Childhood Relation (sanveer) – Part 3

Hi,dear guys thanks for commenting..
It’s the last part of their childhood..

Precap- the song is choosed..the partners are also choosed..

Here it starts..

On the first everybody were thinking which song we should take??
At last their teacher thought of a song she told but it would be of partner with boys if u don’t have any problem then we can do it..
Everybody said no problem
As it’s our starting I will choose random pairs then the 2 children’s who danced very neatly will be in middle..
Teachers pair
Saanchi- Garv
Others were done..

Saanchi and veer were sad but they thought of they will dance well they will be the partner..
Teacher told the song

In starting 2-3 days teacher noticed that saanchi and veer are best so she made them partner and give them place in middle..
They were happy

One day as teacher told saanchi to go to other class for some work veer went behind her..he said I want to say u something saanchi said say early..he said As u know my father is going to change my school nxt year u will not miss me..saanchi said no..veer got sad he went without saying any word..saanchi tried to said sorry to him but he was not ready to listen so she talked to him while dancing she said I am sorry veer I said it in masti please forgive me..
After some days
While practising as they loved each other their expressions were very nice..teacher gave them a title of sharukh and kajal.
They were happy..
At last the the day of annual day arrived..

Their dance started they happily dancing..all the people praised them..
In the last veer said I Love You saanchi..
Saanchi said I Love You too veer..

While regular school they were looking at each other all the time..

The months passed
Their final exams were started..
The last day of their exams camed as saanchi was knowing he is not their with her after this year..but they at last they said a happy good bye too each other..

Saanchi went at home and was bitterly crying in a corner whereas veer was so sad that he was not ready to leave saanchi and the school..but at last he went..
They missed each other very much
But they always tell to themselves that if our love was true we will meet..

As they were in college their father who were working in sdch knew about malhotra they were killed..
both of theirs father worked in sdch when saanchi and veer were in 10th std..they were friends but their family never meet with each other..
Boths maa told them about that and then veer and saanchi had the mission of Dr . Dr. Malhotra knew about their families they changed their surname and went to sdch..

Precap-sanveer’s first meet after many years..

What will happen in their first meet?
What will happen when they will listen each others name?

Hope u enjoyed it..well I was not getting a proper childhood ending story so it was small..please comment if it was boring..
Keep smiling..
Regards Sayali..

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