A Chocolate Cream Soldier ff..Episode 1


Hii guyzz I am eku and first of all “HAPPY JANMASHTAMI” and i am here with the first epi of my new fiction Chocolate cream soldier..I already give the character sketch and very good response came for it and i am very glad that u all like my concept and many are asking about the pairs.So keep patience u will know it soon till then guess everybody..So here is the first part enjoy it..The link for the intro part..


Epi -1
This story starts when there is battle between bulgaria and serbia.A girls bedchamber is seen in a small town of bulgaria.The winter season is going on and a cold breeze is blowing from the window.From the balcony a wonderful white snow mountain is visible which seems quite close at hand,though it is really miles away.The interior of the room is well designed it seems very lavish and royal.The counterpane and hangings of the bed,the window curtains,the little carpets and all ornamental textile fabrics in the room are oriental and gorgeous.The dressing table which is between the bed and window is decorated beautifully. A side table with many drawers which is attach with the bed on which there is pile of novels and a box of chocolates creams are kept and a photo frame of an handsome officer who have a magnetic glance and can be felt even from the portrait are kept. He is the fiance of swara.The room is lighted by the candle which is kept on the dressing table.And the rest of the light is coming from the stars and the moon through the balcony and window..

On the balcony a young girl,intensely delighted by the romantic beauty of night is gazing at the moon and lost in her own thoughts.She is in her night gown which is well covered by long mantle of furs and her thoughts interrupted by her mother Annapurna(Anu)..
Anu-Swara beta where were u..She see towards bed expecting that her daughter will be sleeping but she couldn’t find her there so she again says Swara..
Then a sweet voice came from the balcony..

Swa- Mamma here i am at balcony..
Anu goes towards balcony smiling and excitedly says
Anu- Here are u beta but ragini tells me that u r asleep..
Swa- Oh actually i sent her away.I wanted to be alone for sometime and by the way mamma i am not feeling sleepy..
Anu- Beta i have a very good news to share with u..
Swa excitedly- Good news.what is it mamma??
Anu proudly- Beta we won the battle! A victory in the name of bulgaria and it is all becoz of ur fiance..
Swa delightly and happily hugs her mom and says- Oh mamma what a grt news u gave me but wait did dad is safe?

Anu- yess..he is safe and he himself gave me this news.And u know ur fiance is now become the hero of regiment.
Swara eyes get widen and she pulls her mother inside the room and make her sit on the bed and says- Tell me more about him mamma..
Anu with enthusiasm- u can’t imagine swara..what a splendid job he did.He alone led the charge of whole bulgarian army and he defied the orders of the russian commanders and attack on serbians..I must say swara he is very brave man and soldier and u keep him waiting for an year only just for engagement..
Swa with sad face- yess mamma.i know i did wrong? And she stands up and with a smiling face says But no matter when he come i will apologize him.He is my hero.He proves that I am wrong and he is right and i am very much happy..
Anu doubtfully- U r wrong but for what??

Swa bites her lips and says- Mamma..actually.
Anu comes in front of swara and angrily says actually what swara.
Swa- Actually mamma I feel like that he is very coward and failure person.I also thinks that he is just only handsome he had not any brains nor the feeling for patriotism.And when he is going on this battle i doubted on him that whether he will be able to cut any enemy soldier by his swords.Actually in my mind i have a poor figure of him..
Anu- Poor figure??Shame on u swara? Did u know how much tough this battle is and u doubted on ur fiance who is now become the hero of bulgarian army..
Swa- I know mamma..and i am feeling guilty for this but mamma promise me u will never say these talks to him..

Anu strict tone- ok..but never ever again think like this in ur dreams hmm..
Swa- No mamma i will never ever thought these cheap things about my hero becoz now i get to know that how honest,brave person he is??

Their talks are interrupted by the entry of ragini.She is looking very frightened and scared.Annapurna sees this and says
Anu in a strict tone- Ragini what happened why r u so scared??
Rag- Madam..plzz all windows and doors to be closed??
Swa-But why??
Rag- Mam..woh actually the Serbians had loose the battle and they are running away from the battlefield and recently we had got news that some soldiers of serbian army are entered in our town so plz mam keep the windows and doors closed..
Anu- Ok..So go and close all the doors and windows of the house..
Rag-Madam i had already closed all the windows only swara mam room’s window is left..
Anu in strict tone- So what r u waiting for??Close the window of here also..
Rag scaredly-yess..madam

And she goes and closes the window and the shutter of the balcony..
Swa in pleading tone- Mamma i want to see the moon..plzz allow me to open the shutter of the balcony..
Anu puts her hand on her cheeks and says- No beta its dangerous and i will not allow u to take ur life in danger hmm..So go and sleep on the bed ok Good night..
Swa- Good night mamma..
Annapurna goes from there and ask ragini to also come but ragini says in the ears of swara..
Rag- If u want to open that shutter then just push them like this and she shows it how?? Ok becoz this shutter can be opened from inside also and outside also hmm..
Swa strictly-Thanx Ragini.. But we have to obey the elders talk if mamma says no it means no.So u keep ur idea with urself only and let me sleep..Good night..
Rag carelessely- Good night..
And she goes from there.

Swara left alone in the room she takes off her long gown and put it on the bed now she is in her short nighty which is very thin and hardly covering her body parts.Then her eyesight gone to the pic of her fiance she picks it and talks with him..
Swa-Oh my hero!! I promise u I shall never be unworthy to u, never,never never..And she smiles and kept it on the side table.
Then she goes to bed but she is not at all sleepy so she starts reading the novels.Then she see chocolate and says.
Swa- How can i forget this?? My hero had won the battle celebration toh banta hai..And she picks the chocolate box and starts eating..

Just then a distant shot breaks the silence of night.She starts listening two three many shots outside of her house the firing is going on.She gets scared and stands up from the bed and blows off all the candle and hurries back at the bed.Then she put her fingers in her ears.The dark and silence spread in the room..Only dim lights of moon and stars are coming from the window..Swara removes her fingers from ears.

The firing again starts and swara in fear closes her eyes.Just then the balcony shutters open and for an instant the room gets lit with light and man shadow seen who is coming inside..The shutters closed immediately and the room is dark again.But the silence is broken by the heavy panting of the man.
Swara is hell scared and she says crouching on the bed.
Swa- Who’s there?? I said who’s there?Who is that?

Screen freezes on the scared face of swara and the unknown person..

Precap- Nok jhok between the man and swara..

So guyzz if u like it then plzz comment and any guesses who is the man who entered in swara’s room and who is the fiance of swara..Come on guess??? guess?? let’s see whose guess is right and whose wrong.Come on comment comment fast……Bye bye and “JAI SHRI KRISHNA”..

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  3. AnuAnn

    Loved it yaar.. I think it is sanskar and swara’s fiance is Laksh.. Bt later swara w’ll fall in love with sanskar. Plzzz make swasan yaar

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  5. Cutiie

    but plz make swasan

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    I thk sanskar and….
    Swara fiance is laksh….

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    Nice update..waiting for ragini scenea..ny pair wud b ok

  11. Wow it’s just amazing dear ??????loved it update soon

  12. ist this just copied from George Bernard shaw’s drama “Arms and The Man”

  13. Awesome waiting for nxt part hope it’s swasan

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