Chipmunk & his Tune (KRPKAB) 2

Ep1-Dev as a Detective..
Characters:Dev,Sona,Yugi (Sona’s daughter),Neo (Yugi’s Cat)..

In Intro:Sona with her Daughter Yugi lives in Kashmir..Dev comes as a traveller..
Sona n her child were going to  a place..Dev too..

Sona n Yugi see Dev from his back..
Yugi took a flute from the ground..
Sona saw that n realise that it is actually Sumui(flute) belong to State Tripura..

Dev see his watch n walk fastly..
Dev didn’t hear…
Many childrens come towards Dev in bicycles..
One (from childrens):”Uncle..U r?”
Dev:”I m Dev”..
Childrens see him..Dev realise that they didn’t believe..
Dev take ID n show it to them with a smile..
One:”Hi Uncle!!My Dad ordered them to give a bicycle..He said “U luv small bicycles”..
Dev smile n nods his head..

One give a bicycle..
N all left..Dev take his mobile n play Song “Senjitaale”(Movie:Remo) n Strts riding bicycle..

Sona n Yugi r trying to stop him but Dev rides bicycle fastly..
“Enakku nee Easy aa venaam…(Same Song)(I wish that I didn’t get U easily)” from Dev’s mobile..

Sona n Yugi with Dev’s flute run to stop Dev..
Sona (mind):”Is the flute really belong to him?”

Dev rides fastly in curved hilly roads..
Dev see a house n stops suddenly..
Taking his bag,
He enters the house..
Yugi too reach the place..

Sona:”Yugi..Mamma ‘ll come”..
Yugi show her fingers”OK”..
Bt Yugi didn’t..
She smiles n run towards the door..
She push the door..
The door is actually open..
She enters the house..n close the door lightly..But it lock..
Sona walks fastly towards the house..

Yugi’s legs collapse..Bcoz of Steps..
She didn’t see..
She Strts crying..
Sona reach the place n trying to open the door..
The door is locked..

Dev hears Yugi’s sound..
Dev:”Who is that?”..(He reminsc that He didn’t close the door fully)
N walks towards Entrance..
Yugi sits on the steps n her Eyes full of tear..
She realise that Someone is coming towards Her..
Dev:”Angel..Who R U?”

Yugi stop seeing ground n see up..
Dev:”Yugi??!!What happen??”
Yugi:”I fell”
Dev softly touch her knee n massage the legs..
Yugi see him by her big Eyes..
Dev:”Is it still pain??”

Dev:”Where r U from?Ur house??”
Dev n Yugi hears the Knock sound..
Dev opens the door..
N see Sona..
Sona:”My daughter came here”..
Dev:”U mean Yugi??”
Sona:”S!!!(HappyEyes)Where is She?”..
She thinks something..

Sona (shows flute):”We think U lose Ur flute in road..We tried to give..Bt U didnt hear my n my daughter’s call”..
Dev (smile):”Oh??!!!Tanqq”black
Yugi see Sona..n hear TV sound from inside..
She runs where the sound come..
In TV, Bunnicula dances with his BeetRoot..
Yugi see BeetRoots,Carrot, on Table..

Sona:”Where is She going?”
Dev:”I think she is going to watch TV..Comein..”(smile)
N calls Yugi..
Yugi switch off TV
N come from TV Room with beetroot..
Dev:”See..Ur Mom is coming”..
Yugi runs towards Sona n hugs her..
Sona:”Tanqq,Mr.Dev..We ‘ll leave..Welcome to our place”..
Dev (smile):”Tanqq”..(n see Yugi with beetroot)..
Dev realise Yugi See Bunnicula..
N smile..
Yugi give beet root to Dev..
Sona n Yugi left..
Dev too lock the house door n Take bicycle..
Yugi:”We r going to FireDance..Can U join?”..
Dev (surprise):”I m too..”
He left bicycle in house n Strts walking with them..
Dev,Sona n Yugi Strts walking..

Loc:FireDance Spot..
One:”Is Dev Come?”
Other:”S!!!He Luv Crimes”..

Loc:Way where Dev walks
Sona:”Where R U working?R U from?”
Sona:”We heard that U r a Detective”..
Dev (smile):”Detective from Orissa”

Near LordPuriJagannadhTemple..
In Dev’s house..,
Childrens see the locked door..
Childrens (mind):”Where is Bhaiyaa going?”

Dev(mind):”Oh,no??We didn’t inform to childrens”

Someone:”Bhaiyaa..When ‘ll U come with my Butterfly EarRing?”

-To be Continued..
Hope U like tis Frndzz..Tanqq for reading n Kindly write ur thoughts after Readingg..
Tanqq..Take Care Frndzz..
(EP1 finished—)
Intro://Intro here

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