Choti si pyaar choti si dard- (Episode 11)


Next Morning Sumi wearing Yellow saree and Swara wearing Pink lehenga comes to Mata rani temple. Annapurna also comes there as she got all details about Swara and to meet her. Swara goes to round the temple and Annapurna comes to Sumi and says are u Swara’s mother. Sumi says yes and u. Ap says I am Sanskar’s mother. Sumi says thank u so much because of Sanskar only we got our Swara back. Ap says Sanskar also told about Swara I want to meet her. Sumi calls Swara and she comes. Ap gets happy to see Swara. Swara gets blessing from her. Ap says Sanskar always talk about u and he ask me y u call him ji. Swara smiles and blushes. Sumi sees this and calls Ap to a side. Sumi says Apji we r so happy to meet u and Sanskar. Ap says its Ok Sumiji u should all come to our house for lunch tomorrow. Sumi says we will come and they all leave.

In the college
Swara comes to the college in an dashing gown and all the boys opened their mouth with big excitement. Sanskar who is talking with the Prof sees coming Swara coming towards him. Sanskar excuses himself goes to her. When they walk towards eachother the hearts gets attracted and the sun rays fall on them making their breath mingle with eachother. Sanskar says what a change over Darling……sssssss Shona. Swara says Sanskarji today I have gone to temple so that’s y this special dress. Sanskar is anything special. She says Yes but I will tell u when get me coffee and winks at him. Sanskar says I liked the old Shona than u and runs from there. Swara tries to catch him but collides with a Senior. Swara says sorry ji. Senior says ur the one who rocked the freshers party. Sanskar comes back and says come lets go we have classes but the Senior stops him and says hey Mr. Romeo wait we r talking na where u r taking and tries to hold her hand. Sanskar says leave her hand. Senior says else what and pushes Sanskar and tries to misbehave with Swara. Sanskar punches him hard on his face and he falls down. Sanskar was a boxing champion in his School and College days. All ran from there and he turns to see Swara gone.

In the medical camp
Ragini sees the changed behavior of Laksh towards her. Swathi says what happened to this head weight he is behaving so strangely. Ragini says I think God tightened one of his srew and laughs. Laksh smiles seeing Ragini laughing. Ankit sees this and says Josh I think this Lucky is going to trapped by Ragini. Laksh hears this and thinks this happening because of u Ragini we have bitter past but my heart started beating for u I don’t when this happened but the pain u r giving me I like to bear it for life. Ragini sees Laksh staring continuously and thinks Laksh I know we have bitter past I wanted u to be with me for all life whenever I see u my heart aches and the pain u r giving me is like a hell. Tears roll down from her eyes.

In the night
Swara is thinking about Sanskar. Sanskar restless and says y she did not meet me in the evening. He gets an idea and calls Swara. Swara takes the call and acts like sleeping.
Swara: han ji tell me y did u call me in this late night.
Sanskar: to dance with u I am every angry with u
Swara: I know because I didnt meet in the evening I saw in the pressure cooker state so thought to cool u down.
Sanskar: but I am again in that mode what will do
Swara: tomorrow I have surprise for u.
Sanskar : stop joking Shona tomorrow Sunday what will u do.
Swara : Wait and Watch ji and cuts the call.

In the medical camp
It is there last night stay and all are playing truth and dare game. Laksh turn come and Swathi ask say what ur heart thinks now. Laksh looks at Ragini and says I have bitter past with someone who is close to my heart but I want say that bitter past can be hidden by a Sweet future and I want that person to become my Sweet present and future. Ragini looks at Laksh and their bitter past flashes before them.

Guys all know that Love is complicated but the Love which from the heart soul will wash out all our past and doesn’t make our future bitter. Understanding and trust r the two basic elements in a love. We love once in our life but one wrong decision ca make our life without love.

Precap : Bitter past and Marriage arrangement.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. nice epi

  2. Hey rini… Ur ff is really gud…. And loved swaras innocent awtar in d beginning as well as her ji ji lang…. Raglak are cool…. Pls cont… And try to uplode everyday…. Exited for next episode…. Way to go rini…. All the best

    1. And don’t make swara too bold … She was really gud in innocent awtar

  3. Hey rini… Ur ff is really gud…. And loved swaras innocent awtar in d beginning as well as her ji ji lang…. Raglak are cool…. Pls cont… And try to uplode everyday…. Exited for next episode…. Way to go.. All the best

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  13. super…
    swara calling sanskar as ji is cute..

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