whom to choose……(a krpkab fan and devakshi fan) (2)


hey guys!!? I am back with the 2nd part of my fan fiction.Hope u all liked the 1st one.

I had written in the l last part that dev had ignored sona.Now the continuation. …….

Yes Dev had ignored her.But y?? she had no answer for that .But one thing she knew she would have him at any cost.She was determined to have him.
The college started .The first class she couldn’t concentrate…..then the 2nd then 3rd …..she couldn’t concentrate in neither of the classes.She was just thinking of him……his cool body …his face…..his eyes with those specs on…….she wasn’t able to think of anything but him and the ways to seduce him.
Here Dev who was a wealthy man was a BA student.Even he was in his final year.He was studying in US before.There he had a GF called Rachel whom he loved like hell!!. But he had to come back to India for some reason.

ADAM is a business man and Dev’s one and only bro.He loved Dev and could do anything for him . Theirs was a family of 5 . his 2 sisters nikki and ria and their mom.

precap: sona’s plan

Credit to: ashita

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