Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 18)


In the morning Ragini gets ready in a red and black top with white legins sees Swara still sleeping. Ragini says Darling get up its already late. Swara says jiji plz let me sleep for some time. Ragini throws water on Swara but sees pillows. Ragini looks under the bed and sees Swara sleeping with her teddy she pulls Swara and ask her y did u slept here what happened anything serious Shona. Swara thinks if I tell jiji she will be worried and says jiji not to worry I have so many work u go down I will come. In the washroom Swara calls Akira.
Swara: Akira did u get anyone reporter.
Akira: It’s a good news my bhai took Sanskar’s interview.
Swara: send him now within half hour Ok
Akira: Ok Swara I will be in the college café and cuts the call. Swara says now I will see what u will do Sankarji.

In Maheswari house
Sanskar is gets ready and comes to Laksh. Laksh today evening u have to meet me in the hotel says Sanskar. Laksh says what bhai anything special do u going to propose Swara. Sanskar says shut up Lucky now come we have to go and they go downstairs. Sanskar sees Yash (Akira’s Bhai) with Dp and Ap and thinks what is this reporter doing with papa. Yash says Sanskar sir its been long time I think we last met in Kolkata business met right. Dp ask what r u saying Sanskar business man I think u have confusion he is Sanskar Maheswari studying in college. Yash says what No he is Mr. Sanskar the big business magnet see I have proof and shows video clippings which he took without his knowledge. Yash plays it in the T.V. All r shocked to see Sanskar in a rough expression wearing a super cool nevy blue suit speaking about his company. Sanskar is super shocked about his identity revelation. Dp ask Yash to take a leave as we have to speak to Sanskar and he leaves. Dp says Sanskar what is this u r running a big chain of companies without our knowledge. Sanskar says papa I wanted to tell u only but. Ap says but what Sanskar even u didn’t tell me why Sanskar. Dp says its good only now we got to know about it today go to ur college discontinue it and come to the office. Sanskar complies and leaves with Laksh. Outside Laksh hugs Sanskar and says Bhai u r big business man I am so happy for u and when did u finished all these. Sanskar says for this purpose only called u evening but how come this reporter came to know I am here. Laksh says Bhai leave it to me I will get all the details and as decided we will meet in the hotel. Sanskar says Ok and leaves in his car.

In the college
Swara and Akira are in the café and Swara tells her everything. Akira says OMG….. In this small age y u r giving me this much tension. Swara hits her and says stop ur drama Akira. She says so that senior I mean that business magnet Mr. Sanskar joined here to ruin u so that’s y on the first day he looked at u with fire eyes. Swara says I thought he looked at me for his car but now only I got it anyways now he will leave the college as I know but Dp uncle he wont allow Sanskar to continue his studies so…….then sees Sanskar and sighs Akira and they become normal. Sanskar says Hello Darling Shona I called u yesterday but u r engaged with someone. Swara says its not like that Sanskarji come lets go to class. Sanskar says sorry guys I discontinued college. Both acts to be shocked. Akira says what happened Senior this sudden change is everything fine. Sanskar says yeah guys my father asked to join the office so I am going Shona I will talk to in the evening and he leaves. Swara and Akira know what exactly happened burst into laughter.

In the medical college
Laksh sees Ragini wearing the dress he gifted and thinks I think she thought about me yesterday so she is wearing this dress. Ragini sees Laksh staring and says Anisha what happened to this Laksh. Swathi says I think he has fallen in love with u dear Rago. Ragini scolds Swathi. Anisha says y u r scolding her we came to know about ur love story darling. Ragini says how did u know? who told u ? They says Laksh only. Ragini gets furious and drags Laksh from there to waiting hall. She confront him.

Ragini: Laksh what u think of urself I told u na don’t tell anyone about our love y told it.
Laksh: y it hurts u when u don’t love me its past only na.
Ragini: so what it doesn’t mean that u tell this to all. Laksh walks towards her and she walks back.
Laksh (walking towards her): then y u r wearing the dress which I give u.
Ragini: its my wish I will wear whatever I want and he pins her to the wall.

Laksh: In this 5 years u didn’t wear it even single time then y today.
Ragini: Its non of your business Laksh.

Laksh: then tell me one thing yesterday did u think about me.
Ragini: no and starts to scold him lot. Laksh not to it hear it kisses her hard and Ragini cant struggle and enjoys it. When releases Ragini sees him with tearful eyes. Laksh says by this I came to know that u still love me and this is my promise I will get u anyhow with or without ur permission hope u understand and he leaves. Ragini stands there thinking about his words with or without ur permission. She says I have to be careful and leaves to class.
In the evening Swaragini enters and sees Shekar with lots gifts waitng for them. Swara says Darling Papa what are these gifts. Sumi says first u both eat these sweets and makes them eat. Dadi says Dp came here and asked Ragini hand for Laksh. Ragini gets shocked and thinks about Laksh words that he will get her with or without her permission. Swara hugs Ragini and congrats her. Ragini ask y of this sudden.

Shekar says I also asked he said that U both r going to finish ur studies and of course we will search for a doctor so he thought u and asked so we also accepted but with ur answer only we will proceed all this. Ragini says Papa I will tell u in the dinner and she leaves. Swara says Papa don’t worry I am here na and I will be with her Ok and she leaves.

In the hotel Sanskar is waiting for Laksh and he comes and Sanskar. Laksh says Bhai now only I got to know u only told Maa about Rags Thank u so much. Sanskar says Lucky u r my life and u know my another is still in pain. Laksh ask how is Jignesh. He says same no improvement (Guys Laksh know about Jignesh as he tells na they r his life). Sanskar says Its ok Laksh what about the information. Laksh says Bhai I got all the details, Yash is the brother of Akira ur best friend I think he would have seen u with her so that’s the matter and also Akira only sent him to our house guard told me that. Sanskar says so that Akira knows about me now I will know whether Shona knows about it or not and plans something.

To be continued……..

Credit to: Rini

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  1. oh no i hope sanskar will not get to know that swara know abt him and his plan.. swara should act like she doesn’t know anything.. in many ff all make swara so weak that why i am requesting u pls pls pls.. sorry if i said anything wrong

    1. Lucky Sanskar will come to know that Swara knows about him but Swara will be strong and they r preparing for Raglak marriage in that …….. u know

  2. Lucky also against shona this is not fare yaar

  3. no, no , no plz don’t create swara In pain.. and it was quite intresting when swara was sleeping under bed wid teddy.. liked this… and plz brng twist and make sanskaar to suffer for swara.. not swara to sanskaar….

  4. Super love raglak

  5. Nice yaar

  6. Omg its so interesting…. rini.. plz post nxt epi soon… nd im waiting eager to knw how swara is gonna tackle the situation.. hw the revenge wil b…
    nd rini al bst fir nxt epi..

  7. don’t do this to swara..
    wants swasan as pair

  8. no lucky also supporting sanskar for revenge…
    dont make swara weak she have to be strong

  9. Nice,interesting….lets see swara n sanskar game…waiting

  10. Don’t give them pain na.

  11. Rini it is awesome. …..n plz dont make swara to suffer because of sanskar. .am eager to know what will happen next. .plz update soon

  12. planning planning… i am waiting… update soon…

  13. Superrrrbbbbb.. I liked it ? I want to see swara in pain. Now a days tat too wid today’s epi I hate her

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