Chosen one- SwaSan ff chapter 1

In a cave in a deep forest. Group of men standing around a small rock.

“That girl has to come and lit the lamp in this coming full moon day. Otherwise, we have to see end of this world.”

“No. this shouldn’t happen. We don’t know where is she. Who will bring her?”

Two people talk. Then one guy raise his voice,

“I will bring..!”

All look at him. He is Sanskar.

“I will bring her before full moon.” Tells Sanskar.

“But, how will you identify her?”

“She has a mark on her neck..!” Head says.

Sanskar nods his head and leaves to bring that girl.


In a house,

A girl is mopping the floor. But a boy is walking here and there and making the floor dirty again. That girl has mark on neck. She is Swara.

Misty comes and sees the floor is dirty. She clutches swara’s hair and slaps her.

“Mop properly..!” She shouts.?

Swara, “maa, I’m cleaning. But Sahil bhayya stepped again.” ?

Misty holds her face and shakes her, “don’t blame my son you dirty girl..! Clean house..!” She pushes swara. Swara falls on floor. ?
She doesn’t cry because, this kind of treatment has become common to her from her childhood.

Uttara just comes from college and sits in sofa. legs are paining..! She shouts.

“Oye swara devil. Go and press uttara’s legs.” Misty shouts.

Swara leaves milk bowl on stove and goes near Uttara to press her legs. She is pressing her legs, the milk on stove over flows.

Misty takes a belt and beats Swara. Swara shouts in pain. Twice in a month, this belt treatment is common for her.

So, imagine how hell her life will be. Swara’s mom Janaki is dead then Shekar married Misty. Misty and her children utara and sahil made her life hell.

All family eats food. Swara at last has to eat what is left. That day nothing is left. She is very hungry. She sleeps on floor like that only. She doesn’t even have bedsheet to cover. ?
Her dress have rags she is shivering for cold and that too she is hungry. She can’t handle hunger anymore. She walks near dinning table and takes a biscuit packet.

She remembers angry face of misty again and keeps it back..but just then Misty comes.

“How dare you to rob biscuit packet..!!”

“No maa, i just kept it back..”

Misty heats a spoon on stove and brings it near her.

Swara pleads her… please maa…

Misty moves her dress from shoulder and keeps it on her shoulder. Swara shouts in pain… Shekar sleeps peacefully as he is in his wife’s control.

Swara sits in a corner and cries. She can’t keep her dress back on shoulder as it’s burning.

“I can’t stay here anymore..!” She thinks. She comes out of house.

She keeps walking on road alone looking into darkness.

Sanskar just happened to come there. He was looking here and there. He didn’t see Swara. She didn’t see Sanskar.

He suddenly collides with swara, she is about to fall sanskar holds her by waist telling sorry. She faints in his hands. Sanskar gets mesmerized looking at Swara. She is so cute, innocent…

Then he sees the mark on her neck. He smiles and carries her on shoulder to the forest.

Swara opens her eyes….

She is shocked….

She is in a cave…and she is on big soft bed…. two girls are waving fans both sides of her…

She gets scared and runs out… then people there starts falling on her feet.
She is confused a lot…

Then a head comes near her. He explains everything to her. Swara feels strange.

Then Sanskar comes and talks with Swara.

“I have saved you….”

But swara was thinking something…

What happened…? He asks.

I don’t know. Till now, I didn’t get any love. But, I’m surprised to see all your people love. If you wouldn’t have purpose with me, even you wouldn’t have loved me. Nobody loves me….

She says and goes into cave. Sanskar looks on…

That night,

Maids bring lots of varieties for Swara to eat.

Swara hesitates to eat first as she never ate anything at home and Misty always bet her. “Can I eat them??” She asks.

Maids nod head. Swara eats all of them hurriedly. Sanskar feels sad looking at her.

“I have to give her true love…” he thinks.

Swara feels pain in her shoulder. A maid moves cloth from her shoulder and see a burn mark.

That maid says to head and Sanskar about it. They feel sad for swara.

“I would like to marry Swara after this mission” says Sanskar. Head agrees happily.


Hai guys… hope u all know me.

Plz tell me how is this ff, so that i will continue….

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