Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 21)


In the evening

Swara comes to her room and goes to the bathroom. She turns on the shower and cries under it. Every drop of water remainds her Sanskar’s betrayal, his concern, his sweet words and his rough behavior now. Suddenly she hears knock on the door its Ragini. Ragini says Shona come fast. Swara says jiji I will be back. She swipes body and does some make up to cover the wound on her lips. Downstairs Swara comes down and sees all are preparing for the ritual. Swara gathers everyone and tells them whatever happened (not of Sanskar’s behavior and revenge but as Jignesh brother). Sumi says thank God all misunderstandings cleared Shona go and make Rago ready.

In the room

Swara hugs Ragini and says jiji who jiju consoled u. Ragini says darling it’s a secret so don’t think too much. Swara says jiji plz tell me na. Ragini says ok Laksh came to college and searched for me but all the time but I was in the car parking only and I cant face him. Finally he found him. Swara says then. Ragini says then…..u ask ur jiju now make ready I am ur sweety jiji na. Swara says ok I will tease jiju then. Swara makes Ragini ready in white and green lehenga and made a bun and left some strands in the front and put her pallu on her head. Swara says vareva my jiji is so beautiful I think I have to make jiju conscious else he will be bowled by u. Ragini says achaa now its my turn and makes Swara sit. Swara says jiji I will make myself ready. Ragini says now sit quiet and she sits like a child. Ragini makes her wear a gold and red choli and makes single pleat and left half in the front.

Ragini says now I have to pinch Sanskarji every time. Swara thinks about him and says jiji we have to go down and they leave. Swaragini came down and Dadi says my Rago and Shona looks beautiful. She keeps black dot and says all evil sights should get out of them. Shekar says my sweetheart grown up so fast now she will go to her sasural. Swara says darling papa I am here na I wont go anywhere leaving u all. Sumi says Shona one day u will also go but for now u take ur jiji to room and come down when I ask u ok and they leave.

Maheswari family arrives Laksh is wearing blue colour sherwani and red colour sherwani. Ap introduces Uttara and she takes blessings from elders. They all settle down and Uttara says where is my bhabi. Sumi says I will bring them and she calls Swaragini. Swara brings Ragini down and she takes blessings from elders. Laksh sighs her she is beautiful and Ragini smiles. Uttara says bhabi u look too beautiful I am Uttara Sanslak sister. Swara says Uttara u don’t even change from school. All look at her and Swara says me and Uttara are school mates. Ap says Ok all ur union is over Sumi we called pandit ji to look for an auspicious day. Shekar says its good when panditji come we will begin the ritual now come lets have some snacks.

All the while Sanskar keeps looking at Swara and she keeps ignoring her. All went to dining table except the five. Uttara says Shona u Sanky bhai are wearing same colour dress and Laksh says this is called telepathy and the trio laughs. Swara says jiju first tell me how u consoled jiji she told me half scene only. Laksh says I saw her crying in her car is a fool she didn’t locked the car and got inside. Ragini says am I fool to u. He says yes lovable fool. She says achaa don’t forget the punishment that I had given u when u teased me. Swara says first stop ur fights and tell me. Laksh says then take her to our farm house where all started she doesn’t had the guts to face me then again I made flower crown placed on her head gone on my knees and said Miss. Ragini Garodia I am the Laksh Maheswari wanted u to become my better half again with all my flaws and u always know ur jiji is too emotional and that’s it we again became one.

Uttara says wow bhai u r asked sorry by proposing bhabi how sweet. Swara says ha Uttara somebody doesn’t know how to know to speak to girls and she leaves. Ragini says Sanskar what happened between u both she told us Jignesh is back and he is ur brother. Sanskar think oh god is she would told about me. Ragini says thank u Sanskar from now on our doesn’t have the guilt of taking a life. Sanskar thinks so she didn’t said anything and I have another chance. He says Shona is little angry with me for concealing about Jignesh and I didn’t asked sorry. Laksh says oh bhai you are the eighth wonder in this world u doesn’t know anything now go to her. Ragini says she will be in the kitchen and he leaves. Laksh says I think ur Darling will become ur Jithani. Ragini says then I will be the most happiest girl. Uttara says but they didn’t confessed it na. Laksh says so what we will make them and they shake hands.

In the kitchen Sanskar comes and sees Swara working with Sumi. Sumi says beta what u want. He says I came to drink water. Sumi ask Swara to give him. Swara gives him and he says I want to talk to u but she ignored him. Sumi sees this and says Shona I have kept a gift in ur cupboard go and get it. Swara complies and Sumi sighs Sanskar. He thanks her and goes after Swara.

In the room

Swara enters and search for the gift. Saskar enters and locks the door Swara turns and says y did u closed the door. He says from the time when I came here u doesn’t pay heed to me. She says who are u and y should pay heed to u. He says u already know the answer and asking me. Her duppata gets stuck in a nail and takes it out. She says u r just my jiju’s brother that’s and walks past him but stops. She says this nail irritating me she turns and sees Sanskar holding her shawl. She says ji leave it I have to go and he drags her and says y should I leave u what happened today doesn’t it mean to u Shona. Swara says doesn’t mean to me anything its just a wound which u have given me ji. Sanskar grabs her waist and she struggles. He says u cant escape from me Shona darling I will always be around u and will grab u like this whenever I want. She says in ur dreamz with fire.

To be continued……..

Credit to: Rini

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