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Ola my amigos…..this part of my story comes to an end wid this last chapter. So plz read it for one last time. After this I meet u after 26th with part 2. I cannot believe that i have come so far with u ppl…i never really thought i would. But u ppl r just so warm nd loving that u just make feel like we r one small family…nd we r one! Now now….msg at the last….first comes d story…so here i bring to u…..


Suman is still wearing khaki coloured shorts…nd navy blue top…she ties her hair in her usual ponytail…applies some gloss on her lips….nd then she she wears her shoes….takes her racquet nd leaves…..
Meanwhile Shravan is waiting for Suman near d badminton court…he glances at Adi…who is roaming around wid Kunal… Nd Adi gives an inquiring look….Shravan shows in gestures…’ Wait’…
He himself is waiting….today is a very important day…he has only one question..hovering over his head…’ Where is she?’
Nd there she comes…her bare long legs make her look even more taller…she has her racquet over one shoulder..and she is carrying a bottle in the other hand…she puts the strands coming over her face behind her ear…with the help of her free hand….

She looks at Shravan who is standing there and waving at her…he is wearing d same color clothes as her…dark blue T-shirt…which seem black some times…nd light khaki coloured pants…he is looking charming as ever…and that typical smile of his..covers his face….his hair…perfect…
She smiles at him…it naturally comes to her face..whenever she sees him…she waves back at him…her smile fades away suddenly…when she sees Adi standing wid Kunal..a few meters behind him…did Shravan lie to her? She thinks….
Adi is wearing black T-shirt.. Nd blue jeans…his jet black hair..comes down to his forehead as usual…but d thing that surprises that he is still standing there…even after seeing her..”oh yaah he must have decided that I don’t exist for him to ignore… ” Suman thinks…
Shravan comes to her…and moves his hand in front of her face to bring her out of her thoughts….
” Heyya…” Shravan says cheerfully…
” U lied to me?” Suman replies looking him..directly into his eyes….to catch his lie..if he speaks one…

” About what?” Shravan asks…
” About Adi..not being here.. ” Suman replies…
“What…um…no…um…well…” Shravan tries to find his words…
” Say clearly.” Suman snaps at him…
” No I did not…c they r not playing…so technically they r not there…and u have come to play wid me or to worship adi?” Shravan finds his answer and tries to sound confident…
“Y will I worship him….!… anyway let’s go…” Suman says and moves ahead….
They play a match when adi and Kunal come there…racquets wid them.
Suman glares at shravan who makes an innocent face and shrugs.

” We were wondering if we can all play together?” Adi says..
Suman gets seeing this sudden change in his behaviour…”he didn’t even want to c my face and now he wants to play wid me?” She murmers to herself….but not wanting to take any risk..she moves to Shravan’s side…was it an illusion or did she really see Shravan talking wid adi through gestures? Its completely fine wid her if they both talk…but this sign language looks fishy to her..its as if..both are plotting against her..but they will not do anything…specially Shravan… she had this much trust on them…
They play some matches…and after that Suman goes out to take fresh air… Shravan follows her…
Suman is just roaming around… and Shravan comes from behind… she sees him….all wet in sweat…his dark blue tee now looks black….his face has sweat trickling down from both sides…she notices…as he moves his hand between his ever so perfect hair…how obsessed boys are..with their hair? She wonders….

They move for quite a while in silence… when Shravan speaks….” Hey Suman…actually I told adi everything…”
Suman stops in her tracks and turns to look at Shravan who looks in no mood to joke… “what does everything include?” She wanted to ask…but instead decides to let Shravan speak and tell everything himself…
As if reading Suman’s mind …Shravan says “I mean… whatever u told about u trusting him and all..and he said that now he thinks he should talk to u…”
‘Boom!!’…bomb explodes for Suman…
Did she hear it right? Did adi really want to talk to her? What should she feel? But right now..she feels like hugging Shravan.. This guy understands and solves all my problems…she really wanted to ask him..” Are u even real man? Or is it just a stupid fantasy dream of mine?” …
She controls her excitement….nd says casually…
” Really?”
” Do I look like I m joking? ” Shravan says smiling at her…
” Oh Ok…that’s good..I mean that’s really good…frankly speaking I just can’t bear it..when people close to me ignore me…” Suman says happily….
” Did she call him close?” Shravan thinks…..
” As a friend of course stupid…!” He argues in his mind…
Meanwhile Suman now understands why Adi was not ignoring her from few days…
” Shall we go?” She asks Shravan…
” Yes please… ” he replies….
They start moving towards the court…nd just outside d court Shravan stops…
” What happened? ” Suman asks..
” I want to tell u something…” Shravan says sounding nervous….he moves his hand through his hair…
” I love you” these words come out of his mouth as if they have been suppressed for too long….
And they have been..he has finally said it…he has finally done d thing he was so excited for.
Suman looks at him for a while…smiles stupidly as if she knew this…. and moves inside the court…
She didn’t give an answer….she just walked in side…without making d choice which would decide her future….d choice that would decide everything….walking away was not her choice… It was just her stupidity… Her carelessness towards handling feelings..which would change everything…everything…she does not know what awaits her…what walking away from THE CHOICE would cost her….

I hope that u r…coz if u r not…then… Umm…well I m sorry….for having wasted ur time
This is why my story title was THE CHOICE…many of u wanted to know y I kept it….so I hope now ur doubts r clear…!
I really hope to come back to u soon…
Ppl if u don’t c my comment on ur ff… Plz don’t even hesitate for a moment to send d link to me…I will surely read it when I get time….I would love to…!
All of u…a big big thanks from my side for encouraging me….when I felt disappointed… U ppl r seriously really sweet…!
No names now…I will directly post an acknowledgment after part 2.
What else….
I love all of u…nd ur ffs make me go mad…!
U all write so well…that I think I have.a lot to learn from u all…
So goodbye….! Will meet u soon.
Please please comment…silent readers plz do….! It would really mean a lot to me…

P.S- I m trying to write an OS.
I m really bad at it u know…coz I just can’t describe things in so short…I m one sort of that boring writer..who likes to emphasise on each nd every emotion…so let’s c whether I can complete it or no…

  1. Very..nice..
    Oh..god…at last shravu did it…
    Ya… first episode…when u mentioned..adi sumo are frnds…thn I may the choice sumo will take between adi and shravu..
    But..ya wt u said..was justified to title..😊😊😊
    Haha..u r write..u express..each and every emotion..that’s what we like in you..
    Hopefully…u may get success in writing is..
    We will b waiting for it😊😊😊😉😉😍😍

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you sona…!
      Yaah hopefully I will succeed..😐😐😐
      Love u so much.
      Take care.

  2. Di…
    U ended it!!!😭😭😭
    When will u come back😢😢😢
    I will miss u😢
    The chap was so beautiful👌👏👏👏
    I was literally amazed.
    U write so well! I hope it was you! Pls come back soon…and Sumo is toh badi wali gadhi…!
    And di…before going…one OS pls…pls…pls….one OS…
    For me….plsss!!!
    Chalo enough of senti talks…tym to say goodbye…love u loads…😘

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you sweety….!!
      I will miss u too😢😢😢😢
      I will coke back soon wid part 2.
      Till then take care..
      Love u…!!

  3. First of all you are not a boring writer just keep it in mind. OK. Second this ep was absolutely wow love suman and shravan scene . Seriously I will missed you my friend and this ff also. Come back soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you anjali…!
      I will miss u too..
      Will come back soon wid part two…!
      Love u..
      Take care..

  4. Hi i am a silent reader. Superb stry from starting.i m vry excited 4 next prt. But i hve one ques 4 u-ki prt 2 isi stry ko aage continue krega ya new story

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey loving sumo..m so glad to c ur comment…hope to c it on next part also…
      Nd part two is the continuation of the same story… I will be posting an intro soon…
      Love you.

  5. walking down d path along wid ur ff was great . part 1 ended and iam sure that part 2 will also be great. patiently waiting 4 it. love u a lot

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey deotima…thank you so much.
      Will miss u😢😢😢
      Love u take care..
      Meet u soon.

  6. Woww. This was amazing. 😍
    Loved it so much. 💕
    Can’t wait for the next part.
    Take care. Post soon. 😘

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you zainab…!
      Love u .
      Take care.
      Will miss u.
      I will be back soon.

  7. Nikita

    Oh it was so beautiful
    You left me speechless you know!
    I mean, seriously.. You did..
    Firstly, that moment when Suman wanted to hug Shravan
    Secondly, the confession..
    Now I do realize what THE CHOICE meant..
    I love you di.. I love you loads..
    And about the os, you can make it a two-shot cause di, I love how you describe each n every emotion..
    Love you!

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you Nikki…
      Yaah well I m trying to make it two shots only…it won’t fit in one.
      Love u..
      Take care..
      Will miss u..
      I will be back soon.

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    O hello !!! Anybody here ?? Excuse me .. I heard from somewhere that a very talented nd special writer lives here .. hello ?? Ok thnx for opening door 😊😊
    Well !!!! What should I say about ur well known talent so far .. u r amazinggggg awwwwesome super duper awesome writer .. nd I can’t believe that u r just in 10 standard .. according to me To write soooooooooo well in such a little age is a great achievement .. MashaaAllah .. God bless you 😘😘
    Nd this chapter was just beyond my all expectations .. really ur ff is worth appreciation👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Great job girl 😊😊😊
    Nd don’t worry ur OS would also be good … waitin’ for ur ff nd OS too ..
    Till then take care ..
    Lotzzzz of love😘😘😘😍😍

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you so much Fatima
      ..that is really sweet of u..
      Will be back soon.
      Will definitely miss u.
      Love u.
      Take care.

  9. Ariana

    10 epis!!!! Congrats sweetheart u made through the 1st part of one of the best ff! And I survived!!! I read each and every epi with a nearly out of spaced heart. I managed living so far!!! Ur writings….. if talent was to be described in 1 word that would b niyati. U r such an extraordinary skilled girl with sooooooooooooooo much of brilliance. Idk how u manage to loosen down my brain’s screw with ur epis. U play not only with the character’s feelings but also mine. So far…..all the epi…like ALL of them made me speechless. It’s such a brillant write up. All the best for ur exams. I don’t have to worry, neither do u, about those coz a girl who can make everyone mesmerised by her simple words can fire up the exam paper. Study hard and focus. Worry less. My nd everyone’s sweet wishes r with u. U r the best of the best nd u’ll make it!!!
    Eagerly waiting for this month to end. I’ll miss this ff n a sweetheart like u alllllooooooootttt. Come back soon. Well I hope 26th comes faster than u :p nd
    Btw epi was a bomb as usual. Nth new. U stole my heart again!! Ending with Shravu’s words!!! Uhhh it makes me break the clock nd jump into future…..
    but I’ll wait for the sweet return of urs
    till then…
    best of luck
    loveee u beyond words
    huggies nd kisses
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god Ariana…!
      That was so touching….!
      I m definetly gonna miss ur sweet words.😂
      U r a sweetheart…!
      Nd thank you so much for ur wishes…!!😄😄😄
      I will come back soon…!
      Love u loads nd loads…
      Take care…
      Nd don’t die reading someone’s ff😂😂😂
      Congrats on being alive😂😂😂
      Will miss u alot😢😢😢😢
      I can’t wait to be back.
      Love u again.
      Hugs nd kisses from my side too.😄😄😄

  10. Angel_pari


    omg how can u write soooo good that i cant get over it………

    Loved it to the core

    congrats for completing 10 epi…

    Short cmnts coz in hurry

    lov u take care…….

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you angel…!
      Love u.
      Will miss u.
      Take care.

  11. Ruchi

    Hey Niyati aka WS
    how r u dear?
    it was amazing…
    Really excited to know Sumo’s choice…
    wese aise confession to sirf Shravan hi kr skta h…
    All the best for ur xams…
    take care…
    waiting for nxt season of ur ff eagerly…
    Love you…
    Ruchi… 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you ruchi…!
      Will miss u.
      Love u too.
      Take care.

  12. hey ni…its anjo ..m really sorry m so late in commenting 🙁
    this part was amazing…finally shravu said I love u…yieeppeee…
    but y sumo didnt reply …God …wat will happen now?? please be back with ur part two soon dear…can’t wait…wats gonna happen…
    whenever u write an os just let me know okay …will read it 🙂
    love u loaattss ni …will miss u…take care… see u soon 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much anjo..
      Its fine if u r late..
      I hve posted an intro for part two..
      Plz read.
      Love u.
      Take care

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