The Chirping Girl ….(Episode 2)


hai …im here with nxt part…hope u enjoy!!!

As our classes went on we 27 students become gud frnds ….sharing lunches…lunch hrs were jst beautiful …silly fights for favorite dishes ….
Bt why is it tht whn things are going perfect for u,all of a sudden a million things go wrong and flood away the good..??? life isnt fair sometimes …

our gang separate …. i jst dont knw what happened suddenly!!! abhirami and amala jst started to ingore others… at first we dont had secrets …bt now evn we hardly talks…. bt i and varsha jst ignored it…abhirami was in our class as she opt for science grp… aftr weeks abhirami jst avoid us completely …she started to spend time with athira & aswathy ( our class mates) …. i dnt knw …ya it was write tht i liked their company bt something is wrong some were…. we just shared this thing to our sir… he was such a gud person …. he tried to solve … and what shocked us is tht abhirami was committed with anandhu ( a boy frm commerce department) … she knw tht he was a bad boy …he jst play with girls …. we hated him…. and whn i ask this to abhirami she jst said tht she lovd him …bt cnt do anything as he is another caste … since i knw her family well…and she was my family frnd… her father who always supported her … fulfilled her drmz nevr wished her to get married to a boy who always fails in exmz … i tried to understand her …bt she was uh..
sometimes wht u expect frm a frnd, u get it frm stranger …and sometimes wht u expect frm a stranger, u get it frm frnd…

in between all these happenings i got a bst frnd …arya…she was the bst…. she was little matured types …. we regularly had discussion on this topic to save our frnd…bt naah … some friendships have to end to make way for new beginning ….. ya its time for our end .. yaa our friendship ends there …..

evn now whn we get married to our better halfs she is wasting her life in the thought of him!!! will he came??? it was a question mark ….
Her father died due to heart failure!!!! mother still in coma …
The girl who always seemed to smile, cried, who was always held together had fallen apart, who lifted eveyone else up, needs someone to hold her up …

And during our alumini meeting we jst decided to have a visit to her home … only becoz she doesnt attnd it…and wht we saw there shocked us… she jst attempted a SUICIDE …. was it real!!!! evn now whn im writing this i feel the same wht i felt on tht day … -_-

A girl who was someones child, a girl who was someones sister, a girl who was someone in her own eyes had now been injured beyond repair ….!!!!
ya ..itz the end … sorry for the boring ff …
with love ILU

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  1. Ohh…its so touching story…???
    I want you to write more ffs..?

    1. thkw so much 🙂 ya …i will try

  2. Awesome, lovely story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Please write more stories. …love you loads

  4. thnkw dr 🙂 thnk soo.much 🙂

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