Hii frndzz i am eku and again i came back with an ss on Swasan and Ragsan it is of only.two shots the first one is i am giving and next one will be depend on ur comments if u comment more then it will be earlier and if the comment is less then i will think to continue it…So enjoy and plzz comment if u like it.

A boy is came from new york to his home and everyone is very happy.He is sanskar..Sanskar Malhotra the grt business tycoon and the son of famous businessmen Ram Malhotra..

Let me introduce everyone in sanskar family..
1.Ram the father of sanskar..
2.Sujata the mother of the sanskar
3.Durgaprasad is the bade papa of sanskar and his wife name is Annapurna..
4. Deendayal Malhotra the grandfather of sanskar and sanskar loves him the most he is laadla of him..
5.Raju sharma the manager of the house he keeps eye on every person and in house any problem came he will solve it..But he have a childhood problem he winks unecessarily and everyone misunderstands him and sometime he got slap for this from some girls..

Everyone hugs him one by one and welcomes him at last the turn of his dadaji came and deendayal says
Dada- Sanskar what i say to u did u bought??
San smiles- Yess dadaji..
Dada- So why r u standing here let’s go inside the room??
And he drags him inside the room..

Dada- Aree bring sweets..
Sanskar bought sweets for his dada ji becoz he have diabeties..
San- Dada ji but only one doctor have strictly forbid by doctor..
Dada- Aree doctor ki aisi ki taisi..u bring sweets..
And sanky gives the sweet..
Suddenly room door open and everyone came inside and shout on sanskar and dadaji..Then to avoid everyones question dada says
Dada- Arre sanskar is ready for marriage thats why i am eating sweets..
San gives death glare to his dadaji and says u r impossible look and dada ji makes pout..Everyone is very much happy..

Then after somedays sanskar goes in his frnds wedding and there he meet swara and fall in love with her they have a dance face off also but a problem came..

@Swasan conversation
San- hii u dance very well..
Swa smiles- Thanx..
San tensedly- I want to talk with u..
Swa- Say..
San- U r looking very beautiful..
Swa widen her eyes but normally says- Thank u..
San- And u r..
Suddenly a 1 year old boy comes and call swara mom..Swara picks him in her embrace and says
Swa- Aaaauu..mera baccha..
Sanskar shockedly- This is ur son..
Swa- yess..u have any doubt??

San-No where is ur hubby??
Swa- woh actually he is army officer so now he is on border..By the way u r saying something na..
San thinks in mind- Now what i say first time i fall in love and she also is married and on that with army officer..Nikal le beta sanskar army wali ke biwi se panga nhi lena hai..
Swa- where r u lost?
San- no where..i am just saying that ur son is too cute what is his name…
Swa- Siddhant..
San- oh ok bye see u later..

Swa laughs whole heartedly and her bhabhi came to her.
Bhabhi- What happen swara why r u laughing?
Swa- Bhabhi a boy came to me for flirting and thinks siddhant as my son..Bhabhi u just once see his face..when i told him as my son his face is become yellow.Hahaha..
Bhabhi- Swara u never change na unnecessarily u irritate that boy u should told him na that he is my son not urs..
Swa- oh bhabhi just chill..

Then other day sanskar with his dadaji goes to see girl for sanskar marriage..
It is the same girl swara.They came to swara’s house..Both swara and his bhabhi came at hall sanskar see swara coming downstairs he become happy but same time he is feeling sad by seeing swara’s bhabhi becoz sanskar thinks that his dadaji is fixing his marg with his bhabhi becoz he thinks that swara is married.But he don’t know that the girl which is choosen by his dadaji is swara..His dada ji ask casual ques to swara and swara is answering very immpressively..But our sanskar is confused he is asking question to her bhabi..Swara is laughing slowly slowly..Again dadaji ask swara question now sanskar said in dadaji ears..

San- Dada ji why r u asking question from swara ask question from her na..
Dada-Aree why r u intreseted in knowing the thoughts of his bhabhi..
San- bhabhi..
Then only a servant came and handovers the same boy in his bhabhi’s hand..All misunderstandings cleared and swara is laughing..Then their marriage got fixed and in some day they got married..
Then after some months swara gets pregnant everyone is very happy at sanskar home.And sanskar he is super duper happy and excited..Everybody cares of swara very much.All the family memebers are very happy and treat swara as their own daughter.. It 8 month completed of swara’s pregnancy.. One day all r playing cricket and swara is sitting and watching…Just then the ball come near swara and she says i will give it..She bends down and took the ball as she is going to throw the ball her legs slip and she falls on the ground and her tummy got injured and she shouts badly everyone came and took her to hospital..After sometime doctor come out by examine and says
Doc- I am sorry we can’t save the child its got dead in tummy only..And i am very sorry that now swara will never necome mom its miscarriage…Excuse me..

Sanskar sits on the ground with a thud..he is not responding and tears are flowing down from his eyes..
Suj- Beta control urself.i know this is very big thing but if u will broke then swara who will handle swara..
San stands up and directly goes to swara room..
Swa- Sanskar where is our child??
San tears comes down from his eyes and says- Swara..our child is no more..
Swara is utter shocked and cries hugging sanskar..

3 months spend like this now swara don’t talk very much her naughtiness and bubbliness all r vanished and her face is now become dull & pale.Sanskar watch this and feels very sad..One day swara calls sanskar to talk
Swa cries- Sanskar..I am very bad this family gave me so much happiness and i am not able to give the happiness of the family..I am very bad..And she cry whole heartedly..
San- No swara u r very good and u will see everything will be fine..
Swa- No sanskar..Sanskar u do 2nd marg.I am useless sanskar..
San shouts- Shut up swara..never say like this again u know na how much i love u..Everything will be fine and u r not useless u r a precious gift from god to me..And he hugs her and tears roll down from his eyes..
Swa- Sanskar one thing we can do..
Swa- If any other women will agree to give child to us then our problem will solve..
San-yess swara u r right but who will ready for this..

Then after somedays sanskar goes to switzerland for some office work..

When he reaches there and does his work..In his mind continuosly the swara’s talk is coming..So he can’t focus on his work and get out of his ofc.He is walking on road fastly and he is totally in his thoughts..Just then he bump with a girl.The girl falls on the ground she is holding a 2-3 packets which also falls down and sanskar comes out of his thoughts..
San(in english)- I am really sorry miss..I didn’t see u coming..
Girl replies-Abbey o chikney andha hai kya(stupid chikney..are u blind)
San confused-Chikney who is chikney..
Girl-Abbey u r only chikney..
San-See i have a very good name so call me by that name only..
Girl- No i will call u chikney only..
San- Excuse me miss..
Girl-Excuse me ke bacche u spoilt my all food items..
San- I am really sorry..

Girl- U r only know to say sorry
Sanskar gives an don’t know expression..
Girl-For so long time i am falling on this ground and u r not offering ur hand for my help..
San hurriedly offers his hand and the girl stands up she is wearing a pink & black crop top with a mini skirt which is hardly covering her thighs..And she is chewing a gum and she is wearing a goggles on her eyes..Sanskar stared her..
Girl- What r u seeing haan??U never see a girl haan..
San- No i mean..Did u get hurt somewhere??
Girl-yess..And give me money for hospitalisation..

San- But where u got hurt??
Girl- I will not be able to show u..
San- ok..
And he takes out his wallet and gives some money to her..
Then she says she had a fracture in her leg so she can’t walk..
Sanskar booked a cab for her and pays bill also..
San- Now happy..some other work is also left then tell me..
Girl angrily- No…Ok take this card if u ever want my help i will help u..Becoz u helped me..
And she goes from there..

Sanskar see the card and the name is written RAGINI SHARMA and her address..
San- Ragini..would she really help me??

Precap- Sanskar goes to ragini..

So guyz done with this shot and next one i will upload earlier if the comments are more so fastly comment…

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