Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 23)


Ragini and Laksh takes the stage. And welcome all the guest. Ragini says today is most special day for my cute little sister and my friend. Laksh says lets welcome the bride and bride groom Sanskar and Swara. Shekar and Sumi brings them to the stage and makes them sit. Uttara brings the ring plate. All see only one ring and Ap says Uttara where is another ring. Ragini says maa there is two ring only, she takes the ring and separates it. Laksh says if u look the ring closely u will find it. Swara sees the ring and finds Sanskar photo with her name. Sanskar also sees her photo with his name. Ragini says we specially ordered for u both. All smiles seeing the ring. Swara makes Sanskar wear the ring and Sanskar takes her hand all her fingers have rings and she laughs seeing his face. Sumi says Shona what is this remove these rings. Laksh says I only asked bhabi to wear rings Bhai u have to find out the fake ring and removes it.

Sanskar says if I have to remove means then all these rings are fake because Shona does not like to wear rings. Ragini says oh Shona and lucky u both lost in the game and Sanskar removes all the rings and makes her wear it. All claps for them and Raglak says its time for Dance. Uttara and Jaggu dance on D se dance song. Sanskar comes close to Swara and says so my dear would be now I have full rights on u and will not apologize to u. Swara says ji if u don’t say Sorry then will be out of ur room and u have time till jiji’s marriage lets see if u say sorry or not. Sanskar says challenge accepted. After dance Ap and Sumi comes to them. Sumi says Shona bring Sanskar to dining table. Swara complies and says ji come for lunch. Sanskar doesn’t turn and she pinches him he screams.
Sanskar: ooouch what is this darling

Swara: don’t call me darling my name is Swara.
Sanskar: like that my name is Sanskar not ji.
Swara: its my habit any ways ji Maa is calling for Lunch we have to go.
Sanskar: Ok but u have to call me Sanskar
Swara: I will call u but for now come. And they both go to table.
In the table

Swara and Ragini serves while all are sitted. Dp says Sheku the food is too good. Sansakr says uncle who is the catering they are really good. Ragini says Sanskar its all prepared by my Darling. Dp says its really good beta God bless u. Laksh says Rago plz learn something from ur sister. Ragini says y should I because my darling will be with me naa so no worries and the sisters have hug. After lunch Swara goes to terrace and Sanskar grabs her from waist. Swara says what r u doing ji leave me. Sanskar says oh God blood is coming out from my ears see and Swara comes near him and he kisses on her cheek. Swara hits him and says I told u na if u wont apologize. Sanskar says I know miss. Hitler but these things are necessary na after all u r my would be after tomorrow u will be Mrs. Sanskar Maheswari.

Raglak comes searching for them and sees them in that position and turns other side. Laksh says Bhai if ur romance is over we have to go down. Sanskar says Lucky u always have wrong timing u have Ragini na then y u r disturbing me. Swara says Sanskar ji leave me I have to go. Sanskar then u have to give me a gift. Swara releases from his grip and comes to Laksh and whispers something and goes with Ragini. Sanskar says what did ur Bhabhi told. Laksh says she said ur gift is waiting down and they leave down.

All the elders are gather both the couples comes down. Ap says we have decided that since we have no time we r canceling the sangeet function today. Sumi says but we will keep ur sangeet with Raglak Sangeet. Dp says Ap do the ritual quickly. Shekar calls Dadi and Dida. Dadi and Dida usual comes there fighting. They make Sanskar and Swara sit. Dida ask Sanskar to put this green bangle in rockstar hand. Sanskar ask why? Sumi is about to tell but Dadi cuts her. Dadi ask him to do and he does. Dida says this green bangle is given to bride so that it reminds u both that. Dadi says that Sanskar should not see Shona till the marriage. Sanskar says what and tries to remove it but Dida holds him and says u should remove it and u have to wait for my rockstar. Sanskar says so this is ur gift darling.

Swara says yes and ur would be rights is taken away from u now lets see what u do and smirks. Sumi says now all gents u stay in the guest house and we ladies will be here. And Sanskar says let me tell u I am Sanskar and will not accept defeat ok and he leaves.
In the evening

Sanskar, Laksh and Jaggu are sitting in the guest house garden. Jaggu says Bhai its better u say sorry to her u don’t know about her if she tell something then she will be stubborn. Sanskar says what…… me……… sorry……….. are u crazy I will deal with her later. Laksh says Bhai u don’t know one thing even though we are not at fault we have to sorry. Suddenly they hear laughing sound girls. Laksh says wow beautiful ladies and whistles. Jaggu says but what r they doing here. Sanskar says idea and calls Uttara. Uttara silently comes to guest house and says Bhai y did u call me. Sanskar says what u girls doing in this lonely evening.

Uttara says achaa today ur Sangeet is cancelled but not mehendi. Jaggu says so ladies r partying and see my poor bro. Uttara says I will tell u one thing start ur skype and I will update u live but one thing Bhai should close his eyes. Laksh says Ok I will take care u go and start ur work.
In the Garodia house

Uttara starts the live update and Sanskar ties his eyes but when Uttara turns the camera he opens eyes and sees Swara wearing pink lehenga with white crystal jewellery. Jaggu says Bro close ur mouth I can see ur Backbone. Akira comes there and hugs Swara. Akira says Swara r u happy with this marriage. Swara says Akira I know he did wrong but I can see only his love for his brother If he can go to any extent for his brother y cant he go for me. Sanskar eyes her proudly. Akira says I am so happy for u by the way u r going to become a celebrity. Swara says even though he know about me he doesn’t know one thing. Sanskar says what it would be. Swara says my secret cupboard I asked permission from Ap maa to keep it with me but it has three keys which I will keep it in three secret places and u know one thing I have already placed it in his room but I took my diary only. Akira says so u already decided he is ur hubby na. And Swara blushes. Sanskar cuts the video call. Laksh says Y bhai what happened.

Sanskar says Lucky I decided I will say sorry to her because without my knowledge she made me as her husband now its my turn to know about her. Jaggu says Bro what r u telling. Sanskar says first I have to find the keys of her secret cupboard and then apologize. Laksh says but bhai how tomorrow ur marriage then. Sanskar says she gave me time till ur marriage Lucky its enough for me and says Swara I will conquer u anyhow.

To be continued……..

Credit to: Rini

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