A Chocolate Cream Soldier ff..Episode 2

Hii guyzz i am back with another episode and i hope that i don’t bored u from prvious epi if u feel bored then u can tell me through ur comments..And I am seeing that many are excited for the pairs so i am going to reveal the pairs..The pairs are…………Swasan and raglak and today’s epi is for swasan fan..

Swara is hell scared and the room is totally dark so she can’t see anything.
Only the heavy panting was coming from the corner of the room.
Swa- Who’s there??
She gets up from the bed and take a knife and goes towards the man she is sweating badly due to fearness..
Swa stammerly-Again…i..am..asking..who..r..u??
A Man voice- Don’t shout otherwise i will shoot u from my revolver.
Swara got scared and she says
Swa- But why?? what is my fault??
The Man- Shut up!!! Don’t talk and light the room nothing is visible.
Swa scared- ok..But wait..U r not able to see anything then how will u shoot me..
Man in mind- This girl is too smart she will not become fool so easily and my tongue it slips everywhere..
Swa interrupted- Are u trying to fool me??
Man in strict tone- Hey girl !!! Don’t try to be smart ok…i am a perfect shooter and i am no.1 in my shooting batch and on that i am soldier..I have the eyes of owl so dont talk much and light the room otherwise…
Swa- Noo..ok i am lighting the room.

And she goes towards table and she goes to light it but she did not find it.
Man-What happen??
Swa- actually i am not finding the candle..Just wait a min.
After sometime..
Man- Did u find the candle??
Swa- yess..i got it and she light the room with the candle.

Now the man is visible to swara.She stares him from top to bottom.He is near about 26- 27 years handsome man but now he is totally dirty.His clothes were torned and unkempt and there are many spots of mud,snow and blood.His face is not clearly visible becoz it is dirty.It is clearly seen that he came from an terrible war.Swara recognise him as an serbian officer.
Man strictly- If ur staring session is over then can i ask u something?
Swara got embarrased- yess..
Man- I know from my uniform u get to know that i am a serb and if i m caught by bulgarian army then i will be brutally killed.
Swara speaks from inside the scarf
Swa- So what u want from me??
Man- Help.
Swa- What kind of help??
Man in pleading tone- woh actually bulgarian soldier are behind me so can u Plzz for today’s night give me shelter in ur room..
Swa angrily- What?? Are u freaking nuts?? I don’t know who are u?? ur name and why i will help u??
Man- So u will not help me?
Swa attitude- No..
Man- Think twice ..
Swa- no..now if u kill me also then also i am not goona to help u.
Man cunningly-ok then i will not kill u becoz in sometime some soldiers of bulgaria come here in ur room and kill me in front of ur eyes like a pig and i promise u that i will fight with them untill my last breath.U don’t know the soldiers they are very cheap and bad person they do all types of bad things..
Swa- Don’t try to scare me..
Man sheepishly-Noo i am not scaring..I am just saying the truth and i think that u r not prepared to welcome the soldiers in ur present dress.

Swara realizes that she is in her night gown which is sleeveless, thin and till her knees only and he is staring her. she hurriedly turns her face towards wall.Then she sees here and there and saw her cloak on the bed and she goes towards bed.

Suddenly the Man hurriedly goes towards her bed and picks her gown.
Swa- Hey why u pick my cloak just give it to me!!!
Man- Noo.. i will not give u..
Swa- But why??
Man- Now u will help me becoz in this condition u will not be able to open the door and i will be safe yesss…this is the best weapon than my revolver.
Swa revolted- It is not the weapon of a gentleman!!!
Man- yaaa i know but its good enough for a man with only u to stand between him and death.For one sec they look eachother.

Swara is not believing on her eyes that a serbian officer should be so cheap,coward and selfish.

Man- U r abusing me na in ur mind??
Swa stammerly- Noo…why ..i..will??

Then after sometime the soldier are till now not arrived and all r sleeping in their room silently but in swara’s room the scene is different.Swara is sitting on the bed with angry yet irritated face and the man is sitting on the chair with the cloak in his hand.He is very disturbed.Suddenly he see at swara with hungriness in his eyes.Swara also see at his eyes and he saw change in his behaviour and very different thing in his eyes.She stands up from the bed and she first saw herself than him.The man is staring him continuously.He stands up from the chair with same attitude and puts down the cloak.
Swara saw him amusedly and she is feeling very scared and she is sweating badly.
The man comes towards swara with heavy steps.The man takes one step forward and swara takes one step backward.
Swa scaredly- what r u doing?? See don’t come near me otherwise i will shout..just stop there only.
Man put his finger on his lips and says-sssssshhhhhh… don’t stop me today i am too much hungry for this.And he comes forward..
Swara hits the table and the man comes near her.Swara closes her eyes tightly and breathes heavily.The man comes near her face his hot breath comes on her face.He holds her hand.Swara got goose bumps becoz of his touch.He makes her stand aside and hurriedly picks the chocolate box which is kept on the table.(hehehehe what u all think awwww..don’t think too much yarrr its their first meeting..)

He start eating chocolates like a hungry child( yess guyzz he is hungry for food..becoz he had not eaten any thing since many hours) Swara opens her eyes and saw him eating first she got shocked then he felt embarrased of her behaviour.He finishes the chocolate then he see towards swara and says
Man pouts- Oh sorry i eat ur whole chocolate..
Swa- U r hungry for this??
Man- yess..by the way we get hungry for food only na u thought what??
Swa stammely- no..thing..
Man- Woh actually i am feeling very hungry becoz i had not eaten anything from many hours and i saw chocolate on the table so i can’t stop myself. Do u have another box of it.
Swa- Noo..this is the last all others i ate it..
Man- oh so u also like chocolate..
Swa- u also like chocolate means..Did u also??
Man- yess i also like chocolate infact i loved it..
Swa- ur behaviour and style do not reflects that u r an soldier.
Man gives him a glare then he laughs-hahaha..nice joke to be honest i also don’t want to join army but my dad influence me to join it.

Suddenly someone knocks the door..
Swa- who’s this?
Rag- Mam..some soldiers came in our house actually they saw a serb officer climbing from pipe to ur room..so mam plzz open the door..

The man and swara got shocked and they see eachother..

Screen freezes on the shocking and scared faces of swara and the man..

Guyzz plzz plzz comment if u like it becoz from ur comment i got encouragement and now i had reveal the pairs also so plzz comment..

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