Choti si pyaar choti si dard (Episode 1)


One fine morning a cool breeze played with the leaves of the trees. The birds chuckled with sweet voice. It was a rainy season. A girl is seen wearing blue long skirt and white slevee top writing something in her dairy. She says Lets see if this morning gives me any surprise. She eyes her mothers photo and says Mom today is my birthday. Every birthday u left me a letter which has your dream to see me as bride and a doctor also. She jumps off the window. Down A woman is seen doing puja and calls everyone. A middle aged man come and calls Purni. She turns and give him prasad. His name is Kishore Khanna. He asked where is my darling today is her first day of college. Purni turns and says she will be talking to her mother and leaves.

What happened to her and calls the girl. Her name is saved as Poonam. Poonam cuts the call. She goes to a mental aslyum where her mother stays. She goes to the room and remembered her sweet times with her Mom and takes her blessing. Her mother sit still. Poonam says Mom today is my bday plz blz me I am going to make ur dream come true. She cries. Her mother keeps her hand on her head. Poonam gets happy and hugs her. She instruct the nurse and leaves to college.

In the college
Poonam saw the college with much dream in her eyes. She goes inside. One dashing car came across her. She scolds the driver. Her dad gets down. He says Darling y did u left the house. Poonam says I wanted to meet Mom so I went there whats the big deal. Kishore says I am safe guarding u from her she tried to kill u. Poonam says plz dad I am not a fool to believe like Anand. Anand gets down wearing a suit. He is her brother. He says is this the way u talk to elders. She says sorry Bhaiya but I am not intetested in any of ur lectures. Anand fumes and says Ok fine come dad lets go and leaves. Poonam goes to admission counter and asked gor a form but a guy snatches it from her. She angrily ask Excuse me it is my form. He says so wat now it is mine So take another one. He was hot, s*xy with well developed muscles and all girls fall for him. Poonam says hey u whatever dont u have any common sense. He comes to her and says hey Miss dont u dare to raisr ur eye infront of me. He friends call him Rohan. They ask him what are you doing with this dezi girl. Rohan says she is teaching me common sense. Poonam says hey dont u dare tease me else. Rohan ask else what. She says u will face the consequences. She asked for another form and leaves. Rohan frdz Charlie and Jaggu says hey Rohan she is the first girl to insult u and fill his ears. Rohan says she will know who the Rohan Pandey is and leaves with his gang.

Precap: Rohan ragging Poonam

Hey guyz I am already writing a ff on Swaragini and this is another one on my own sense read and plz comment.

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  1. Rini nice start yaar….

  2. Awww ragging bad manners na

  3. nice start rini.dear it is not choti si is chota sa dard..sorry if I hurt u…

    1. Thaks ruby I am a tamilian I learnt hindi by watching serials only

      1. welcome dr and thnx u didn’t take my words wdongly 🙂 I am from Kerala dr

    2. Ok Ruby thats nice to meet u

  4. Nyc start dr 🙂

  5. hey rini.. I m too a tamilian buddy.. 🙂 from Coimbatore… and I too learnt Hindi by watching movies and serials. 🙂 same pinch

  6. Rini dear, very nice start, interesting plot, keep it up buddyyy and please update the next episode soon, eagerly waiting, love you loads

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