Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 16)

In the college café

Swasan comes to café and sees Akira sleeping. Swara wakes her up and asks why u r sleeping here Akira. She says its so long plz minimize romance I am waiting here. Swara says Ok I will get something for us when she leaves Sanskar gets a call from someone and he gets serious hearing. Swara comes and ask Sanskarji what happened u look so worried. He says nothing Shona I have an important work so I will leave and he goes. Akira says suddenly a call came he became worried and left its strange Swara. Swara thinks he doesn’t have any contacts other than Lucky then…. She says Akira u go to home I will call u later and she leaves. Akira says these two r just crazy. Swara follows Sanskar in her cycle. He reaches a hospital which is away from city. Swara wonders y he came here that to away from city. She follows Sanskar and he goes into ICU. Swara tries to see but a nurse came and ask about.
Swara: nurse who is admitted here

Nurse: its a coma patient I think for 3 years.
Swara: then who is this guy is he any relative
Nurse: yeah he is the patients brother he only sponsored his medication.
Swara peeks into the door glass and sees Jignesh lieing in the bed and Sanskar besides him holding his hand. Swara walks from there resembling about Sanskar his concern , his words and says Sanskar ji and Jignesh r brothers and Jignesh he is in coma what is happening around me. Sanskar comes out and weeps his tears. The nurse who talked to Swara says Sir girl came here and enquired about u and patient. Sanskar goes towards the gate but Swara leaves in her cycle.

In Garodia house

Swara enters the kitchen and asks Sumi what is the special today. Sumi says first u go and change ur dress darling. Dida comes there and says rockstar how was ur practice. Swara says all cool rockstar now I will go and change my dress. Dida says Sumi Shona is disturbed about something. Sumi says nothing maa stop ur detective work and help me. In the room Swara calls Akira
Akira: Yes Swara tell me have u reached save.
Swaa: I am ok Akira first of I want exact details about Sanskar from his schooling, friends favourite place etc etc I want it today eveing.
Akira: what happened Swara r u alright is there any problem
Swara: first collect the details and call me and she cuts the call. In a fist of rage Swara opens Ragini’s cupboard and her box falls down. She picks it up and sees all Laksh things. Swara says to herself first I have to clear jiji’s matter.

In the farm house

Sanskar enters a room it is dark and one small bulb which gives light to the whole room. He press a button and a board came which is full of Swara’s photos. He lights up the cigarette and says so Swara Garodia is been so long I am smoking like this u played with my brother’s emotion but I am going play with ur life which will be unforgettable for u Darling and laughs evilly.

To be continued evilly…….

Credit to: Rini


  1. geethu

    So sad. Sanskar evil ?. Bechari Swara. If Jignesh jumped off the terace, then how is it Swara’s fault. This is really stupid. Doesnt Swara even have the right to choose her life partner? Afterall its her life. Anyways rinigood going. Waiting for next epi

  2. sindhuja

    what a twist yaar… you killed me… for few days, i thought what was going on? swasan relationship was going on so smoothly…. something was missing… now you filled the gap…
    *applause* *evil smirk* continue soon… if possible, give the next update today itself…

    • Rini

      sorry ahana but making a smooth love story will not be so good so i made this twist but soon Swasan will be one

  3. bhuvi

    Hey rini… Its really good episode… Don’t make swara as dumb character… I mean swara should find the truth of sans revenge plan before marriage itself….n call off marriage… Not like other ff where swara get to know sans true face after marriage…

  4. Piya

    hey , i am a silent reader of your FF but todays twist made me to speak , you are such a great writer rini thanks for such an FF.

  5. Rini

    thank u guys for ur wonderful support and giving ur precious time to read my story and commenting . So keep commenting so that I will give u good stories

  6. Hari

    will swara be coming to know abt sanskar real face… will she be heartbroken no that cant happen pls do update the next part soon

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.