Chipkanya! Ek anokhi prem rogi!

NAME: She has many names veda vardaan kept by her doosronki damad ka kabsa karne wali maa Renu ??
We@ vishkanya family call her CHIPKALI?

PLACE OF BIRTH: Malpoi (Malpoi ki kasam) ?

EDUCATION: Phd in knowing everything about Vishkanya. ????????

SCHOOL/COLLEGE: Home tutored by Renu ?

OCCUPATION: Home breaker of Apu ??

TALENTS: Flirting, savior of nandita, making things fall on Malay???

SKILLS: Staring Malay ?, intentionally keep falling on him, detective of mittal family ??

STRENGTH: Bribing lord Shiva to be on her side. Core strength comes from keeping Malay away from apu ?

WEAKNESS: She literally goes weak in her knees seeing Malay ?

FAVOURITE PASSTIME: Following apu everywhere she goes( even bathroom) ???

ROLE MODEL: Renu, NanditaNandita ??

FAVOURITE LINE: Malay sirf mera hain! Main uski dharam chipkali patni huhu ????

AIM: To romance Malay and oh to have 2 children like shiv ji and parvati maa ??

ENEMY: Apu and her family?☝

FRIEND: Nandita, harsh, Avi, kumkum and little bit Malay ???

FUTURE PLAN: Make Malay fall in love with her

That’s it for now. Watch this space for more! ??


  1. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    I agree with u… Itseems like u closely observed her.. Her strengthen , weakness n many more… Hilarious… U have very good skill of writing…

  2. Mannat


    |Registered Member

    Hey adito you know till no I haven’t seen vardaan becuse I read only telly updates and I am hotelier so can’t able to watch . But seriously in th front pic I saw vardaan . Really she looks like a chipkali .. I thought may be she is a bit good looks girl . But really she looks lik a chipkali …… and want to want enter into apulay relation …… and this article is really hilarious … … thank you for writing and entertaining us .

  3. Adito



    Yes Hope so I’ll be writing Mannat. ?
    No I haven’t written any ff till now
    If an opportunity presents I’ll be writing✌

  4. Chaitali


    |Registered Member

    A big LOL!!! i was laughing like a mad while reading this..specially her aim…and yeah u have kept a good name for her..chipkanya…hahahaha…i hope vishkanya writer too understands that this chipkanya really irritates us a lot!

  5. Mona146


    |Registered Member

    WOw……….superb Adito.
    I wonder who kept the name of vardaan as chipkali.
    It is really hilarious to see that they entered city with their mom and straight to Malay home. Where is her father? How come Nandita who hated Apu even before she got to know of kalpana just because she is a commoner likes Vardaan. Even she is a commoner isn’t it.
    I mean Nandita likes someone by her wish but not by her son’s choice right?
    Anyways wonderful article and kudos to person who named vardaan chipkali.

    I really wish Apu fakes her death or something by which nandita feels happy and then shows her attitude and true colors to vardaan by doing bad to her. Then vardaan will understand.

    I want to warn vardaan for eyeing Malay.

  6. Adito



    Whoever kept the name Mona are just right! She’s sticking to the serial like chipkali sticks on the walls?
    Yeah it’s like they came out of nowhere and boom kabsa karli serial KO?

  7. Adito



    You remember the episode where that chudail renu tells chipkali her dad will come. He never does arrive on scene?

  8. Sumedha

    Wow…. gr8 yar… keep it up… this made me laugh… wish to read further story on this ??

  9. Adito



    Yes shai. Read comment by Mannat in today’s epi update. She has mentioned that in wiki page they have mentioned her as lead! She was confused. Even I’m confused! ?

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