Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 26)


In the morning
Sanskar gets up hearing the door knock and he sees Swara sleeping hugging her teddy. He says how cute u r Swara that’s the reason I have fallen for u. He takes the screen and opens the door. Ragini and Dhaani are standing with tea. Ragini says where is Shona and shows her. Ragini says this Shona…. Wait then yesterday and looks at Sanskar and burst into laughter. Dhaani asks what happened. Ragini says I will tell u now Sanskar u have to wake her up and gives tea in his hand and leaves. Swara wakes up hearing the door sound. Sanskar says Good Morning Darling. Swara says are Sanskar ji why u didn’t wake me up we have so many work and goes towards bathroom but Sanskar stops her and says don’t u know the rules of marriage. Swara ask what rules ji. Sanskar says first u have to give morning kiss to ur hubby. Swara says first say sorry and I will give. Sanskar says then I will give u and holds her hand. Swara says ji what r u doing ji leave me. Sanskar comes close to her and kisses her neck. Swara feels shy, pushes him and goes to bathroom.

In the guest room
Ragini and Dhaani comes there laughing. Laksh and Viplav sees them and asks what is the matter. Ragini tells the reason to Laksh and he tells it to Viplav. All four of them laugh. Laksh says poor Bhai but u two sisters……Ragini in anger asks what we sisters. Viplav says plz u both don’t start it. Ragini says then tell me Viplav bhai what did u gifted Dhaani on ur first night. Viplav and Dhaani feels it awkward. Laksh senses it and ask Ragini to call Akira for arrangements and Bhabhi will be happy and they both went. Dhaani avoids eye contact with Viplav and says I will go to kitchen and she leaves. Viplav says y u r driving me crazy Dhaani and falls on bed.
In the room Swara comes wearing a pink saree and Sanskar yellow shirt and black with jeans comes near Swara and gives her a neck piece. Swara says thank u Sansakr ji. Sanskar silently steals her diary and leaves from there. Swasan comes down and takes blessing from elders. Ap says my badi bahu is very beautiful today and Swara shies. Sanskar says Maa me, Jaggu and Laksh have some work will come soon. Sanskar drags them and Laksh drags Viplav and all go out. Dhaani comes and says ask where they are going without having food. Sumi says don’t worry they will come.

In Maheswari house
The four enters Sanskar room and sees that the whole room is changed. The background is red with white, one wall full of Sanskar, Swara and their family, In the middle their marriage picture. Laksh says Bhai am I dreaming is this ur room. Sanskar shows the roof and a cloth is tied with a rope. Viplav ask what is this Sanky. Sanskar pulls the rope and they see it separates the bed half. Laksh and Viplav laughs seeing it and Jaggu doesn’t understand and ask what happened. Laksh says Jaggu u will know it later achaa Bhai now tell me y u bought us here. Sanskar shows the dairy and says today before noon we have to find the keys. Laksh says fine now open the diary. Sanskar sees a puzzle to open the diary. Sanskar says this Shona is incredible. Viplav ask him to show and he says Sanky its ur name only finish it and open. Sanskar opens it and finds photos of swaragini and at last their photo. Sanskar says that’s it there is nothing. Laksh takes the diary and sees it. He says third photo open and finds a riddle. It says if ur heart is not with then where it will be. They all think and search around the room. Jaggu sees a bear with heart and takes the key from its back. Jaggu says I got it bro. Laksh again turns the dairy and see Ragini photo open. He says how sweet my Rago is. Viplav says u can romance with her later now see the riddle. It says so many beautiful flowers will blossom in winter. Sanskar says how flowers will grow in the winter.

Laksh sees a hint and says It belongs to my jiji. All look at Laksh and he says no I don’t know anything. Viplav says what lover u r not knowing anything idiot. Laksh says so u know about Dhaani. Suddenly Viplav realizes and says moon search for moon and they searches for moon. Viplav sees the roof with moon and star stickers. He the moon is openable and gets the key. Laksh says Viplav u r great yaar how did u know. Viplav says because u know everything I heard Ragini speaking to Dhaani about moon and stars and she said she loves to see moon rise than sun rise. Laksh says I don’t understand these things. And again he turns the page and gets riddle in Swasan pic. It say where to two soul meets then there wont be third one. Laksh says I think Bhabhi should go to riddle competition. Sanskar sees their marriage pic (it’s a large one) and says where two souls meet and ask them remove the pic and they remove it. The ecret cupboard is behind the picture. All shouts in joy and hug eachother. Laksh says bhai finally we got it now open it. Sanskar says Lucky it will open with voice message only. The cupboard suddenly gets on and ask for face scan. Jaggu ask what will we do. Sanskar says I have to take risk and stands in front of the screen and it gets access. It ask what is the name of giraffe. Laksh ask him to tell his name and says his name it got full access and the door opens. They see two lock and opens it. All get shocked seeing……………………


Credit to: Rini

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