Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 15)


In the morning
Swara gets ready in a blue colour dancing suit and ties a pony tail. Swara sees Laksh’s watch and thinks who watch is this it’s a gents watch so lets ask Papa and goes down. Ragini comes out of washroom wearing orange salwar and combs her hair thinking about Laksh. Her reflection says Ragini what is this u r thinking about that idiot comeon yaar he is ur past and u forgot about him then again what is this. Ragini says this is called remembering the pain, I holding myself from falling for him again so for that I have to think about him so stop scolding me and go from here and the reflection fades.

Swara comes to Sumi and asks about Shekar. Sumi says he went to office so early why Shona. Swara says nothing Sumi maa I am going to college and I will be late ok see u bye. Swara comes to the parking area and sees her cycle and remembers how she came around whole the city. She cleans her cycle it’s a pink lady bird. She came to main gate and saw Sanskar already waiting for her. Sanskar sees her and ask how long u girls do makeup. Swara says hey Sanskarji I am Swara don’t mess with me. Sanskar says achaa then lets keep a race who reaches the college first can ask whatever they want. Swara says then ok u don’t know what can Shona do. They starts the race from Garodia house. Swara took all the shortcuts to reach the college. She reaches college and waits for Sanskar. After ten minutes Sanskar comes running. Swara laughs and says Sanskarji I have already told u na don’t mess with me so accept ur defeat ji. Sanskar drags Swara by holding her waist. Swara gets sudden shock. She stammers and says ji what r u doing this is college leave me. Sanskar whispers something. Swara turns and sees Sanskar car already in the parking area. Sankar says what do u think that I came after no my Darling Shona (by pinching her nose) I am waiting here for past 30 minutes. I went to café to eat something so u have to do whatever I ask u he tells this with a naughty smile.

Swara is in extreme anger thinks that If he something like that then…… oh God plz help me now I have to become like innocent Shona to escape from him. Sanskar ask what are thinking Shona. Swara says ji who are y u r talking to me that time Akira comes there. Akira says hey Swara is this u am I dreaming r what. Sanskar says Akira y u didn’t came for college. Akira says that was a big story anyways I saw both of ur names on the notice board. Swara says yes Akira me and ji r going to dance for cultural competition. Akira says uff Swara u didn’t leave that ji language anyways I going for classes. Sansakr says don’t u know anything Akira for thi one week there wil be no classes. Akira says then its ok I will see how u both dance.

In dance room
Swara and Sanskar starts to dance on Kannala Kannala (the melting point of Love) song. Sanskar while spinning Swara says Darling Shona I know u r acting to escape from me but I will see u in ur house. Swara says ji I will not be in the house tomorrow what will u do Sanky ji. The stops and all clap for them. Akira says guys u both r just awesome come lets go to café. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand from the back and says Akira u go and order something we will come soon. Akira says Ok come soon and she leaves smiling.
Swara: Plz leave my hand
Sanskar: y Shona r u afraid of me and turns her towards him. They r so close and Sanskar caresses her hair.
Sanskar : how did u know my pet name
Swara : Its top secret Sanky ji and smiles. He sees Laksh’s watch in her hand.
Sanskar: where did u got this watch Shona

Swara: oh this one I got on jiji table
Sanskar: what its is impossible hey this is Laksh watch.
Swara: what jiji and Laksh yeah Sanky ji when I was stdying 11th one guy always call our house and ask about jiji his name also Laksh.
Sanskar: I think they have some connection we have to find it. Ok will u become my partner.
Swara: for my jiji.
Sanskar: don’t forget about the bet I will take it from u on Diwali
Swara hits him and runs.

Precap : Swasan gets the box from Raglak cupboard.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Awww plzzzz dr stop this ji language yaar…. story wad too gud

  2. No raglak moments today…..swasan whr really good.

  3. Superb episode… N my al time favourite song.. Semma song…

  4. Kalakitinga .. enaku romba rombaaaa pidicha song. Semma

  5. nice dr…

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