Hello my friends…Frankly speaking..I m a bit disappointed…on seeing a bit less comments on my last chp…I know many of u don’t have time…nd u ppl r busy..but plz take out 5 mins nd read it…especially readers of my first ff…nd silent readers plz comment..even i m very busy these days…as i told u..xams r going to start..but i try to take out some time to read everyone’s ffs…sorry if u think i m expecting too much..but after so many months wid u ppl..i expect more…if u want me to stop..plz say so…coz its really difficult for me to take out time to write this…i just do it for u ppl..since u wanted me to come back wid another ff so badly…anyway i m talking too much so lets begin…


” Its about Suman…” Shravan says looking adi straight into his eyes… just like Suman would have done….nd now he knows.. Y she feels so confident by doing so….. It gives a feeling of fearlessness… the deepness of d eyes… keep us busy… in searching what we r looking for..
” Oh.. So she has sent u…” Adi says…looking least bothered… he keeps d bottle aside nd looks towards in d direction where d boys r playing…
Suman freezes at her place….

” No she hasn’t…. I hve come here to make u understand as ur friend…. U misunderstood her….” Shravan says trying to be calm…
” I misunderstood her…? ” Aditya says it as it was a joke… nd gives a light laugh….a deadly little laugh…
” Yes u did Adi…. nd I really wish u know that…” Suman thinks…
” Yes u did… look I don’t know d exact events which took place in ur past… but I know wat happened in front of my eyes… maybe u couldn’t c it but I did…she didn’t go wid u for that match bcoz she knew she was not in a good form.. Nd she didn’t want u to loose… She did that bcoz she cared for u…how could u say… u don’t want to c her face….?” Shravan says… anger rising in him….but he tries to keep his voice low… he can’t do anything which will worsen d situation… he cannot afford to do a mistake….

Suman realises for d first time that she didn’t give Shravan any explanation..she didn’t tell her reason of not going wid Adi ….that means that he really understood her…” Will he understand her part of d the story too?”…she wonders… now is not d time to think about all this….so she moves back to their conversation…
” Yes I said that… nd I don’t regret it….I don’t want to c her face….Do hell wid her nd her face…I don’t give a damn… she cares for nobody…nd I know that better than anyone else….” Aditya shouts…nd stands up to go away from there…
” Damage done” Shravan thinks…he would hve seriously slapped Aditya tight on his face…but he was not here to complicate things…he closes his eyes nd sighs wearily…he thinks about Suman… nd it hurts….

” And yeah..if u r ever gonna talk to her..which I m sure u would.. Tell her…she shouldn’t dare to talk to me…..” Aditya says..turning back…nd goes from there….
Shravan stands up immediately..he knows… he is not going to like.. what’s going to come… he starts taking his steps towards her…

He sees her turned… ready to go away….he goes nd holds her hand… again d touch does something..but he has other important things to look after…she turns….nd he sees what he feared d most..
When she heard Adi… a lump formed in her throat.. She thought she can control it…she can go to her place nd let d emotions out… but one touch of his… it just did something… she couldn’t stop it… it was as if… That hold of his was prompting her to let out her emotions…
Shravan sees her… in a way he never wanted to.. Her deep brown eyes fill… making them glisten.. Nd then as she blinks..a fat tear rolls down on her cheek….he couldn’t c her like this.. He just couldn’t… It hurt him to c her like this….

” How could he?” Suman says between her tears….
” Hey… plz don’t cry… I don’t like to c u cry at all” Shravan says… nd he knows he is not saying just for d sake of saying.. He means it…he so wanted to cup her face in his hands… nd wipe her tears… nd pain..tell her that he will always be wid matter what…but all he can manage is to hold her hand tightly….hoping that she will feel his assurance…

Nd she does notice this…. His pain…she is intrigued to know..y is he hurt so much if she is in pain…. But she has had enough… Adi told she cares for nobody…d words echo in her head…so she just frees her hand… Nd walks away….to a destination unknown…
Shravan stares at his hand…nd then at her back…. ” Is this love?” D question flashes like a lightning….

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  1. LogaMegan

    Awesome episode dr
    Just loved it
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode
    Post ASAP

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanx loga..nd Megan..!

  2. Rukhsar

    Hi niyati first of all about the epi the epi was amazing and u know the reason u r a top class writer superb wonderful outstanding fab…..and all those words that i have to say I’ll combine them them and I’ll say that u r out of the world just wow i mean u portray each and every inch of emotions in such a way that i just love it lots and lots of love and now coming to second point i know u r very disappointed with the response but trust me we all love u and ur ff alot i know its really difficult for u to post the epi but still u do it for us so its our responsibility to comment too….i just wanna say one thing that exams are very imp in our life plz dont neglect them if u want then u can take break from posting for some time and then come back after ur exams but plz dont stop this ff plz dont stop it love u lots and lots and take care of urself and study well god bless u sweetu ☺☺☺☺❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you so much Rukhsar…
      I m going to take a break btwn…16-25 when my xams will be going on…right now..I hve break times…so..I spend it on this..
      Will post on Wednesday..
      Luv ya..

  3. Okay first of all please don’t end writing this awesome ff of yours. I really love your ff. Your explanations are just so amazing.
    Loved this episode a lot. Curious to read more.
    Post soon. Take care ??

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you zainab..
      Luv ya..
      Next chp on Wednesday..

  4. Ruchi

    Hey Niyati..
    How r u dear??
    wow.. Awsup epi..
    Shravo is so understanding yr..
    loved the way u describe each and every emotion and thing..
    ur writing style is amazing..
    take care..
    try to post next epi soon.
    and yes don’t forget we love u and ur ff.. 😀
    Ruchi.. 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you ruchi…!
      Luv u too..???
      Will post soon..

  5. Angel_pari

    Hey ws…

    Firstly toh sooooo sorry for not commenting on pre parts,,,
    i could not read them unfortunately coz my cell is not working nd i rarely use lappy sorryyyyyyyyyyyy 🙁 but i read today this and pre parts as well…becoz tom is my test nd avoid to study on exam night 😀

    and abt epi
    as alwayz u rocked it yar loved it……

    Ahhhhhhh adi is being bit annoying now….plz throw him out 😀

    and sharvan omggg he has started to feel for sumo…..

    I,m so excited,,,post soon

    p.s: i,ll surely read ur ff and cmnt may i get bit late but i,ll

    lots of love 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much angel..for taking out time nd reading it…this really means a lot to me…I know u r busy..nd plz don’t feel that I m forcing u to read it…
      Luv u lots nd lots..
      Nd no prblm if u comment late..

      1. Aryyyyy…never,,, y would i feel like that….ur ff is treat for me i always enjoy reading it..

        Thanku for this lovely story….

        And guess what my 2nd year (12 grade ) results announced today…i,m soo happy…. I hv got_____,,, u guess my percentage….

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fantastic one ?
    Nd plzzzz don’t stop this ff .. I really love it ??
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Fatima..
      Luv ya..

  7. Ariana

    Do u knw u r a sweetheart. U posted before wednesday. I should be partying around!!! Ohhh I’m soooo happy. Thanks a ton!!!! Love u…
    Now coming to the epi….It’s…..idk….u left me speechless as always.. I really don’t know wht to say…_______________________________(fill the gap with some words which r precious to u. I really can’t say much. I left me mum)
    Nd tht Adi is also being a jerk here. Oho!!! Kick him off the ff like Shravu did on the show yesterday. Nd Shravan’s feelings. Uhu uhu… Loveing it
    Eagerly waiting for wednesday. Pls do post and don’t u dare to stop the ff. I have sooo much studies yet I can manage a lil time reading nd commenting for u. So at least in sake of me, pls don’t stop in between.
    Love u
    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh Ariana.. Its u..who is such a big sweetheart…
      Luv u so much sweety…
      I will not stop..don’t worry…!
      Take care..???

  8. Ananya98

    Superb niyati
    Shravan is so cute n romantic over here
    The way shravan understands her without even her saying anything
    Ah its so gud

    N dont u dare to stop it
    Hehe… I mean i jus luv ur ff yaar
    Waiting for Wednesday….
    Love uh n take care
    N ya best of luck for ur xams sweety…

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Ananya…for liking it…nd for ur best wishes..
      Luv u lots nd lots..
      Take care…

      1. Ananya98

        Hey its anamika jus username is ananya

    2. WeirdSister

      Hey anamika..I know its u..typo error..

  9. So..nice…yaar..
    Pls…don’t stop writing…dear…??????

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you sona…
      Luv ya..

  10. Nikita

    Seriously WOW, please don’t care about the jerks who aren’t commenting, we love you and you know that, you cannot definitely cannot give up this ff yaar.. Mei mar jaungi di..
    And now the episode,
    It was amazing..
    I’m .. I’m serriously out of words right now..
    I mean Shravan is so understanding.. And I’m loving that they’ve developed a soft spot within them for each other..
    Adi is not being cool, he’s supposed to listen and understand..
    Loved it di.. Seriously..
    And you posted before wednesday! I’m so glad..
    Post soon!
    Loads of love,
    Nikita *_*

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so so much Nikki..
      For such a lovely comment..nd for ur love…
      U really r very very sweet…
      I really feel close to u…u r like my small sister…! Nd I love u lots nd lots…
      Take care sweetheart…

  11. Diiii….
    U nearly killed me! What a flair of emotions!
    That was stupendous! And i am all set to chop off that Aditya today…how dare he say so regarding Sumo?
    And Shravan…OMG! He was so good at it! Whn he felt it! Uff….and that IS THIS LOVE question!
    That was so true…ppl often realise that this may be love!
    It’s all so realistic! I love it so much! Love uh?

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you laddoo…!
      I was missing u so much….
      Luv u lots…
      Hugs nd kisses..
      Take care..

  12. pretty preeti

    WS my sis abhi start hai every1 will comment not to wory ur ff is marvellous and so nice
    U explain really well
    Epi mast that yaar amazing
    I loved it
    So emotional
    It was very nice one
    So touching
    Post sooooo9oonnnnnnnn
    Love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you preeti..
      Next chp on Wednesday…
      Luv ya..
      Take care..

  13. niyati u stirred all my emotions by this epi. i read ur previous epi and i do keep a track of ur ff but sometimes miss out commenting as i am registered from my pc and cannot comment from my cell phone. epi was great . i cannot wait for wednesday post asap.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you deotima..
      Will definitely post on Wednesday..
      It would be get..if u keep commenting…
      Luv ya..

  14. hey weirdsister… m anjali…sorry I don’t know ur name 😛
    read all chapters in one go…its amazing yar ..its kinda different from the show… keep updating chapters soon…good luck… 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you anjali..U can call me whatever u wish to…
      Hope to c ur comments on d next chps..
      Love ya..

  15. Hey for the first time I am commenting on your ff. It was superb and awesome. And I have read all chapters in one day. Marvellous .

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you anjali….
      Luv ya..

  16. Amazing ….i just loved it!!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you shiny…I really hope to c ur comments on d upcoming chps…
      Hope u will fulfil this wish of mine..
      Luv u…
      Take care..

  17. Khushi

    Ohh gosh what the hell is this niyati u just finished the episode at just the right place why why why yr I m dying to know what’s coming up next
    Yr mera man kar rha hai ki main tujhe apne saamne baitha ke tujhse saari story sun lun and that too in one go
    But I know I have to wait for the next episode
    Ur ff is just so superb don’t worry about the comments dear these comments r no measure of how much we love ur ff even if u get 100 comments then also it will be less only so don’t worry we love u and ur ff soooo much
    Now sorry for commenting late the reason is that a nature carnival is going on in my school and I have taken part in it and moreover my mam gave me duty also that’s why m not able to write my ff and even comment on ur ff m so sorry
    But this ff is really worth a lot plz do write a novel on this one it will be a blockbuster for sure
    Love u so much
    C u soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh khushiiiii….
      Thank you so so much dear…
      U r such a sweetheart…
      All d best for ur carnival…
      Hope u enjoy yourself..
      I really really wish to meet u…nd all d frnds I hve made here once in my life….
      Love you a lot sweetheart…
      Take care….!!!
      Hope to see u soon…???

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