whom to choose……(a krpkab fan and devakshi fan)


Hi guys I am ashita. I am here with a story abt devakshi (our favorite couple and ) . Hope you guys enjoy it.

A cool breeze from the opposite direction and our lady pushes her hair which was blocking her face back.He saw her. Yes he saw her. She was beautiful.Not just beautiful but an ANGEL . An ANGEL wearing an orange frock . It was LOVE At FIRST SIGHT for ADAM.But sona didn’t notice him or see him.

It was the 5th year and final year of medicals .She wanted to become nutritionist. she was wondering hard for that. She was like a queen of the college.Her natural beauty attracted every man of her college.But she wasn’t really interested in them . But she used to date them just for the sale of it.She was really proud of herself.

As she entered the college campus a car stopped right in front of her.As the front door of the car opened a guy of age same as sona’s got out of the car . He was wearing a cool specs black in colour .He had a good physique.He was really handsome with those specs.For the first time sona wanted to speak with a guy .Wanted to know his name . Wanted to know who was MN wanted to know everything about him.

Sona went in front of him to get his attention on her .But dev (of course our hero) ignored her and moved forward without even glancing at her.This was the first time a man had ignored her.
This made her angry.But she was determined to have him at any cost ………

preview : who is Adam and his intro .and even Dev ‘s intro

Credit to: ashita

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  1. Nice

  2. HarSHaN

    Nyc Ashita..PreciselyPowerful..espl “LUV AT FIRST SIGHT for ADAM”..VGud start of writing..Keep continue..

  3. Waiting for epi….

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