Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 17)


In the farm house Sanskar while smoking says So Swara I mean Shona I want to make u fall for me but when I saw u bowled me dear he takes one of the pic. He says but u because of u my bro my life is lieing lifeless I was so close to finish my mission but this Lucky now I have to make him happy because he is also my life so for some days I have to act to be with u to make them one now I leave dear but I will take revenge definitely. He again pressed the button and the board goes up he switch off the lights and he leaves. In the evening Swara waits for Akira’s call and walks tensely in the room. Ragini comes and sees Swara. Swara sees Ragini and closes the door.
Ragini: darling what r u doing why u closed the door.

Swara gives Laksh box: Sweet jiji first u tell me what is this.
Ragini: why did u took this.
Swara: jiji I know these things r Laksh’s what is the connection between you two.
Ragini: just shut up Shona this is Swathi box she asked me to keep this.
Swara: so this watch also jiji don’t act much I know when u r in the 1st year Laksh calls u often and I only attend his calls so don’t act plz tell me.
Ragini: Shona these r the wounds of pain don’t dig it much I will tell u everything when time comes.
In Maheswari house
Sanskar comes the room and sees Laksh hearing music in his headphones and dancing. He removes his headphones. Laksh says Bhai what r u doing give my headphones. Sanskar says y Lucky is there any bomb in it let me also hear it. He takes Laksh phone and plays. Laksh tries to take it but Sanskar holds. Sanskar hears Ragini and Laksh talkings. Sanskar removes it and says what is this Laksh u and Ragini were lovers and these recordings. Laksh says Bhai I heard songs only I think u played something give me that and he tries to go. Sanskar says Lucky I know ur watch is with Ragini only now tell me what is the connection. Laksh says Bhai its an old story it is good if we don’t talk about this. And he leaves. Sanskar calls Swara but her phone is engaged.

In Swara room
Akira calls Swara and their phone conversation.
Swara: Akira tell me did u get any information.
Akira: Swara u don’t believe this u know business magnet Mr. Sanskar.
Swara: Yeah Akira I know u don’t allow the press to take his photos but what is the connection
Akira: Hey fool this senior only that business magnet now come to skype I will show u all details.
Swara: ok and she opens the skype.

Swara says Akira what are u saying how he can be. Akira says now only got all his details he did schooling in delhi public school and college in Mumbai. Swara says wait Akira does he have any friends. Akira says Yeah he had a frnd when he did MBA in our city but he is school boy studied in….. Swara says the heritage school. Akira says yeah Swara his name is Jignesh Prasad. Swara says how they were friends. Akira says that school boy is an orphan when senior was in Mumbai na he gone to an orphanage there he met Jignesh and they were like brothers and shows her the adaptation details. She says this senior na he adopted that boy and sponsored his studies and one more thing Swara Sanskar bought a company on Jignesh name. Swara says Akira if he is the top most business man then y he is studying in our college. She says Swara I got to know that Jignesh while studying 12th he loved a girl madly and that girl rejected him so he jumped from the terrace. Swara remembers the incident. Akira says all thought that he is dead but he is alive and is in coma Sanskar doesn’t want anyone to know about it and he is searching for that girl so he joined our college and it is obvious no one know about him that he is business man so he got seat and he is doing the business secretly not even his family know about it. Swara says Akira we have to be careful he should not know that we know all the details about him. Akira says Ok and be careful tomorrow we will meet in the canteen ad cuts the call. Swara says so this Sanskar is behind me to fulfil his revenge for his brother but Sanskarji u made one big mistake by relieving me from the shock so now u see my game Mr. Sanskar Maheswari I am going to play ur tantrums.

To be continued……

Credit to: Rini

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  1. So goood…. today epi…. and im waiting for ur nxt chapter rini…

  2. Wow!superb…swara’s character is shaped well…good to see her boldness…I like this ff vvvv much…pls update next part soon…it is interesting…

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  5. Woooooooooooow wonderful. Hope Sanskar learns a good lesson.

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  12. wow, wow ,wow just superb… when u revealed that sanskaar had come to take revenge wid swara, then I thought that she will again get hurt but u changed the track. its awesome and make swara to teach lesson to sanskaar.

  13. Just loved it I am very very eager to read the next
    But I have a doubt was laksh hearing his and ragini love talk and was pretending to listen to music

    1. Yes priya he love her even now and Ragini doesnt speak to him So Laksh records there talks and hears. He cries hearing it if anyone see him they doubt so he pretends to hear music

  14. I am very very eager to read the next
    But I have a doubt was laksh hearing his and ragini love talk and was pretending to listen to music
    but ur ff is the best

  15. loads of love…. waiting for her mission… thumbs up…

  16. Mouni Godavari

    Wow swara you are great

    frenkly speaking when I got to know that sanky is going to take revenge I was lil upset wid it was similar to many stories but after reading today ‘s epi..that swara is not “Bichari” in ur ff..I am in love with ur ff..thanks a lot dear for this ff..I am very excited to know about upcoming story..plz update soon..

  18. Omg.. It is such a good story..i just love this

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