Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 25)

In the morning Ragini comes to the room and does not find Swara. Ragini says Shona mere darling where u. Swara (under her bed hugging her teddy) says jiji I will not come u go and Sanskarji that I will not come to his house. Ragini gets tensed and calls everyone. Dida and Dadi tries to get her out but fails. Sumi says mere darling Shona come na u have to get ready else ur husband will become angry. Swara says let him be I will not come out. Shekar says Darling come out papa calling na. Swara looks out but again goes inside. Shekar looks down and sees Swara crying. He says Darling come out and brings her outside. Swara says I will not go leaving u all I will not marry and hugs Shekar. Shekar says mere darling don’t cry its ur time to see a new world u will have a husband who loves u more than anything, new papa, new maa u will have new home u will make new relation. Sumi says Shona u will be elder bahu of ur house u should not behave like child. She hugs Sumi and cries. Dadi and Dida gets emotional and says don’t make so senti its time for haldi Rago get Shona ready all leave.

In the Guest house
Sanskar who is sleeping between Laksh and Jaggu dreams about romancing with Swara kicks Laksh and Jaggu out of the bed. Laksh and Jaggu falls down and screams in pain. They gets angry seeing Sanskar rolling on the bed smiling. Both gets a jug full of water and throws it on Sanskar and starts hitting him. Sanskar says Lucky Jaggu stop it guys. Jaggu says if u want to romance with Shona go to her. Laksh says u kicked us out of bed r we donkeys. Sanskar says stop yaar I am so sorry I don’t know anything. Laksh says Jaggu if he is doing like this before marriage what will he do after marriage. Shekar comes there and asks Sanskar what happened to u guys. Jaggu says we all were in dream land. Shekar says u guys r behaving like kids there Swara is crying like a child. Sanskar says what happened uncle is everything fine y she was crying I will go and see her. Shekar stops him and says my dear son in law nothing to worry u have to wait to see my darling and Dadi ad Dida are guarding them so u cant see her. Sanskar gets sad and Jaggu ask him to get ready for haldi.

In the haldi ceremony
Viplav and Dhaani comes there escaping from Tripurari. Dhaani says r u sure if it is safe here. Viplav says Sanskar is my client so we r safe here and goes to Garodia house. Dida stops them and ask who r u both. Viplav says we came to meet Sanskar and she is my wife Dhaani. Dadi says today is his wedding he is in the next house and Dhanni u come inside here bride’s haldi is going on. Viplav goes to guest house. Laksh sees him and says what a surprise u r here. Viplav says I have to ask it lucky and he sees Sanskar is applied haldi. Viplav comes and hugs Sanskar. Viplav says finally u r getting married. Sanskar says before me u got married how mean. Viplav says that’s a big problem I will tell later.

In the evening
Swara gets ready in her pink and golden lehenga. Dhaani says u look beautiful and sees Swara nervours. Dhaani says its normal because we are going to a new where all relation are new and we have to adjust. Ragini comes and gives her blue and peach lehenga to wear. Ragini says ur husband only sent it. Dhaani says he have gone nuts. On the otherside Viplav tells them everything from start till now. Sanskar says so didn’t told ur feelings. Laksh says I have a surprise for u and u will see it in mandap. The bharat enters and Sumi takes aarti of Sanskar and brings him inside. Dhaani gets ready and Ragini does her hair do. Ragini says Viplav bhai will be flattened and Dhaani gets shy. Ragini says I have great idea to tease Sanskar.

Panditji ask Sanskar to sit and ask Sumi to bring the bride. Dhaani and Ragini brings Swara down. Viplav gets stunned seeing Dhaani in this new look. Laksh says Viplav this is ur gift from side. Viplav says I already have problem but now I cant even speak seeing her beauty. Sanskar sees Swara covering her face. Ragini says Sanskar u have to wait little to see my Darling. Swaragini laughs. Shekar and Sumi does kanyadaan and Sumi cries. Dhaani comes to Viplav and says u have gone mad y did u sent this dress we r already in problem now this drama and Viplav smiles seeing her. They stand for phere and take pheres. Sanskar takes sindoor and lifts the veil. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and fills her maan and dorns the mangalsutar around her neck. Panditji announce them as husband and wife.

In the night
Dhaani makes her sit on the bed and says Sanskar bhai will come and she leaves. Sanskar walks towards the door thinking now u r mine but Jaggu and Laksh stops him. Laksh says Bhai u have to pay penalty for what u did in the morning. Sanskar says I know u say like this I saw Ragini laughing with Viplav. Laksh says what………. Viplav……. Oh god and leaves. Sanskar turns to Jaggu but he leaves. Sanskar enters the room and sees Swara standing . He comes towards her but she stops him. Sanskar ji did say Sorry. Sanskar says but I will say na y today. Swara says till say sorry and pulls a rope and a screen falls between them it will be between us. Sanskar gets more disappointed and says atleast a good kiss plz. Swara says no way and sleeps. Sanskar says I have to get her secret keys anyhow and sleeps seeing her through the screen.

Precap: Sanskar steals Swara’s diary.

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  1. wow so nice episode! waiiting for 2next episode!

  2. Nice epi…. nd waiting for precap scene.. then mrng scence btwn sanskar laksh jaggu… pouring water… cute epi

  3. It was really cute and sanskar ‘s part was funny.

  4. hey really nice but jldi jldi screen htao

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  6. Its very nice.. bt no need of dhani n jo b hai..

  7. Wow superb episode

  8. nice
    waiting for next part

  9. Actually what is the secret that Sanskar is trying to t

  10. Actually what is the secret that Sanskar is trying to find?

  11. ohh..superb epi..waiting to know atb swara’s secrets..poor sanky can’t do h thing..ha ha ha..shona under the bed with teddy was too cute..

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    emotional part swara under bed hugging teddy crying…
    sanlakjag scene was too funny…
    finally swasan married.. bt y sanky eager to know swara secret…

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  19. Vinay Karthik

    nice episode …… loved ur ff ….

  20. Superbbb.. I was laughing very loudly while reading sanskar kicking laksh nd jaggu out of bed. ?? tooooo good

  21. Awesome dear
    Mind blowing

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