Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 22)


In the room

Sanskar says u cant escape from me Shona Darling I wil always be around u and will grab u like this whenever I want. Swara says in ur dreamz ji. He rubs his cheek with hers and says doesn’t it mean u anything. He kisses eyes and says doesn’t u feel anything. She says nooooo ji. He kisses on her wound (its on the corner of her lips). She gets immense relief and its like a touch of petal on the water. He then says if it is true doesnt it mean to u Shona. Swara says it matters to me ji whenever u r near but I cant forgive u. Suddenly there is knock on the door. Uttara says Shona come down panditji have arrived. Sanskar leaves her and both come down. Dp says panditji these r laksh and ragini’s kundili plz check it and say. Panditji says after one week there is an auspicious day. Shekar says then we will keep the marriage on that day. Ap sighs Sumi and brings Swasan kundili. Ap says panditji plz check these two also. Laksh ask maa this for whom. Sumi says for Swara and Sanskar. Both r terribly shocked. Sanskar says Mom… but Ap cuts him down. Panditji says these two kudili are made for eachother it has all qualities to get married.

Swara looks at Sanskar. Panditji says but u have get them married within two days else the next date will be after four years. Shekar says but within two days is it possible Prasad. Dp says first we have to ask Swara and Sanskar. Swara sees Sumi and Ragini and they nods. Swara says I have no objection. Sanskar is shocked and says if Swara ok then I also don’t have any objection. Panditji takes leave and Dp says first we will finish Swasan marriage after three days we will keep Raglak. Sumi says but in this short time. Ap says if we work together it will be easy. Ragini says Swara after two days u r my jethani and I am so happy. Shekar says tomorrow we will keep the engagement. Laksh says papa I and Rago will invite the guest and bring the rings and Uttara u go and see the designer and papa, uncle u two see the decoration and maa, aunty food area is urs. Sanskar says then what about me. Uttara says Bhai u go and think about Shona and smiles. They all take leave. Sanskar and Swara are left. Sanskar says Shona I know u agreed for family sake but I don’t want u to get entangled in this unwanted relation. Swara says I want to entangle in this relation not for family sake but for our sake and runs from there. Sanskar doesn’t understand and stand there confused.

In her room
Swara takes her dairy and writes I know Sanskar hurted me a lot but it is all for his brother that to not his own blood I was shocked that how can a person be like this. If he love his brother so much means he can do anything for me I know I forgave him easily but to make him realize his mistake I have to be like this but destiny played another game and made us come close and this is my promise I will make him say sorry then only I will say that I forgave him but its tough. She closes the dairy.

In the morning
Whole Garodia house is decorated and Sumi asked the Maheswari to stay in the guest house next them. Laksh bring Jignesh to house and he asked sorry for what he did. Shekar says its ok beta now u go to ur bhai. In the guest room Sanskar is walking around here and there thinking about Swara words. Jaggu and Laksh comes and sees Sanskar tensed. Laksh says bhai what r u doing. Sanskar says Lucky I told Shona that I know she doing all this family sake and I don’t her to entangled in this relation and she said she want to entangled in this relation for our sake what does it mean. Laksh and Jaggu burst into laughter. Jaggu says Lucky the great business man Sanskar cannot understand this thing. Laksh says bhai she forgave u but want u to apologize for ur mistakes and is happy to marry u. Sanskar says so this is it I will not apologize to her and will see what she do. Sanskar gets ready in maron sherwani and comes down. Ragini makes Swara ready in golden colour saree. Sumi and Ap comes there. Sumi says yesterday only u told u will not marry but see before ur jiji u r going get married. Swara says so what Sumimaa I will make ji to stay here with me. Ragini says I think Sanskar will change his name to Sanskarji and they laugh. Ap says from day one Sanskar also ask me y u call him ji. Sumi says don’t be childish Swara now come down all r waiting and takes her down. Sanskar sees Swara and whistles seeing her beauty. Uttara says bhai she will not go from here u have ur full life to see her. Sanskar hits her and she laughs. Swara also winks at Sanskar but inside she waiting for his words. Sanskar also winks at her.

Precap: Sanslak climbing the pipes.

Credit to: Rini

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