Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 19)


In the room
Ragini sits on the bed holding her knees thinking what are all the incidents happened today and cries. Swara sees her and says Sweety jiji this is the right time u have to tell me what ever happened in ur life. Ragini tells her everything. Swara says Laksh that much bad guy. Ragini says not only that today he told me that he will get me with or without my permission Shona I don’t know what to do. Swara says Jiji u should accept the proposal. Ragini sees her in a shocked state and says have u gone mad Shona that time Ragini gets Laksh phone. Swara ask her to attend it and put it in the speaker.

Ragini: Hello
Laksh: Hello sweetheart I think u r so happy to hear about our marriage na.
Ragini: Why Laksh I told u na I hate u.
Laksh: but I love you dear so get ready for the marriage and one more thing ask Swara to meet Bhai in the terrace of ur house Ok bye and he cuts the call.
Swara says jiji I have a super plan first u go and tell papa that u accept this proposal. Ragini says but darling but Swara says u trust ur Darling and Ragini nods her. Swara says now go down I will meet Sanskarji and both leaves.

Swara comes to the terrace and says I have to be careful and acts to be normal. She sees Sanskar standing and says Sanskarji what r u doing here. Sanskar turns and says Miss. Swara Garodia I have caught ur lie and smiles. Swara wonders and says ji what r u talking about I cant understand. Sanskar takes a cigarette from his pocket and lights. Sanskar says Shona, Shona now stop ur acting as I stopped acting. He calls Akira and she comes shivering. Swara is dazed to see her in that state and says Akira what happened why r u like this. Sanskar says because of me Darling she was tough to get details from her. Akira hugs Swara and cries. Akira says how Sanskar asked her to come to his guest house and some drunkards misbehaving with her and Sanskar taking the pics and black mailing her to tell how they trapped him. Swara with furious face says Akira go from here. Sanskar comes and says how will she go with these clothes. Swara gives her a night jacket and says this is my house so u go to ur home and don’t worry about me. Akira leaves. Sanskar says oh devi mahan is here I am so scared what will u do.

Swara turns and slaps him repeatedly. Sanskar drops his cigarette and graps her shoulder. Swara says don’t u dare to touch me Mr.Sanskar and releases her from his grip. Sanskar shouts hey dramabaaz stop even a insect will be feared to touch me. Swara says I am not any insect Sanskar I am Swara u got that na. Sanskar says first of all u touched my life without my knowledge but today infront of me u touched my ego. Swara says it is the punishment of u did with me by showing ur concern but u did one good thing, u relieved me from my shock. Sanskar laughs evilly and says what its not for ur good Darling I made that plan because u were so behenji type girl and she is so sweet that girl is not who took my life but its u who took it so I carved for my convience to take my revenge U know one thing I always that what is in u that Jaggu tried to give his life but when I saw u I was completely flat.

Swara says I know what will happen next u will kidnap the one dearer to me then ask me to marry u then same serial type scenes but Sanskar ji this is real life so should try any other method. Sanskar comes closer to her there is only an inch back between them and says U only know Sanskar Maheswari but not the business man Mr. Sanskar u will see him lets make a deal in this marriage preparation u will suffer a lot for what and all u did with Jignesh. Swara says Ok Sanskarji it’s a deal and entends her hand but Sanskar pulls and kisses her hard that she couldn’t resist or leave. Sanskar leaves and says I told u na U will see the real Sanskar this just beginning and he leaves. Swara stands still that her mind is frozen about what happened just now.

Precap: Jignesh coming out of coma.

Credit to: Rini

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