raglak to a beach and sits on the sand. Ragini says Lucky I love moon because we all work in the day time and our relation with nature is far away from our thinking. But in the night under the light of moon we will see nature in a different view. In the whole conversation Laksh keep on staring her. Ragini says Laksh why u r looking at me like that. Laksh says u r looking more beautiful in this moon light. Ragini blushes. Laksh lifts her and drops in the water. Ragini says I wont leave u Lucky and pulls him inside and they play in the water. After getting tired they slept in the car.

In the morning Sun rays are very shy to wake the couple and slowly falls on them. In the terrace
Swara is in the arm of Sanskar and his left hand is on her waist. Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar sleeping and says thank u Sanskarji for coming into my life and made me feel the femine in me. She gets up and drapes her saree properly and wakes up Sanskar. Sanskar says Shona give me five more minutes and drags her towards him. She falls on him and their lips again meet. Swara separates and says ji we have so many works get up na plz. Seeing her face Sanskar wakes up and they went to their room. In the car Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini resting on his shoulder. Ragini gets disturb by sun light and and she wakes up. Ragini says y u always looking at me. He says everyday u r beauty is increasing. She says stop romancing we have to be in the house before they wake up and they leave.

In Swara room Sanskar gets ready in red shirt and grey coat with black pant. Swara comes drying her hair wearing green and yellow saree. Swara while combing her hair sees red marks on her hand and neck and smiles. Sanskar comes to her and ask what happened that my lovely wife is bushing. She shows him the marks and hugs him. Sanskar ask is it paining Shona. Swara says these are sweet pain for me now u get go to office and come home quickly. They hear Sumi calling them. Swara hides the mark by leaving her hair one side and they came down. Sumi says Shona did u had dinner. Sanskar says yes maa we had and papa I am leaving for office and we will come home soon. He sighs Swara and leaves. Uttara says Bhabhi u look beautiful today. Swara thinks about last night and says thanks BTW where is jiji and jiju. Ragini says I am here only and comes from upstairs. Ap says when did u come here and she says I came here early to get ready and today is the last day of college. Sumi says but…. Laksh says I am here na aunty don’t worry about Rago. Dadi says ok Shekar and Dp u go and fresh up and we will prepare breakfast.

In the kitchen
Sumi, and Ap are cooking and Dadi and Dida are instructing the caters. Swara struggles to cut the vegetable. Ragini who came to drink water see her struggling.
Ragini: Shona what happened to u y u struggling
Swara: Sweety jiji I am fine nothing to worry.
Ap: Shona what happened show ur hand.
Swara: nothing Maa
Ragini: u will not listen and removes the bangle. She sees red finger marks and looks at her.
Ragini: what is this Shona and sees the mark on the neck removes her hair. Ap and Sumi sees this understand and smiles being happy.
Ragini: what happened Shona did u fell anywhere yesterday.
Sumi: Rago its Ok it is a small mark and signs her.
Ragini: Oh….. I forgot my darling is married that’s y Sanskar left earlier and teases Swara.
AP: don’t tease my bahu. Swara feels shy and runs from there to her room.
Ragini: wait when Sanskar comes I will not leave him.
That time Sanskar comes and asks for Swara. Ragini says y Sanskar did u left anything. Sanskar says yeah I left presentation Shona only knows. Sumi says Shona is…. Ragini cuts her and says Sanskar breakfast is ready u go to dining table and I will bring Shona.

In the dining table
Sumi and Swara serves them food. Ragini sighs Uttara. Uttara says Bhabhi what is this ur hand is red. Sanskar looks at Swara. Swara says yesterday while planting I got scratches. Uttara says but these look like finger marks. Sanskar hearing it got hiccups. Laksh gives him water and says calm down Bhai. Ragini says Uttara these marks of Love yes na Sanskar. Sanskar says I am getting late I will leave now and he runs from there. Freezes on Swara Sanskar embrassed face and laughing face of the family.

Precap: Raglak engagement and new villain to break………

Credit to: Rini

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