Chipmunk & his Tune (KRPKAB) 1

Chipmunk & his Tune..
Its already evening.. Hilly KashmirianArea..
“Miyaaav”A little girl’s voice..
A little cat comes in running mode..
Holding a lanther n bag,
Juliet (Sona) comes out from a tribal look house..
Juliet (Sona):”Yugi..I think Again Ur Frnd come here”(by seeing cat (Cat name:Neo))
Little girl(Yugi) touch cat’s beard softly n said “Mm..I already said na…(smile)

Cat Neo see both Juliets n again Strt drinking his milk..
Juliet (Sona):”Neo..Tata..Yugi..Come..”
Sona wears the bag on one side n hold lanther on her left hand..
Yugi holds Sona’s right hand n show “Tata” to cat Neo..

Both Strts walking..Neo sees them n run towards them..
Yugi turns n see again..n realise that Neo follows..
Yugi:”Go home,Neo”..
Neo U-turn n run towards home..

Both reach near the curve of the road..
Sona see Yugi..Yugi hold Sona’s hand tightly..
Both see a man(Romeo)(Dev)..He is sitting on placing a bag as a Chair..
Yugi(mind):”Who is he?”
He stands n wears his bag again..
Sona n Yugi slowly walks..
He walks via the path actually Sona n Yugi r going to..
Both Sona n Yugi didn’t see his face.. But his long hair..His Light Beard..WhiteTShirt,BlueJeanShorts..

Sona n Yugi reach the place where he sat while they saw him first..
Yugi take a flute from ground..
N show tat to Sona with twinkle eyes..
Sona see the flute..
On back, the Sun slowly turns into orange with red..
Sona(mind):”Sumui(Ancient Flute-Tripura)??Is he belong to Tripura?”

“Idhu Kadavul eludhum kavidhai varigal dhaana?(Are these Poetic Lines written by God)”(from Song “Punnagaiye” of movie “24”) Strts playing via his mobile..
Sona n Yugi listen his ringtone in walking mode after him..

He see the mobile n attend the call..
“Sure..The ButterFly EarRing ‘ll be Urs,Soon…”..
Sona’s butterfly EarRing wave lightly on air..

-To be Continued..

Hi Frndzz…Before,So Many Discontinu in my stories..It ll never happen again..U ll get a Luvable story..I m trying to write a story in simple modulation..I hope it ‘ll come..
Tanqq frndzz for Readingg.. kindly write ur thoughts after Readingg..

Tanqq..Take Care Frndzz..The story ‘ll be Continued on Every Day…

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  1. Manya

    Nice one❤️

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ayushi!!

  2. Hey it’s ajeeb hai.. IDK even understand.. Why do u post no one reads… Expect for one or two!…
    I suggest if u can’t improve ur writing skills then better stop writing

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ajeeb!!Ya!!Maybe one or two..I didn’t expect more viewers..Just for my happiness..Just To share my view..Maybe one or Two understood..I write the Only one while I hearing Songs.. I didn’t know what is going to be next.. I just trying to made the way away from normal one..Maybe I failed..
      I didn’t wish to search the new one..I just write the words of my thinkings..
      If I Strt trying to write normally,Ya!!I ‘ll write !!Bt it makes lacking in my view..I just trying to deviate from cliches n views of story’s theory..
      Sorry for disturbing man!!If I think like U,I stop before a while..Sorry for making ur time baseless while U read..Mm..For me,.I prefer 17th alphabet..”Q”..Tanqq..

    2. Aamu

      Hey miss/mr…
      I think u should stop reading..if u dont understand…
      If u dont understand den y r u reading n yaa..! U dont cmnt wen it is good but cmnt wen u find any mistake so pls keep ur nose out of it…
      If u doono to praise den dont speak ill tooo

      1. HarSHaN

        Tats K Aamu!!I ‘ll need to make the next One as simple.. for readers who didn’t understand..prev epis.. Tanqq Aamu for Supporting!!

  3. Aamu

    Awesome one..!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Aamu!!Dont miss the next one!!!Maybe Wellwisher too like tat..?!

  4. Nikkita0194

    Idk why that stupid guy name himself as well wisher if you are writing something u should be confident bcuz everyone will not welcome your thoughts n u no u did that u accept each n every comment that’s really great n keep trying maybe few people are reading or any other thing plz never loose your confidence 2 write n keep trying
    About the story as I use to say I feel like reading Alice in the wonder land but its unique no 1write in this manner so think u r special n post asap n plz use songs lyrics if they are Hindi don’t just use its name
    Give a perfect character sketch n use the character of serial it self so one gets interest I think I had not hurt u in any manner but I will not discourage u
    Best of luck 4 new upcomings
    Post asap

    1. HarSHaN

      Tats K Nikkita!!S!!Correctly said!!As a writer, we had to accept all views..Sure!!I ‘ll keep writing n trying my best!!Mm..I wrote the cut song lines bcoz I think it gives a little magic!!Sure!!I ‘ll use lyrics in the next ones..S!!In the next I ‘ll make a character sketch!!Tanqq Nikkita for Supporting!!Sure!!Soon!!

    2. HarSHaN

      Pblm is I didn’t know the characters accurately..I think I m going to write Yugi as Sona’s neighbour or Frnd.. ??

      1. Nikkita0194

        Yep why not bcuz in beginning I was thinking that yugi is her daughter
        So its ok u don’t know character
        Why don’t u try to read krpkab on Wikipedia the characters are given there plz use them
        N I am stunned u don’t watch krpkab every day
        Its .k

      2. HarSHaN

        I watched nowadays I m unable to watch in Hindi..In Tamil,Still They didnt introduce DevShi’s daughter..I asked my mom about the story whenever I didn’t see ..I too think..Yugi is her child while writing..Mostly I write like that..Ya!!Itz gud idea for see what is going on our KRPKAB..Mm..I m thinking about the next Episode now..!!Surely I ‘ll use the characters..from next one..

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