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Shot-2(Last part)
Sanskar tells his manager to get all information about ragini..And after some days manager comes to him with information.
Manager- Sir…This girl name is ragini her age is 24-25 years and sir she is a sl*t and she lives in the red light street area and works in a dance bar..
San- Ok now u go..
Then sanskar goes to that club where ragini works and brought her with him by giving money to that club manager..
Sanskar brought ragini to the hotel in which he is staying..
Rag- oye chikney why u bought me here??
San- Listen I want a help from u..
Rag- Help!!! Which kind of help??
Sanskar tells everything to ragini andshe says
Rag- Oh hello!! Did i look mad to u haan go and find some other girl i will not do this..And i will not help u..
San- I will give u 50 lakh rupee..
Rag- Just go..
San- 1 crore..
Rag widen her eyes by listening the price money but she controls her emotions and says- U r mad haan i said na no..
San- 5 crore..
Rag is just in the verge of fainting and says- Stop stop!! Don’t go more far otherwise i will be unconscious..Ok i will do it but on one condition..
San- what??
Rag-U have to give 50 lakh rupees to me now..
San- ok..
And he broughts the money bag..Ragini just opens it and is happy and excited by seeing this much money..
San- Ok now u rest.I am going..
Rag seeing towards the money- Ok go go..
And she spreads all the money on bed and sleeps on that..Sanskar see this and says she is really mad..
Then he calls swara..
San- Hello swara..
Swa- Yaa sanskar tell..
San- Swara I got a girl who is ready to give our child..
Swa happily- What..omg i can’t believe this sanskar.Tell me this is not dream na.Our child sanskar.Who is that girl i want to thanx her..
San see towards ragini- Actually she is sleeping..
Swa- Ok sanskar i can’t wait after 2 days i am coming to switzerland and then i will meet to her.By the way that girl is well mannered na..
San- Haan..yaa swara she is very well mannered..
Swa- ok bye love u sanskar..
San- Love u too swara bye..

@sanskar pov
What u did sanskar u said lie to swara now when swara came here and see ragini like this then she will hate u..I have to make ragini well mannered which is very tough task..uffff..

Then in two days sanskar make ragini well mannered but he can’t change her language. Now only she talks in tapori language..Swara came to switzerland and sanskar and ragini goes to receive her..
Swa- Sanskar where is ragini?
San- There she is..
And it is seen that ragini is coming in white shirt with black jeans and black coat and her hairs are open..
Swara smlies seeing her but she had some doubts..Sanskar is signing to ragini from his eyes to say hello to swara..But ragini doesn’t understand..
Swara see this and now her doubts more arises..
Then they goes towards their bungalow which is in switzerland only and ragini see this and says
Rag in tapori language- big bunglow is this??
Swara now fully understand and sanskar give death glare to ragini..
Swa- Sanskar u hide her character very well..
San pouts- I am sorry..
Swa laughs and puts her hand on sanky cheeks and says- Don’t worry i came na i will change her..

Then as this days are spend and now its 1 month and now ragini has changed very much now she is well mannered and talks very well and all her bad habits like smoking & drinking all r gone…Ragini now started liking sanskar..And day by day her attraction is increasing towards sanskar..One day they all gone for shopping and just then in shopping mall annoucement is heard that after 1 hour there is chances for heavy snowfall becoz of which the roads are blocked..
Swa- Sanskar u go with ragini in the car becoz in one hour there is heavy rainfall..
San worriedly- But swara u..
Swa- Sanskar i came here several times and i will come in cab so take ragini with u she is new in this place..
Rag- But swara ur safety..
Swa- Don’t take tension of mine u both just go come on..
And they both leaves the mall lefting swara behind..

After some times sanskar call swara..
San worriedly- Swara where are u.. u said that u will come with cab then..
Swa- relax sanskar..I intentionally send u both alone becoz i want that u both will spend some time alone and u don’t take tension i will return tommorow morning ok..
San- so u intentionally do this ok bye..
Swa sadly- bye..
Ragini is standing there and she ask
Rag- what happen where is swara??
San- woh actually becoz of snowfall the road is blocked so she will come tommorow..
Rag- ok..
San- ok u go and sleep..
Rag- hmmm..
After sometime sanskar see that ragini’s room light is on so he goes in to the room..Ragini is sitting on the bed..Sanskar goes and sits on the ground and holds ragini’s hand..
San- Ragini..I love my wife very much..And i don’t think that in my life anyone can take her place..I am very thankful to u..but i will not be able to give u that love which i gave to swara..Hope u understand..
And he stands up and started going just then ragini held his hands..
Rag- u know sanskar when i was small my mom used to tell me that some day ur prince will come and take u in the white horse and make u as ur princess..I am also very much happy by listening these story and somewhere i started dreaming about this but when i grown up i started realising that its all lie this will happen in stories only not in real life..And see in the place of white horse the big big white car came in front of me and from inside many prince also came but no one had come to take me out from that hell..No one came to make me as his princess but u..u came and take me out from that hell.And i am very thankful to u..Tears started rolling down from her eyes..Sanskar wipes her tears and ragini hugs him..Sanskar gives a kiss on his forehead and says good night..Then after that when ragini falls asleep he gone from there..

Then at morning when swara came both ragsan comes out from different rooms..Sanskar hurriedly goes and hugs swara and says
San- u are alright na??
Swa smiles and hugs him back and says yess i am fine..

Then some days spend like this and swara tries to bring ragsan closer..Ragini is now fall in love with sanskar but she hides it becoz she knows that sanskar loves swara very much..Sanskar tries hard but he loves swara very much and he is very loyal to her but one day ragsan consummated and after some months Ragini is pregnant..

Swara is very much happy and thanx ragini very much then sanskar calls to his home and tells everybody that swara is pregnant..There also evreryone is happy and distributing sweets…
Time passes like this now its 5 months is going on and swara takes care of ragini very much..Now ragini tummy is visible out and she is looking like a pregnant women..Swara tells ragini about every family members and says i am very lucky that i got this type of family..Everyday swara takes out the clothes of sanskar from the wardrobe and get him ready for office and its habbit of sanskar that whenever swara makes him ready he kisses on his foreheads..Ragini see all this daily and admire them..One day swara is knitting flour and sanskar is going to ofc by waving bye…just then ragini comes with tie and showed it to swara that he forgets to wear..Swara says ragini to go and give him tie..
Ragini goes out and calls sanskar..Sanskar comes and ragini ties the tie knot on his neck and thinks that now sanskar will kiss me as like swara..But sanskar goes from there and ragini feels sad but he stops and turns and hold the cheeks of ragini and says bye..
Ragini smiles and says bye..

One day for giving surprise all family members came to switzerland..Swasan are shocked..Swara hurriedly ties pillow on his tummy and it looks like she is pregnant and comes out..Everyone is very much happy..Ragini is standing far from them and watching happily..
Suddenly raju eyesight falls on ragini and he winks and in return ragini also winks..Raju is shocked and says
Raju- Who is she??
Everyone see towards ragini and ask then swara says
Swa- woh actually she is ragini..She is the wife of sanskar’s frnd her husband is out of town so she came here to live with us actually she is also pregnant na.
Suj- oh u done very good ragini that u came here and by the way in pregnacy the women should not live alone..hmm
Ragini smiles and says namaste to everyone by telling correct relation..
Dadaji- Beta how u know us??
Rag- woh actually dada ji swara used to tell me about u all..
Dada laughs- ohh ok ok..

Then after some months they return to india with ragini..Ragini is now become familiar to everyone and evryone treats her as their own daughter ragini is very much happy but somewhere she is sad swara consider ragini as her small sister and sujata and annapurna showed motherly love to her everyone cares of ragini as well as swara…Sanskar cares about ragini but he doesn’t love her..

Then its half 8 months and god bharai of swara..Everyone is busy in preperations of god bharai and suj comes to swara by bringing the dress which she have to wear.
Suj- Beta this is the dress get ready and come fast hmm..
Swa- ok mom..
Suj- Beta one thing more this is very auspicious day for u and for ur child.On this day u will get blessings of everyone as well as god hmm..So be ready and come fast..
Swa smiles and nods in yess..
Sanskar comes inside the room and Swasanrag all the three are presnt
Swa- Sanskar maa had said that this is very auspicious day for the child and her mother.So how can i sit in this pooja??
San- But swara then who will sit?
Swa- Ragini will sit becoz she is pregnant and its very good for our child..
San- But how??
Swa- See their is veil on ragini’s face so no one will understand that behind veil i am is there or ragini..
San- Ok so get ready ragini becoz everyone is waiting hmm..
And he goes from there and swara makes ready ragini..
After sometime some ladies come to take swara but swara is not opening the door..Sanskar see this and he goes inside the room..
San- what happen ragini is ready or not??
Swa- Yesss only this mangalsutra is left..
Then again the ladies knock the door..
San- U go and hide somewhere and give me this mangalsutra..
Swa- ok…Swara goes from there..
Rag- Sanskar this is right or wrong..
San- Don’t take tension hmm we all r doing this for this child and for u ok..
Then again ladies is going to enter in the room..
Sanskar hurriedly makes wear the mangalsutra to ragini and covers her face with veil..Ragini is shocked and touches the mangalsutra..
Then the ladies come and takes ragini from there considering her as swara and swara is hiding in the room..

Ragini makes sit in the center of the hall and everyone is enjoying and dancing and function starts..Swara’s bhabhi came and blessed ragini considering her swara..
Bhabhi- Aree swara ur mehendi is very dark i think sanskar loves u very much..
In ragini’s eyes tears forms and she closes her eyes and it falls on her hand and she closes her hand..The song plays..plzz guyzz read the lines of song..

Bandh mutthi mein dil ko chupaye baithe hain
Hai bahana ke Mehndi lagaye baithe hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi
Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi
Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Yeh to Mehndi hai yeh to Mehndi hai
Mehndi to rang laati hain
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain
Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi

(Everyone is happy and dancing and swara is watching all this by hiding behind the pillar..)

Log baago se ise tod ke le aate hain
Aur patthar pe ise shauk se pisvaate hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi

(Sanskar sees swara and feels sad and here in ragini eyes tears are formed..
Then pandit ji came for completing the god bharai ritual and blessing the child)

Log baago se ise tod ke le aate hain
Aur patthar pe ise shauk se pisvaate hain
Aur patthar pe ise shauk se pisvaate hain
Phir bhi hothon se
Phir bhi hothon se iski uff talak na aati hain
Phir bhi hothon se iski uff talak na aati hain

(Pandit ask child grt grand father names then someone says Deendayal malhotra then pandit ask dada name then it comes Ram malhotra then dadi Sujata malhotra..)

Yeh to Mehndi hai
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi

(Everyone drags sanskar for dance and sanskar dance swara watch this from upstairs and feels happy as well as sad..)

Apne ras rang se is duniya ko sajana hain
Kaam Mehndi ka to gairon ke kaam aana hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi

(Ragini is somehow controlling her tears and sees towards her mangalsutra and reminisces all her moment spend with sanskar..)

Apne ras rang se is duniya ko sajana hain
Kaam Mehndi ka to gairon ke kaam aana hain
Kaam Mehndi ka to gairon ke kaam aana hain
Apni khushboo se
Apni khushboo se yeh sehra ko mehkaati hai
(Then at last pandit ask Father’s name then raju says Sanskar Malhotra and at last child’s mother name..Sanskar is shocked and he is not saying anything….)

Yeh to Mehndi hai
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain

(Sujata comes to ragini and holds her by her shoulder and says Swara Malhotra..Ragini is shocked and now she is totally heart broken..)

Tut ke daali se haathon pe bikhar jaati hain
Yeh to Mehndi hai Mehndi to rang laati hain
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha
Mehndi ha ha Mehndi Mehndi ha ha Mehndi…

Then at night when function is over swara comes to ragini rooms to see her but shockingly she do not find her anywhere in the room The weather is very bad and it seems that in some time it should rain..And she see that all the money and jwellery’s are thrown on the ground..Swara goes out and ask watchman about ragini then he informs that she goes to railway station..Swara runs fastly towards railway station..Sanskar see her going and he also goes behind swara..

Ragini is sitting on the bench and continuously crying holding her tummy..Swara see her and comes to her runningly and says
Swa- Ragini what r u doing here let’s go home??
Rag sobbing- I will not give this child to u..I will not give..
Swa- What r u saying ragini???
Rag- yes i will not give u my child..
Swa pleading tone- plzz ragini don’t do like this?? This child is my life i will give u money, jwellery, property whatever u want but plzz give me this child..
Rag wipes her tears- Ok whatever i say u will give??
Swa- yess..
Rag- Then give ur husband to me..
Swara shouts angrily and gave a tight slap to ragini..
Swa shouts angrily- How dare u to say like this..I think that a sl*t also had gold heart but u..u showed ur class that u r sl*t only..
Rag- yess..I just say that i want ur husband then u showed me my class then think u are asking from his mother to give her own child think how she will give it..
Then sanskar comes there and swara goes to him cryingly and says
Swa- See na sanskar she is not giving our child…
San- Swara relax..first see her condition..
And he goes towards ragini and pats her cheeks and he carries her in his arms and says to swara that call doctor..

They reach to hospital and sanskar makes ragini lay on streature..Ragini is continuosly shouting becoz of pain..
Doc- The condition is very critical we can save either child or mother..

Both swasan are shocked and swara says
Swa- Doctor Save mother..
San in utter disbelif- Swara..
Ragini is continuosly shouting due to pain..

Then after sometimes doctor comes out O.T. and says
Doc- Its a miracle in very rare case it happens..
San- what do u mean doctor??
Doc- Both Mother and child are safe and congratulation its a baby boy..
Both swasan are very much happy and swara ask doc did we met with ragini..
Doc- Sure..
Swara happily enters in the ward of ragini..
Ragini is taking her child in her embrace and playing with him…
Swara comes there and becomes happy and tears comes in her eyes..
Rag- Swara di..its ur child will u not take him in ur embrace??
Swa smiles happily and nods in yess..And hurriedly takes him in her embrace and kisses all over his face..
Swa- I am very happy ragini thank u so much and i am really sorry..
Rag- No swara di actually the fault is mine only for sometime i am on wrong path but now this child is urs..

Then after sometime swara takes the place of ragini and she is shifted to normal ward..All the family members came there and they are tooo much happy for swara and small child..
Annapurna ask doctor about ragini’s child and doc says her child is dead in her tummy..Annapurna feels sad and she goes to ragini and says
Annapurna- ragini beta..don’t feel sad see it happens with our swara also but see god had again fulfilled his embrace..Hmm so don’t take tension..And she caresses her hair lovingly and says God bless u..
Ragini smiles..

After 15 days ragini is now well and she is packing her bags swara comes to her and says
Swa- Ragini plzz don’t go..We will tell all the truth to the family and live happily like sisters..
Ragini holds swara’s hand and says- Swara di..This family give me so much love and now i don’t want that to ruin family’s happiness..
Swa- But..
Rag interrupted- Di iss behen ko behen hi rehne do sautan mat banao warna agli bar koi bhi aurat dusri aurat pe bharosa nhi kar payegi..
And she goes from there..

Sanskar comes with ragini to leave her to the airport..
San-Ragini this is ur boarding pass and tickets and ur luggage is checked by security and at last this bag in this there is the key of ur new house and some money for ur needs..See ragini u do grt favour on me and swara and this is very small thing in front of that thing..
Rag- I will not take this becoz if i will take this then i feel that i did deal of my child and my love..
San-But ragini..
Rag makes his tie knot and says- Don’t take tension sanskar i will not go there from where u brought me.U touched me once now no one will touch me..
The song plays in bg

Rag rag mein iss tarah tu samane laga
Rag rag mein iss tarah tu samane laga
Jaise mujhko mujhse churane laga
Dil mera loot ke le gaya tu
Chori chori chupke chupke..
Chori chori chupke chupke…..

San have tears in his eyes and he kisses ragini on her forehead..
Rag smiles and goes from there waving bye..
Sanskar also waves bye with teary eyes..

Tune dil ko dhadakna sikhaya sanam
Pyar kya hai mujhe ye bataya sanam
Sari duniya ki rasmo ko main tod doon
Tu kahe toh ye duniya bhi main chod doon..
Main karungi wafa toot ke..
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke..
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke….

*****THE END*****

Ty ty so much guyzz for ur comments and so much lovely support and someone guess right its the story of the film..A idea pop in my head so i write this hope u enjoyed and if not so ignore this and i am really thankful to ragsan and swasan fans that they supported.If again any idea poped in my head then i will come with new ss or os..So till then bye bye bye……And after reading this don’t forget to comment hehehehe….

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