Childhood Sweethearts – one shot by ufaq


it was her birthday party she was wearing blavpck maxi with white diamond jewellery she was looking stunning but unhappiness can b seen on her face
Sarnia: hi sumu many many happy returns of the day sweetheart
sumu smiles slightly : thanxx yar
sona: happy birthfpday yar
sumu: thanxx swety
nandini: yar y r u sad aj nae aya to kal aajae ga
sumu: m pyar krti hn usse WO nae r WO parson se aya hoa h mjh se Milne b nae aya wish b nae kiya pta nae usse m yad b hn ge ya nae
sona: esa kuch nae h OK???
sumu: ESA hi h
preety; ho skta h busy ho???
sumu: childhood love h mera us ka nae h
shr and suman r childhood best friend they were like fingers every secret they share with each other suman loves shr very much her first love but she dnt know about shr feelings at the age of 16 shr left India for higher studies suman was very sad shr calls her daily but slowly days changed in weeks weeks in months months in years and years into emptiness
shr left calling her like he forgot her suman cried then she started waiting for the day when shr will come home and she will complain to him two days passed when he had returned from London 10 years awaiting came to an end but shr didn’t came to meet her she rejected all the alliances which came in these 10 years just to tell his love of life that she loves him a lot but now she was very much sad
past ends
sumu: WO pyar nae krta mjhse
pretty: phr to Ku kr rae h use
sumu: bssss qismat
son a= exactly believe on qismat he will surely b urs
sumu: I wish so
nandini: sumu I think u should go and talk to him tomorrow
sumu: but…..
son a: I think she is right
sumu: but I didn’t recognise me
pretty: mjhe nae lgta tere shakal change ho gae hogi
sumu; u shut up
sona : sumu chillax and now smile
sumu smiles lightly
she cuts the Cale and went upstairs and remembers her last talk to shr
sumu: a cha shr KB wapis aarae ho??
shr: almost five years
sumu: 5 years????
shr: yup a cha sumu mere friends aae hoe hain bye
sumu: shr abhi to him ne bt krni start ki the acha tm mjhe call krna OK???
shr: agar time mila to…..
sumu: but……

tear falls from her eyes
sum: mere qismat kia pyar ka milna nae likha itni buri qismat Ku h mere
she cries and during crying she sleeps
Next Morning
sumu wakes up and gets ready for going to shr home she goes to his home
sumu: hi aunti
nirmala: hi sumu kese ho
sumu: I m gud shr h????
nirmala: oho to friend se Milne aae ho???
sumu: g
nirmala : room m h bula dn ya tm chali jao ge
sumu: aunt I m chali jaon ge
she goes to shr room he was busy on his mobile
sumu: hi shr
he raise his eyes
shr: oh hi sumu kese ho aao betho
sumu sits
sum: m thk tm kese ho
shr: thk wse tm yah an???
sum; tm se Milne aae hn
shr: oh acha again gets busy in his mobile
sumu: r studies complete ho gaen
shr: hmmm
sumu: London m enjoy kiya
shr: hmm
sumu: friends thk the
shr: hmm
sumu: what hmm
shr: kuch nae cold drink lo ge
sumu gets dishurt
sumu: nae m chalti hn bye
shr: otni jaldi
sumu: kuch kam h bye
shr: OK bye
sumu leaves

sumu whole way cries a lot but consoles herself and reaches her home some guy family was present there to see suman
she greets the everyone likes her
when boy family leaves priya asks her for the decision
priya: sumu plzz bht acha larka h man jao plz
sumu: but mom…..
priya: sumu mere bache man jao tm khush raho GI
sumu dishurt by shr behaviour
sumu: OK jesa ap ko thk lage
she leaves
the period of crying again started she sleeps crying which was her daily routine
she wakes up she sees shr in front of her sitting
sumu to herself : once again dream she closes her eyes
shr: uth jao maharaj
sumu wakes up
sum; tm yah an kia kr rae ho
shr: tmhari mar lagane aya hn
sumu: Ku g???
shr; tm be alliance k liye han krdi????
sumu: or koi option nae tha
shr: so u don’t love me????
sumu was hell shocked
sumu: what????
shr: I thought u love u like I love u
sumu: hahaha mazaq kr rae ho
shr: mazaq k mod m nazar aaraha Han m
sumu: nae Lekin
shr: what lek in how could u say yes
sum: I said na I don’t have other option
shr: first u tell do u love me????
sumu: ammm…….
shr: what ammm tell me the truth dammit
sum: yes I love u but u don’t love me and I know that its OK now I think I should move on
shr: what???? u should move on but with me not without me
aumu: shr u don’t care for me u never called me in the last five years
shr: I care for u I didn’t called u due to my study burden and I thought u will understand that and with me like always u were
sumu: and what u did yesterday
shr: I was talking with dad I said him bye then u said me bye I asked u to sit but u went away that’s not fair
sumu: I believe u ok but u don’t love me
shr: no I love u
sum: like a friend
shr: no like a man loves a women I said to my mom for alliance but now see what u have done
sumu: but u never confessed or feeling
shr: u never gave chance
sum: OK now what to do
shr: ammm I love u will u marry me
sumu: ammmm…….
shr: what a,mmmmm say yes
sumu: OK yes
shr: thank God now hug me
they hug each other
shr: now get ready to b Mrs suman sharavan malhotra
sum; I m dying to b
both smile
scene splits on their smiling faces
they both got married and lived happily after

hey guys sorrry emotional one han????
I know but I wanted to give u treat of my result so whatever came in my mind I wrote sorry for that
short one han???
lots of love
ufaq or uffi

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    So is treat for ur marks? So sweet of you. Haan it was emotional one. Keep writing lots of congratulations and love and wishes ufaq dear. Keep writing. Ab aapke aage ke kya plans hai?

    1. Ufaaq

      Ya this is treat but if u want Sth more let me know
      Thank u sooooooo much yar
      Thanks for wishes
      Aage Fsc phr medical inshallah
      Love u

      1. Love u too. And keeeeeep going ahead and life. Mujhko tao abhi insabke liye timr hai so am here for wishing you. And u have already pisted the other one. Bjt still if u can pkst anything soon kyuki uske baad u will be busy na? I know its a bit selfish but still just a small request from ur chhoti si, pyaari si, maasum si, yaar si behen . Lots of love.

      2. Ufaaq

        OK request accepted I will post sth soon

  2. Marie

    Hy API….
    How r u?
    Once again congratulations……,
    Or ap registered Bhi hogai uske liay Bhi 🙂 🙂
    Hahahh short one but good one…….
    it ws sweet n simple…..
    I loved it to d core….! 😀
    Plzz plzz write more….!
    Love u api..!!
    Take care….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi love
      I m gud how r u???
      Thanks sweet
      Register Ann man to nae tha pr hogae its OK and thanxxx
      Thank u sooooo much sweet
      Love u too
      Take care

      1. Marie

        P.S this is frm khushi (hamari Khush) also
        Due to high studies she can’t cmmnt……. 🙂 🙂

      2. Ufaaq

        Cham cham take care
        And study well

  3. LovelyLady

    ufaq dear muuhhaaaa…
    emotional os… really liked it….
    ahraman love story in this epi was really like a faury tale jisme princess ko uska prince charming mil gya….
    kash aisa real lyf me bhi hota …. jst jokinggg….
    hv u posted epi 27 of ur ff… lhbsos

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooooo much di
      I m glad that u liked it
      Fairy tail hahaha
      No udidnt have posted dil nae h
      Love u
      Take care

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    It was awwwwdorable story ??? .. luv it .. ??

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much di

  5. Hey..ufaq..just read this OS..??
    Ssooo..nice…simple…hai par sweet bhi..tuney..almost Teri sari dosthon ko sumo ki birthday mey invite kar kiya hai hai na!???????…?☺☺☺

    1. Ufaaq

      Hi sona
      Thank u soooooo mich yar
      Han may b hahaha
      Take care

  6. pretty preeti

    Wow ufi what an is my heart was beating so fast itni pyari os kaise likhti hai I wanna know
    It was an awesome os dil khush kr dia
    I always luv to read ur is and ff
    Love it a lot
    Keep writing

    1. Ufaaq

      I myself don’t know
      Thank u sooooo much
      Thanks yar
      Love u
      Keep reading

  7. Affaa

    Kya treat hai amazing yaar…chul bulli is sweet more than sweet yaar what to say fab…and your awesome writer…amazing job…keep rocking like this…love you my chul bulli…take care…

    1. Thank u sooooo much api
      I m glad u liked it
      Love u too api
      U too take care

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