Chipmunk & his Tune (KRPKAB) #3 (KRPKAB)

Hi Frndzz..
Tiz is Ur Frnd HarSHaN..
I m writing tiz Epi by hearing tiz Song-Tune..
Exact Time:”2:40″ to “3:10”
Song:Malang of Dhoom3..
Maybe U like tiz while hearingg..n Frndzz,The Epis lightly consist CameraShots..Like TV Show..

In Ep1:
Sona n His daughter Yugi lives in Kashmir..
Dev as a traveller come n accidentally meets them..He said that “He is a Detective from Orissa”

Dev walks with Sona,Yugi to FireDance Spot..
Dev:”Where is your house?Near??”
Dev (see Yugi):”Which class U r studying??Yugi”
Yugi show 3 by her fingers..
..and smile..

Yugi:”FireDance!!!!”(see People by surrounding Fire)..
Sona joins with them..
The people welcomes Dev ..
Dev smiles n goes near someone..

Dev:”Tanqq Sir for giving Bicycle”(smile)
He (stun):”Mr.Dev..How would U know??My Boy??”(see his child)..
Dev:”He didnt say Sir..Mm..He saw U with little fear..”..
He (laugh):”Truly,U r Great”..
Dev (smile)
The people give a Seat to Dev..
Dev sit…
The people Strt Dancing..
Sona dance with her Daughter Yugi..
Tribals play musical instruments..
Dev take his Sumui (flute) n Strts playing..
Tribals stop playing n see Dev like mesmerized one..
Dev smiles n signs them to play..
Yugi see Dev while dancing with her Ma,Sona..
Yugi:”1 Min,Mamma”..
Yugi run towards Dev..
And see him..with her Big Eyes..
Yugi:”Will U dance with my Mamma??”
Dev shocked lightly..n stop playing his flute..Sona too..
Sona signs Yugi “Shh” n said “K

Dev put flute in Jerkin pockets n stand..
(In Background,Tune of Malang of Dhoom3 on bg from 2:40 )
Dev walk slowly towards Sona..
Tune sounds loud n (We r going to see another character)…
Tune of Malang of Dhoom3 on bg..
(Camera view-Fingers(Look like a Man’s) trying to open the door lock))
(Camera Goes little higher for his face)

Itz Another Dev..Looks like Hippie/Nomad

His Look:Beard,Long Hair,BonyTail,Many MetalBands in Hands..Rudratchas..
He Use left hand..
Slowly opens the door…

Sona see Dev..
The song again plays as flute only…
Dev see too..
N hold Sona’s Hands..

Another Dev hold Door Lock from inside n close the Door ..
N took a Chair..

By climbing the chair,
He is searching something..
He see the surrounding by 360 look..
In his Eyes,
The Past Scenes r open…
He see the last time when Dev exist in house..
He (mind):”It ‘ll be here”..
(Music on bg)….
“It ‘ll be..Where??Dev…U play with tiz Rudra???”
His Eyes goes joy while see something…

Dev dance with Sona..Yugi circles the dancers..
Dev:”Is She Ur real child??Sorry for Asking”
Sona (shock n stop dancing)
Dev:”Sorry for Asking”..
Yugi:”What happen Mama?”
Strts Dancing,
N on air “She is my child..Bt,My Sister’s”..
Her Eye Tears..
Dev:”Ur Sister??”

Loc:Orissa..Dev’s house
Arudra (Another Dev):”Sorry My Xerox Boy”
N took the wall clock from the wall..
N Strts opening..
The Cuckoo from the Clock comes out n “Cuck.oo..”(Time:1.00)
Arudra touch the Cuckoo..
The Doll’ s head melt as soon he touch..
The MalangMusic on bg..
Arudra:”What?”..”Cuckoo” n sounds like Cuckoo n whistle..
He open the Cuckoo’s House in Time Clock..
In It,
A small box is present..
He opens..
N throws up..
He waves his fingers..
A Silver Ring falls on his one of the fingers..

N A Key too..He catch the Key..
Arudra:”Dev..U didn’t see the Key Again”..
His Eyes see Cuckoo..
N took Cuckoo..
The Cuckoo’s head slowly appears..
N place the Cuckoo in its house ..
And put the Clock in old house..
Arudra’s Eye see An Ojo Board..
He hold n spins..It disappears..

Dev walks with Sona,Yugi after finishing Dance..
Sona:”If U got little time,Our little school is near..We hope U’ll come”
Dev (surprise):”R U Teacher??”..
Dev,Sona n Yugi reach the place near Dev’s house..

Dev:”1 min”..
He took the Bicycle from house n slowly ride..
Dev:”I ‘ll come”..
Sona:”Tats K.We’ll”..
Dev:”It’s k”..
Dev joins with them..

Finally reach Sona’s house..
Dev touch Yugi’s head n His fingers softly collide with her hairs..
Yugi(surprise):”U do Magic??”(see Dev’s fingers)..
Dev (smile) n give Bunnicula Doll to her by his magic..
Yugi’s Cat Neo sees them.. N jumps towards Bunnicula Doll..
. …
Dev n Yugi smiles…

Loc:Orissa..Dev’s house..
Aarudra see a photograph n smile…

-To Be Continued..Hope U like tis Frndzz..Tanqq for reading n Kindly write ur thoughts after Readingg..Tanqq..Take Care Frndzz..

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  1. Rekhadhir

    Dev ka double roll hai ?


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Rekha!!!S..Dev in Dual Role..

  2. Aamu

    Lovely.. ?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Aamu!!Nxt ‘ll be on Tom!!A little one ‘ll be here..
      It’s maybe changed in next!!!

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